Devin Townsend Transcendence studio video as they record the album 1st video of series out – single Failure streaming and tour!

Devin Townsend has released a poart of his new studio webisode series as they filmed the making of his new album, “Transcendence, which is out on September 9th.The first video is now out see below… the first track is out called “Failure” on youtube ..thye also have a North American tour with Between The Buried And Me and Fallujah this year…

studio watch here:

tracklist for deluxe edition:
01 – “Truth”
02 – “Stormbending”
03 – “Failure”
04 – “Secret Sciences”
05 – “Higher”
06 – “Stars”
07 – “Transcendence”
08 – “Offer Your Light”
09 – “From The Heart”
10 – “Transdermal Celebration”

01 – “Gump”
02 – “Celestial Signals” (demo)
03 – “Support The Cause” (demo)
04 – “Into The Sun” (demo)
05 – “Time Overload” (demo)
06 – “Lexus” (demo)
07 – “Farther On” (demo)
08 – “Victim” (demo)
09 – “MonkeyMind” (demo)
10 – “Canucklehead” (demo)
11 – “Loud”

The new single “Failure” is now streaming here: his new album “Transcendence“ is out on September 9th. The deluxe edition of that album has an 11 song bonus disc


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Rock and Metal News – Devin Townsend Transcendence studio video – single Failure and tour!

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