Another really nice song from Halfwait’s album ‘The Official’ available now:

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You know that you will never choose the right way
You took me in and told me when it was your way
If I could live another way what would you do?
I know what I’d do if I could

If I was how I wanted, how can I like you?
Tell me would you? tell me would you?
Tell me would you too?
If I wait till tommorrow would you see it through?
Tell me would you? Tell me would you?
Tell me would you too?

I don’t know what else I could do,
To help you through
Another way to take the pain from what you do
The last one left is here again, to be taken
I know that you would never care

Photography by Axel Houmadi:

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Halfwait – Would You? [HD]

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