Greatest Classic Rock Music Hits | Best Of 70s 80s 90s Rock Songs

Greatest Classic Rock Music Hits | Best Of 70s 80s 90s Rock Songs
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My Top 10 Rock Songs

In today’s video I go through my top 10 rock songs! Spotify playlist:

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O-Face | 100 People Show Us Their O-Faces

We asked 100 people to come to our studio to show us their “o-face”.

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Khmer Oldies Rock-n-Roll- VOL.01

Playing Khmer Oldies Songs 24/7
Album : Special Khmer Oldies Rock-n-Roll Collection Vol.01
Singer : Sin Sisamuth, Pen Ron, Rous Serey Sothea

Tracks :

1- Sinn Sisamouth – Kal Oun Neang Rom (jongvak monkies)
2- Pen Ron – Komloh Chress Chap
3- Sin Sisamouth – Khnom srolanh srey touch
4- Rous Serey Sothea – Skorl khnom pi karl na
5- Rous Serey Sothea – Lir ke tha bong mork
6- Sin Sisamouth – Roserb Nas
7- Pen Ron – Oun Louch Srolanh
8- Pen Ron – Roim min chaet te
9- Rous Serey Sothea – Kanha Roub Sross
10- Sothea – Penh jet tae bong mouy
11- Pen Ron – Roim Twist
12- Ros Serey Sothea – Rom Wolly Bully
13- Samouth – Sros rork min ban
14- Samouth – Bong jes tae twist
15- Sothea – Bong kheung srey mouy na
16- Pen Ron – Bross Ye Ye
17- Samouth – Neang ko kor khnom srolanh
18- Samouth ft. Pen Ron – Koun kat 3 sas
19- Samouth – Ye ye chhnum 73
20- Pen Ron – Roim Ah Go Go
21- Sothea – Oun jreang bompe
22- Sothea – Kheugnh snaeha khnom te
23- Sothea – Jam 10 khae teat
24- Sothea – Oun jreang bompe


#ClassicRock #Rock #RockMusic #RockVideos #Music #Rocknews