WILD – Here We Go
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❖ Picture by Dania Trejo

❖ Lyrics:

Diving in
While the currents fast
Gotta leave the past, it’s in the past
yeah I won’t look back

Strike a match
Watch the flames go higher
We can burn much brighter
If we don’t look back

What does it take to leave it all behind
We’ll see it happen one step at a time

Here we go
No were never slowing down
Darlin’ Here we go
We’ll get lost until we’re found
Darlin’ here we go

Feel the blood rushing through my veins
Got some brand new wings
No we won’t go back

What does it take to make our dreams collide
The smallest change can make you feel alive

What does it take to feel this alive
Everyday we’re gonna try
What does it take to feel this alive
Chase down our fears til they’re forced to hide

We’re never slowing down
No We’re never slowing down
We’ll get lost until we’re found
No We’re never slowing down


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WILD – Here We Go
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