Bob Dylan and The Band – The Basement Tapes – The Legendary Tales

“The Legendary Tales” is a deeper look at Bob Dylan’s ‘The Basement Tapes Complete: The Bootleg Series Vol. 11.’

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The #best rock Videos- Bob Dylan and The Band – The Basement Tapes – The Legendary Tales #rockmusic #videos on #youtube

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    Rock and Metal News – Megadeth officially announce Dirk Verbeuren from Soilwork as their new drummer!

    Megadeth officially announce Dirk Verbeuren from Soilwork as their new drummer!

    Megadeth have officially announced their new drummer who is Dirk Verbeuren now formerly of Soilwork. Verbeuren has no left Soilwork … The press release stated:

    “MEGADETH are happy to announce the addition of Dirk Verbeuren as the band’s new drummer. Verbeuren, formerly of Swedish metal band Soilwork, has been performing with the band for months, his first show was Rock on the Range festival in May, to a crowd of 40,000 concertgoers.

    Most recently, Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler had performed all the drums on the band’s latest album, Dystopia, and had toured with MEGADETH when not otherwise busy with his band.

    Said bandleader Dave Mustaine: “Chris Adler‘s contributions are sure to be felt for years to come. Megadeth has been revitalized by Chris‘ playing, as well as his excellent suggestion of Dirk Verbeuren to drum with us. Tremendous thanks to Chris, and a big welcome to Dirk.”

    New drummer Verbeuren had this to say: “Dave, David and Kiko, I’m thankful for your warm welcome and thrilled at the opportunity to perform and create badass music with you guys. Chris Adler, thank you for introducing me to Megadeth – and for your encouragement and support.”

    Said Adler: “It has been an honor and a pleasure to join my favorite band of all time, and to be a part of their return to the top. I had an amazing time with everyone involved, from the writing, arranging and recording, to the touring and friendships built along the way. There was no argument or drama, no hidden story. Megadeth needs and deserves a full time drummer, and as much as I’d like to be, I can’t be in two places at once.

    For my part, I am very lucky to be a part of Lamb of God, and to also have gotten a chance to dance with my heroes at the ball. I still can’t believe it sometimes when I think of myself as a kid, opening up my Megadeth albums…and now I’m an alumni! I’m very proud of that – and I will continue to be their biggest fan.”


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    Rock and Metal News – Black Sabbath – 11.11.11 Press Conference Play By Play! – BLACK SABBATH 2012 REUNION!

    So today has been a big day for Black Sabbath fans! The black sabbath 11.11.11 press confrence has officially finished and here is some of Metal Hmmers play by play of the press conference. So it started off with a video montage with some old black sabbath videos then the special guest of the announcement “Henrey Rollins” came out and talked for a bit. Some quotes from his speech were, When I heard Black Sabbath, I realized my life had a soundtrack. “audiences are not stupid- they know what’s real and Black Sabbath is real.” After Rollins talked for a bit they announced they will be recording a new album staring in the beginning of 2012 with Rick Rubin producing the record. They also announced they are half way through the writing of this album. Then Sabbath same out! then Bill Ward took a moment to honour the world’s veterans. Then sabbath answers reporters questions, Why now? “It was now or never, really. We have some great music to play.” Tony answered. Ozzy then stated “it was time”.
    Geezer then said, “The stuff that Tony’s been playing is brilliant”. So there will be a new 2012 black sabbath full length record. They will be headlining download festival 2012 on the Saturday and a 2012 world tour will follow!

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    Alternative Rock Videos – twenty one pilots – Heathens (NateWantsToBattle ft. Cristina Vee)

    A rock music song cover of twenty one pilots (TOP) – Heathens from Suicide Squad: The Album (OST) by Nathan Sharp (NateWantsToBattle) ft. Cristina Vee
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      Rock and Metal News – Amon Amarth new album Jomsviking new song First Kill and N.A. tour announced!

      Amon Amarth new album Jomsviking new song First Kill tracklist and artwork released and North American Tour announced!

      Amon Amarth have announced that their new album will be called “Jomsviking” and is set for release on March 25th.. Andy Sneap produced the album and their is a special guest on drums from Tobias Gustafsson (Vomitory) as well…
      Watch the music video for the single called “First Kill“,here: They have also announced a North American tour with Entombed A.D. and Exmortus. check out the cool set they released with the viking ship pre-order that here

      01 – “First Kill”
      02 – “Wanderer”
      03 – “On A Sea Of Blood”
      04 – “One Against All”
      05 – “Raise Your Horns”
      06 – “The Way Of Vikings”
      07 – “At Dawn’s First Light”
      08 – “One Thousand Burning Arrows”
      09 – “Vengeance Is My Name” (bonus track – for digibook, digital, LP, and viking ship editions)
      10 – “A Dream That Cannot Be” (feat. Doro Pesch)
      11 – “Back On Northern Shores”

      album art:

      Tour .. With Entombed A.D. and Exmortus:

      04/07 San Diego, CA – House of Blues
      04/08 Phoenix, AZ – The Pressroom
      04/09 El Paso, TX – Tricky Falls
      04/10 Albuquerque, NM – Sunshine Theater
      04/12 Dallas, TX – House of Blues
      04/13 San Antonio, TX – The Aztec Theater
      04/15 Houston, TX – House of Blues
      04/16 New Orleans, LA – House of Blues
      04/17 Atlanta, GA – Tabernacle
      04/18 Tampa, FL – The Ritz
      04/20 Charlotte, NC – The Fillmore
      04/21 Silver Spring, MD – The Fillmore
      04/22 New York, NY – Best Buy Theatre
      04/23 Boston, MA – House of Blues
      04/25 Rochester, NY – Water Street Music Hall
      04/26 Burlington, VT – Higher Ground
      04/28 Quebec City, QC – Imperial
      04/29 Montreal, QC – Metropolis
      04/30 Toronto, ON – The Danforth
      05/01 Cleveland, OH – House of Blues
      05/02 Detroit, MI – St. Andrews
      05/04 St. Louis, MO – The Pageant
      05/05 Chicago, IL – The Riviera Theatre
      05/06 Lawrence, KS – The Granada Theater
      05/07 Denver, CO – The Ogden Theater
      05/09 Omaha, NE – Sokol Auditorium
      05/10 Minneapolis, MN – Varsity Theater
      05/12 Winnipeg, MB – The Garrick
      05/13 Saskatoon, SK – O’Brian’s Event Centre
      05/14 Calgary, AB – MacEwan Ballroom
      05/16 Vancouver, BC – The Commodore
      05/17 Seattle, WA – Showbox Market
      05/18 Portland, OR – Roseland Theater
      05/20 San Francisco, CA – The Warfield
      05/21 Los Angeles, CA – The Wiltern Theater


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      Classic Rock videos – Khmer Oldies Rock n Roll 60’s and 70’s (Vol.02)

      Playing multi-genre of khmer songs on the net
      Stay tune in :

      The Collection : Khmer Oldies Rock-n-Roll in 60’s and 70’s (Vol.02)

      Singers : Yos Olorang, Rous Serey Sothea, Pen Ron, Sin Sisamouth, Eng Nary, Var Sarun, Houy Meas, Chum Kem, So Savoeun…

      Tracks :
      1- Maxi samai thmey – Yos Olorang
      2- Yub pises – Rous Serey Sothea
      3- Espagnola – Samouth
      4- Pa’em nas snaeha – Pen Ron
      5- Chiss cyclo – Yos Olorang
      6- Yub pka chhouk – Rous Serey Sothea
      7- Kanha Jerk – Eng Nary
      8- Nhean barey – Var Sarun
      9- Bong srolanh oun ponman der – Rous Serey Sothea
      10- Srolanh tae srey chhnas – In Yeng & Pen Ron
      11- Onh! bross nis ko sos – Pen Ron
      12- Ae na tov kupreng khnom – Houy Meas
      13- Reang bong jou aem – Sothea
      14- Ouy tae ban – Samouth ft. So Savoeun
      15- Pdey jass kor ban de – Pen Ron
      16- Mean snae mean luy – Samouth
      17- Chhnum oun 31 – Pen Ron
      18- Som barey 1 derm – Var Sarun, Touch Saly, Thet Sambath
      19- Ter aena snae khnom – Sothea
      20- Twist! Twist! Khnom – Chum Kem
      21- Mtes na min hal – Sothea ft. Pen Ron


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        AC/DC – Highway to Hell


        Livin’ easy, lovin’ free
        Season ticket, on a one – way ride
        Askin’ nothin’, leave me be
        Takin’ everything in my stride
        Don’t need reason, don’t need rhyme
        Ain’t nothing I’d rather do
        Goin’ down, party time
        My friends are gonna be there too

        I’m on the highway to hell
        On the highway to hell
        Highway to hell
        I’m on the highway to hell

        No stop signs, speed limit
        Nobody’s gonna slow me down
        Like a wheel, gonna spin it
        Nobody’s gonna mess me around
        Hey Satan, payin’ my dues
        Playin’ in a rockin’ band
        Hey Mama, look at me
        I’m on my way to the promised land

        I’m on the highway to hell
        Highway to hell
        I’m on the highway to hell
        Highway to hell

        Dont stop me!

        I’m on the highway to hell
        On the highway to hell!
        Highway to hell!
        I’m on the highway to hell

        And I’m going down..all the way
        I’m on the highway to hell


        The #best rock Videos- AC/DC – Highway to Hell #rockmusic #videos on #youtube

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          Rock and Metal News – Iron Maiden new live album The Book Of Souls: Live Chapter + Speed of Light live!

          Iron Maiden new live album The Book Of Souls: Live Chapter + Speed of Light live!

          Maiden fans get ready for a new live release titled Iron Maiden’s The Book Of Souls: Live Chapter out through Warner Music on November 17th worldwide through BMG in the US. This live recording has 15 songs captured during The Book Of Souls World Tour, which covered 39 countries across six continents during 2016 and 2017. The Book Of Souls: Live Chapter will be released in CD, deluxe CD & vinyl, with the concert film available to stream free online or as a digital download..!

          speed of light live:


          “If Eternity Should Fail” – Sydney, Australia
          “Speed Of Light” – Cape Town, South Africa
          “Wrathchild” – Dublin, Ireland
          “Children Of The Damned” – Montreal, Canada
          “Death Or Glory” – Wroclaw, Poland
          “The Red And The Black” – Tokyo, Japan
          “The Trooper” – San Salvador, El Salvador
          “Powerslave” – Trieste, Italy
          “The Great Unknown” – Newcastle, UK
          “The Book Of Souls” – Donington, UK
          “Fear Of The Dark” – Fortaleza, Brazil
          “Iron Maiden” – Buenos Aires, Argentina
          “Number Of The Beast” – Wacken, Germany
          “Blood Brothers” – Donington, UK
          “Wasted Years” – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

          Iron Maiden new live album The Book Of Souls: Live Chapter + Speed of Light live!


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          Rock and Metal News – Phil Anselmo on Pantera Reunion — new Opeth album “more sinister riffs” — Lamb of God Euro tour

          Phil Anselmo talks Pantera Reunion — new Opeth album 2014 “more sinister riffs” — Lamb of God European tour dates announced — Strife tour — Crowbar’s bassist quits — Red Fang to add track to Fraggle Rock.

          There will be a tribute album to the puppet series “Fraggle Rock” coming out and Red Fang are rumored to contribute a song. Red Fang’s new album “Whales And Leeches” will be in stores October 15th through Relapse.

          Strife have some East Coast Shows booked for Sept:
          09/26 Amityville, NY — Revolution
          09/27 Syracuse, NY — Westcott Community Center
          09/28 Albany, NY — Bogie’s
          09/29 Reading, PA — East Coast Tsunami

          Crowbar’s bassist as Pat Bruders has left the band. Kirk Windstein tweeted recently:
          “Pat Bruders has officially resigned as Crowbars bass player. Bring on all comers!!! RW”

          Lamb Of God, Decapitated and Huntress have a Tour booked for the UK and other parts of Europe:
          01/06 Vienna, AUT — Gasometer
          01/07 Milan, ITA — Alcatraz
          01/08 Zurich, SWI — Complex
          01/10 Tilburg, NET — 013
          01/11 Brussels, BEL — AB
          01/12 Southampton, UK — Guild Hall
          01/13 Leeds, UK — Academy
          01/14 Newcastle, UK — Academy
          01/16 Glasgow, UK — Academy
          01/17 Birmingham, UK — Academy
          01/18 London, UK — Brixton Academy
          01/19 Manchester, UK — Academy
          01/20 Bristol, UK — Academy
          01/21 Norwich, UK — UEA

          Fuse News had a chat with ex-PANTERA and current DOWN vocalist Philip Anselmo.. Asked about the rumors of a PANTERA reunion with Zakk Wylde (BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, OZZY OSBOURNE) filling in for “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott. Anselmo stated: “For me, really, I think it would mean a lot for [ex-PANTERA bassist] Rex [Brown] and [ex-PANTERA drummer] Vince [Paul Abbott] and myself to sit down and, I guess, bury the hatchet where we can be on more friendly terms. And, you know, I think it would mean a lot to the fans.” He added: “Without Vince, there’s not any PANTERA reunion at all; it’s useless. But he damn well knows my door’s wide open. He needs to bust out the keys and unlock his, man. I’m waiting, but I’m not holding my breath.”

          Opeth will spend the last part of 2013 putting the finishing touches on the writing and recording for their new album due next spring. According to OPETH frontman Mikael Åkerfeldt, four songs have already been written for the new album and three others are in various states of completion. “We’ve been looking at [tracking the next album at] Rockfield Studios in Wales where QUEEN recorded ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, but we haven’t made a decision yet,” told Expressen. “But it will be an expensive album. There’s a lot going on, lots of string arrangements that we haven’t had in the past.” Will it be heavier or softer than “Heritage”? “Maybe a little bit heavier,” Mikael says. “Not death metal heavy, but hard rock/heavy metal heavy. There’s also lots of progressive elements and acoustic guitars, but also more sinister-sounding riffs.”

          Sources: theprp, Blabbermouth,


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