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Deep Purple’s finally in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – but the drama’s just beginning..

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Deep Purple Mad About ‘Silly’ Rock Hall of Fame ‘Semi-Induction’

9 thoughts on “Deep Purple Mad About ‘Silly’ Rock Hall of Fame ‘Semi-Induction’

  • Im a DP from the beginning but stopped listening to anything new from new lineup after Holy Water tour. Was getting like the Skynyrd recycling syndrome evolved into. Dont even think certain late mber guys had enough contributions to the band to be eligible to receive… Blah…. Lots of later guys dont deserve…. IMHO, anyway.

  • So Ritchie Blackmore won't be there because Gillan has let it be known that Ritchie wouldn't be welcome to play on stage with this current cover band?!! Jesus tap dancing Christ! I know they have issues, and that Blackmore is known to be a major asshole, but let it go for one night! No offense to Steve Morse, but Ritchie Blackmore IS Deep Purple!

  • Well I have to agree with the Hall of fame guys. I love DP, but their historic inability to maintain a stable line up counts against them. The band has changed so much. I do feel sorry for Steve Morse as he is not only a truly talented musician, but added a new edge to Deep Purple's sound, making them an almost new band. The loss of Jon Lord & addition of Don Airey did the same. The curved ball though, is that the band has not managed to create any wildly famous rock since the 70's. So, as much as I agree DP are under recognised, under played and under appreciated by modern crowds, radio and tv, they are simply a victim of time, of moving styles. Deep Purple Mkll is the only truly famous, original and creative version. After that, they were good, but not ground breakingly so. And I think part of that has to be laid at the feet of Ian Gillan. Not his fault that his voice no longer does some of those old standards justice, but the band should really have added a 2nd vocalist sometime ago

  • n.w.a. is being inducted with deep purple…so why should anyone even give a fuck about silly ass hall of shit when shitty rappers can get inducted too?

  • I agree with the Hall. Look, once the band is over its Glory Days and is now essentially a cover band of their earlier line-up, it's a no brainier you only induct the ones that are responsible for the original hits.

  • regardless of whatever legitimacy the Rock HOF does or doesn't have… these guys aren't being nominated for their work on the 90s and 2000s. They should feel lucky they're getting in at all.

  • They should be pissed! The RRHF is a fucking joke anyway! Seriously, you have "Rock n Roll artists who are regularly passed over "Pat Benatar" for examp;e who should have been inducted years ago, & these clowns induct "The Monkees??" Van Halen were inducted a few years back & bless em they didn't even show up but sent Sammy Hagar & Michael Anthony both members not even in the band anymore…..The RRHOF is a joke that should just stop catering to the industry..Let the people vote & control who gets inducted on merit of the people who love them.Not the sellouts who run the industry & have no clue when it comes to artistic integrity!!

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