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A cash cow junkie’s dream; many alternative rock bands team up to present covers of tracks from My Chemical Romance’s famed 2006 album “The Black Parade”.

Give it a listen (“Cancer”): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yw6i1SAHetc

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Rock Sound Presents: The Black Parade
Genre: Emo / Alternative Rock / Post-Hardcore / Pop Rock
Rating: 2/10

Fav Tracks: I Don’t Love You, Cancer (…sorta), Sleep

Least Fav Tracks: The End, This Is How I Disappear, Welcome To the Black Parade, House Of Wolves, Teenagers, Mama

Please remember that these reviews represent my opinion only. It’s totally fine to disagree with me! Enjoyment of music is subjective.

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Various Artists – Rock Sound Presents: The Black Parade | rick reviews

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