NBC TV Documentary “Time and Again” (Jane Pauly) : The Grateful Dead (TV Pro-Shot)

LoloYodel : Though previously uploaded, this is an AUDIO UPGRADE (notably a corrected right channel) plus I edited out ALL of the TV ad’s etc …

Initially aired, I estimate, around early 2000 in light of an edited out advert for the 2000 Australian Olympic Games.

With hindsight, a relatively good, well constructed, documentary of the Grateful Dead.

1:20 (1981) Gene Shalit and Jerry Garcia (excellent, as always) March 12th 1981 which followed the Dead’s two excellent MSG concerts !
1:50 Jerry’s witty response !
6:00 (1983) The “Dead Heads”
10:30 The Spirit (1985 and back to Haight Ashbury)
13:06 1987 … progressing out of their original confines (& “hit” record)
14:40 Monterey Pop Festival : Jerry expresses it very well, once again !
18:40 the concert video was NOT in 1989 (probably circa 1987…)
18:55 (1989) Garcia & Weir interview (with concert clips in 1989)
21:24 (1991) the concert was actually June 25, 1991 Bonner Springs (not July 5th).
25:01 (1992) great Mickey Hart getting Senior Citizen’s into a “Rhythm Devils” !
26:43 (1993) Grateful Dead get to the US Congress ! (the concert shots are from 1989 !)
30:44 (1993) April 12th : Star Spangled Banner
31:30 Garcia folk music roots & his return with David Grisman
38:23 RIP Jerry Garcia
42:50 end

PS : Yes, some of the TV published dates are incorrect, I tried (above) to give the most accurate dates as possible.
PSS : “Time and Again” was a retrospective television series aired on MSNBC from the network’s inception in 1996 until 2000; it was hosted by Jane Pauley. The show ran 60 minutes. The show occasionally aired on the NBC broadcast network as well.

Enjoy !


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Grateful Dead – NBC “Time and Again” (Documentary) circa 2000

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