SYML – Girl (Acoustic)

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❖ SYML – Girl Lyrics

Girl, perfectly her, broken and hurt
Soft and asleep in the morning gray
Shake off the night and don’t hide your face
The sun lights the world with a single flame
I want you to see this

Today and all of your days, I’ll wear your pain
Heal what I can in your troubled mind
Sometimes our bodies will hurt for some time
And the beauty in that can be hard to find
I want you to find it
I want you to see this

So run, wake up and run my little one
I wanna tear down these walls that can’t hold you inside
And rip out the cords and uncover your eyes
We’ll make our escape in the dark of night
I need you to see this

You’ll see the world and you’ll come to learn
That falling in love is a strange work of art
All of your battles will shape who you are
And know that your scars are my favorite part
I want you to know this

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SYML – Girl (Acoustic)

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