I have always loved the film Hardware ever since it was released many moons ago so when I got Fallout 3 one of my first ideas for a mod was something along the lines of Hardware, so I sat down with the GECK and created a music station named WAR Radio with Angry Bob, unfortunatly it got removed from the Nexus due to copyrite issues, alot of the songs I used were Industrial/EBM but unfortunatly many were too recent and Nexus were worried of copyrite infingments, so they removed it. I obviously kept it and still use it to this day though I change it at will, however along with the radio station I created characters, a Mark 13 droid mesh and texture and a new intro for the game using samples from the film and soundtrack, this is one of the first draughts I did there are others and some using various things such as Mad Max, Hardware, and Cuicutry man to name but a few. Anyway thought I would upload it here for any who may be interested in seeing it.

This version’s music is Stigmata by Ministry

I was going to remove the original dialogue from the intro and did a couple of versions without, but decided to keep it in partly for if I did release it so those who like the dialogue could have a choice.

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Alternative Rock Videos – Alternative Hardware Fallout INTRO made by me

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