Top 10 Decade Defining Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Songs: 1970s

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El Salvador Classic Soft Rock – Bootleg – The Lovers (Original CD)

El Salvador Classic Rock (Bootleg) Spanish title “Licor De Contrabando”

In 1969, The Lovers from San Salvador released “Bootleg” LP record in which was heard and accepted by salvadoran music lovers – rock and roll fans back in the 60’s.

Band: The Lovers from San Salvador City
Song: Bootleg (Original CD)
Voice Leader: Juan Ramón Crespo
Released Date: August 23, 1969.
Music Language: English

“BOOTLEG” (4:10)
(Licor De Contrabando)
Comp: John C. Fogerty


Bootleg bootleg bootleg howler

Take you a glass of water
Make it against the law
See how cool the water tastes
Can’t have any ’cause

Findin’ a natural woman
Is like honey to the bee
But you don’t buzz the flower
‘Til you know the honey’s free

Susan little give us some cherry pie
Love and ain’t fun
Better you grab it when she ain’t lookin’
‘Cause you know you’d rather have it on the run
San Salvador, EL SALVADOR, C.A.
(Information Only – Updated: Tuesday, March 28, 2017)

Antologia Musical – The Lovers:
(The Lovers Anthology)

1.Like You Baby
2.I’m a Lover
3.Hold on I’m Coming
4.New Orleans
5.Martha Griffin
6.Show Me
7.I’m All Right
8.I’m so Glad
10.Nezz (“Lovers I” – LP Record/PICARO)
11.Te Quiero Yo (Spanglish)
12.Es mi Dolor
13.Es Interesante
14.Mira como Es
15.Camino de Hormigas
And more beautiful “Lovers” music.

“El Salvador’s New Wave”
(Around 50 Bands with talented young musicians)
(Alrededor de 50 grupos musicales con jóvenes talentosos)

Please enjoy your music!

Pictures were taken by: Marlon Flores.

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Post Feed:
“La Nueva Ola De El Salvador” event is now playing on Salvadoran Theaters!
El Salvador is now celebrating our good times/buenas epocas salvadoran musicians.

El Salvador Time Events:

(Documentary film – english subtitle)

“President Theater” (Teatro Presidente) in San Salvador
Saturday, July 7, 2012 19:00 – (Sábado 07/07/2012 19:00)
Sunday, July 8, 2012 17:00 – (Domingo 08/07/2012 17:00)

Please enjoy our salvadoran musicians!
We will always remeber you, El Salvador!!!
(Updated: Sunday, June 17, 2012)


Salvadoran Classic Soft Rock – Original english song “Martha Griffin” from our salvadoran artists “The Lovers”. They sang a new rhythm music which turned over in Rock & Roll history in musical style.

Other Bands:

Los Apaches Band from Usulutan – Song (“I Love You”)

Los Lobos Band from San Salvador – Song (“Tell Mama”)

Los Lobos Band from San Salvador – Song (“I Saw Her Standing There”)

La Creacion Band from San Salvador – Song (“Together”)

Other female artist in Musical Style (“Evangelina Sol”) from El Salvador
– Song (“I’m A Singer”)

“Los Grandes Hits Vol. 1” (LPW / S-311) LP Record

On face 2, we started by remembering one of the groups that reached great popularity thanks to the energy put in all their performances: LOVERS. Carrying the baton Juan Ramón Crespo, the group went from being a set of brats to one of respect, especially with its version for the english success “I’m alright”, that they used like subject of presentation in the youth festival of television of 1968. All action of LOVERS was enveloped by their contagious enthusiasm and in “Estoy Bien”, this enthusiasm feels in the whole duration of the cut, Notice the loud voice in the background, It’s Neto Maids, the rhythmic source of the group and, in those days, the youngest drummer of the environment.

En la Cara 2, comenzamos recordando a uno de los grupos que alcanzó gran popularidad gracías a la energía puesto en todas sus actuaciones: LOVERS. Llevando la batuta Juan Ramón Crespo, el grupo pasó de ser un conjunto de mocosos a uno de respeto, especialmente con su versión para el éxito inglés “I’m alright”, que emplearon como tema de presentación en el festival juvenil de televisión de 1968. Toda actuación de LOVERS se veía adornada por su contagioso entusiasmo y en “Estoy Bien”, este entusiasmo se siente en toda la duración del corte, Noten la voz alta al fondo, Es Neto Maids, la fuente rítmica del grupo y, por esos días, el batería más joven del ambiente.

“Snoopy” Sánches,
YSRF, San Salvador.
UPDATED: July 2, 2017


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Music for Playing LOL 🎸Classic Rock 🎸 Playlist to play League of Legends

💥 Who needed some old good rock and roll?

Music for Playing LOL 🎸 Rock & Roll 🎸 Playlist to play League of Legends

⚠️New Epic Mixes ans Playlists every week! ⚠️

(- ◕‿◕)- ▶◀ -( ◕‿◕ -)

We have created a mix using classic rock tunes from the 60’s,70’s and 80’s; you will definitely know most of these songs, but you may not know some of these amazing performances!. Hope you like this mix and use it to play LOL every time!


🎵 ▁▂▃▅▆▇ —— 🎵 TRACKLIST 🎵 —— ▇▆▅▃▂▁ 🎵

●1. 00:00 Wild Thing – Jimi Hendrix
●2. 04:03 Jailbreak – Thin Lizzy
●3. 07:13 Rock and roll – Led Zeppelin (Live Cover by Foo Fighters)
●4. 09:13 Dream On – Aerosmith(Live with Southern California Children’s Chorus)
●5. 14:09 Little Wing – Jimi Hendrix(Live Cover by The Brew)
●6. 20:45 Piece of my Heart – Janis Joplin(Live Cover by Steven Tyler)
●7. 24:42 Civil War – Guns and Roses (Acoustic version by Slash and Myles Kennedy)
●8. 32:41 Voodoo Chile – Jimi Hendrix(Live Cover by The Brew)
●9. 41:54 Highway Star – Deep Purple(Live Cover by Alter Bridge)
●10. 45:47 Layla – Eric Clapton (Live)
●11. 52:01 Paradise City – Guns N’ Roses (Live in Tokyo 92)
●12. 59:03 The Boys Are Back in Town – Thin Lizzy

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▶Game Summary

Join forces with your closest allies as you unite to defeat your foes in deadly multiplayer battle arenas.
League of Legends combines elements from both strategy and role playing games to bring you a unique and dynamic player experience.
As a Summoner, you will have your own distinct, customizable avatar that grows in power as you move through the game. In each battle you will select and call forth one of dozens of Champions to control and engage in head-to-head combat against teams of highly trained warriors.
Choose your allies wisely, for the stakes are high. In the League, every battle means more than life or death as the balance of power shifts with each victory or defeat.

[Riot Games]

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Rock Music List | SUMMER 2017

Music list, which contains rock genre songs for summer moods.

There are 16 songs included:
00:00 Ten Years After – I’m Coming On
03:47 Iggy Pop – Passenger
08:29 The Leaves – Hey Joe
11:20 Steppenwolf – Born To Be Wild
14:52 Mac DeMarco – Blue Boy
16:59 Felt – Now She’s Gone
22:30 Spacemen 3 – Ode to Street Hassle
26:27 The Doors – Light My Fire
33:35 Yes – Roundabout
42:08 Slowdive – When the Sun Hits
46:54 Listening – Stoned is
51:34 Spacemen 3 – It’s Allright
59:17 Ten Years After – Let the Sky Fall
1:03:35 Loop – Brittle Head Girl
1:08:05 Talking Heads – Psycho Killer
1:13:16 Spacemen 3 – Walkin’ with Jesus

“New nature, clean soul and even trees looks different”

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– 100 Gram Green Vinyl sc.2017


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“The Radio Station That Changed The World – KSAN Jive 95: The Movie” 2017 Trailer

“The Radio Station That Changed The World – KSAN Jive 95: The Movie” is the definitive film documentary chronicling the San Francisco progressive rock, free form radio station that changed the world! KSAN Jive 95 was founded by radio legend Tom ‘Big Daddy’ Donahue in May of 1968 right after the Summer of Love and at the escalation of the Vietnam war. The Jive 95 era from 1968 to 1980 was pivotal in the formation of many new concepts and ideas not only about radio, but about the culture of the time. KSAN Jive 95 spoke to a new generation of radio listeners and the music of the San Francisco Sound was the soundtrack of people’s lives. “KSAN Jive 95: The Movie” tells the complete story of the groundbreaking FM radio station through interviews with the DJ’s, personalities and musicians that were lucky enough to have been there. Radio would never be the same after this new format addressed the issues of the times and played the new local music of the time, the San Francisco Sound. It was new and progressive ideas about the times that made KSAN unique. This trailer is just a peek into the Jive 95 Era of KSAN. Watch for the complete documentary and get information about how you can support this important historical project… See our site at

“The Radio Station That Changed The World- KSAN Jive 95:The Movie” is a CHRS Radio Dog Film and is a production of the California Historical Radio Society and the Bay Area Radio Hall Of Fame with the commitment to preserve the historically important stories of Bay Area Radio.


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Guns N’ Roses – Paradise City

Best of Guns N’ Roses:
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Music video by Guns N’ Roses performing Paradise City. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 3,424,935. (C) 1988 Guns N’ Roses under exclusive license to Geffen Records


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FIGHT MUSIC!!!MegaPlayList:


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