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This day in rock history for September 23


‘Paul is Dead’ rumors hit the US (1969)

Sammy Hagar meets Van Halen (1978)


Allman Brothers Band, ‘Idlewild South’ (1970)

Billy Joel, ‘Nylon Curtain’ (1982)

Boston, ‘Third Stage’ (1986)


Bruce Springsteen (1949)

Narrated by Ultimate Classic Rock radio host Zach Martin

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Paul McCartney’s NOT Dead, Van Halen Can Fly – September 23 in Rock History

4 thoughts on “Paul McCartney’s NOT Dead, Van Halen Can Fly – September 23 in Rock History

  • The Theory that Paul McCartney is dead is just a hoax!

    In a movie: good ol rita The Beatles secratary says that Paul tried to save the beatles with Magical Mistery Tour in 1967 and they said Paul died in 1966! Why would a fake Paul care so much about one group if you weren't at least best friends with them! Also there is no proof that Ringo Starr admitted that Paul died as well as George Harrison! Here is a attatching artical that is from wekipeda. A magazine discussing the rumour"Paul is dead" is an urban legend and conspiracy theory alleging that Paul McCartney of the English rock band the Beatles died in 1966 and was secretly replaced by a look-alike.In September 1969, American college students published articles claiming that clues to McCartney's supposed death could be found among the lyrics and artwork of the Beatles' recordings. Clue-hunting proved infectious and, within a few weeks, had become an international phenomenon. Rumours declined after a contemporary interview with McCartney was published in Lifemagazine in November 1969.Popular culture continues to make occasional references to the legend. McCartney himself poked fun at it with a 1993 live album, titling it Paul Is Live, with the cover parodying clues allegedly on the cover of the Beatles' Abbey Roadalbum.

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