We've all been there I'm sure. It's been a long day, you can not be bothered, friends have asked you to the pub, there's something interesting on TV, etc, etc, etc. So you put off another run with excuses … well it's only another lonely run, yeah?

Well, what about when do you actually get out running, it's great, yeah? Energetic, fulfilling, stimulating, refreshing … yeah, but no! Actually although I love it, I actually find it quite boring and laborious! well I used to (I should say) because now I run / jog with music. Not just any old music, I use training sessions now with personal trainer narration, and I have found these to be my savior, in fact I tried running without them and I really struggled. Music wise I like a good dance beat with build ups and peaks (takes me back to my old clubbing days). But most of all I like the motivation, the focus tips, and the advice and coaching from the narration!

Reaching my goal now seems less daunting. Also my run / jog sessions are much more structured … and this has had a massive impact on my strength and stamina.

I recommend the 5 minute warm up and 5 minute warm down also, I never used to do it, I know crazy, that's why I was always so achy for days after, but now every session has both warm up and warm down, so you have to do them simple as … my advice, do the stretches every time … it's worth it!

So if nothing else, do the stretches before and after each run / jog, and if you do get the sessions, then get in the zone and I'll see you on race day at the finish line!

Happy Jogging Guys!

Source by Craig Smith Edwards

Jogging to Music is Great!
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