Bruce Vallance is a ‘DIY’ alternative/alternative rock musician from Glasgow, Scotland, UK who writes guitar music and arrangements that display ideas from electronic and world music alongside lyrics and vocals/voice work. He also produces music (and non music) related art & graphics.

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About P.S Providence (excerpt taken from –

I developed this song and drew the drawing around the idea of a would be Captain who designed & built his own Paddle Steamer. I liked the idea of exploring the ideas of craftpersonship and adventurousness as well as exploring the similarities & parallel’s drawn up between my own song writing & the Captains engineering endeavours. The aesthetics/style of Paddle Steamers as vessels appeals to me & I discovered that some paddle steamers(including this one) are sea faring so decided this type of vessel would be ideally suited to both my own and the good Captains ambitions!


The noise of its engine alive in the air, the skipper guides his steamer on down
river to firth with care.
Moving forward into the cold morning, clouds embark the bright sky.
Hear the creak of the deck and salt wind whip over the paddle wheel
see flotsam awash on the tide, see jetsam in gentle waves abide.

Rollin hills beyond the shore, course set for the coast
– magnetism in his compass
– the proud captain is tuned to the call of the seas.

And with P.S Providence in commission & brought to bear by his craft & design.
He ventures upon a life on the waves, steaming off into the maritime, into the maritime.

The noise of its engine alive in the air, the skipper guides his steamer on down,
river to firth with care.

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