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Slow sad alternative instrumental music by Blanket Barricade
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This dark indie rock instrumental ballad can be used on YouTube for non-commercial purposes. If you would like to use this song or any of our other tracks for commercial purposes contact us at
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Song: “Stray Shadows” by Blanket Barricade
Length: 4 Minutes and 40 seconds
Tempo: Slow paced
Style: Moody dreary piano music
This is the official video of Blanket Barricade’s popular contemporary rock ballad instrumental “Stray Shadows”. The dramatic song, inspired by depressive alternative rock bands such as The Smashing Pumpkins utilizes beautiful goth piano, light electronic pulses, pounding drums, epic guitars and tonnes of reverb to add an epic inspirational sound to the alt rock genre. The track was recorded over a period of a 2 years in our Vancouver based studio. To date this the band’s most popular soft rock piece and it has been used as slow background music in countless powerful videos, sketches, live events, talk shows, moody video games, documentaries, and emotional short films. The track is in the key of F# minor.

This instrumental melancholy track was mixed and mastered by Wesley K. with lots of focus on the beautiful piano melody and building drums to give the song an epic and majestic feeling. The drums are played straight and steady with accented hits as they build up from the halfway point of the song. The melancholy piano carries the first half of the song and makes it memorable from the first time you hear the opening notes. The bass joins the drums in a simple running rhythm which adds to the beautiful but depressing nature of the tune. The guitar carries the second half of the song with huge distorted power chords and an epic solo. The instruments play it cool on the first two verses and the first two choruses so that on 3nd chorus and bridge they can burst into an epic wall of majestic sound. The art for this song was drawn by Paige Q.

Good Uses For This Soft Dreary Instrumental Music:
This motivational soft rock instrumental is over 4 minutes long and written to be used in any sort of modern context. We recommend using it as soft background music for videos, tutorials, educational content, skits, dark commercials, contemporary advertisements, powerful slideshow presentations, sad live events, awarding shows, cartoons, kid’s / children’s content, animal videos, travel vlogs, empowering short films, dramatic intros, sports games, epic compilations, in drawing video games or as a post rock backing track.

How To Use This Song as Background Music For Videos On YouTube:
Use the download link at the top of the description box. There you can get the song for free by clicking “buy now” and writing “0”. You can also donate if you wish by entering a higher amount. When you upload the video to YouTube include a link to this video. If you’re using this tune for non-commercial purposes then it’s free to use. You may get a copyright notification but you can ignore it. For commercial usage you can contact us at Tell us about your video project and we’ll let you know how much a license is.


Can I use this dark alternative instrumental music in my videos on YouTube?
-Yes you can. It’s free to use for non-commercial purposes in YouTube videos or you can get a license to use it for commercial purposes.

Do you have more slow alternative instrumental music like this?
-Yes we do! We have lots more cool modern background music like this on our channel.

What are your rates for commercial usage?
-This depends on the project but for a corporate video project for a small business the price starts at $20 usd and goes up from there.

I like this music not just for my comedy gaming videos but also as great music to listen to. Is it on itunes / spotify ect…?
-Yes this music is on itunes, spotify and other online stores. Just search Stray Shadows by Blanket Barricade to find it.

What recording program did you use to make this empowering slow rock instrumental music?

Will you write a custom alternative rock instrumental soundtrack piece for a film and do you write other styles of music?
-We compose songs in all styles and are open to doing custom pieces. Email us!

This is the best slow sad rock instrumental background music for videos I’ve ever heard! How many times has it been used?
Well thanks, and while we think it’s great we don’t want to brag and say it’s the best. It’s been used in over 200 videos on YouTube though so that’s pretty cool!

BGM copyrighted 2017


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