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“She whispers softly in his ear
(And I’m taking it all)
Is he the only one she wants to hear

She refuses to repent
She’ll restless, breatheless
Searching for what she missed

Give me your eyes, for I see not with my own
Give me your lungs, I take each breathe not my own
I’ll take your soul, I need something to call my own

Desperate and lonely, she’s dead in despair
She moans and she groans in the deathly still air
Hollow to all but the ones who can see
That without someone she would cease to be

Stolen from his mind, passions of his kind
Nothing left behind
Haunting his ear

Give me your eyes, for I see not with my own
Give me your lungs, I breathe each breathe not my own”

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The Paper Melody – The Transparent [HD]

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