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Iain chats to people in the Plata Gay Bar in Barcelona and has a little bit of a flirt!

From Friday 25th August 2017,

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Liam Gallagher – Chinatown – New Alternative Japan Cut Music Video – As you Were tour HQ Audio 2017

Liam Gallagher says that “nothing” would like more than an Oasis meeting. “Oasis would not have worked with two Liams or two Noeles,” Liam Gallagher said in an interview with GC, where he talked about possible meetings and about the role he and his brother played in the now extinct group.

The Gallagher brothers, who have a public and private dispute more than known and commented, have distant appearances in the means. Some associated with their musical work and others to their conflicts.

In the interview, Liam was asked if singing was enough for him, without writing Oasis music. “I always knew what I was going to do,” he said, “and I think it’s a good thing. We could not have been both bored and we could not have been hardheads, and I know how much it bothered him. ”

On Noel, Liam added that “I am sorry that he has had to write the songs, but who is he who has eight houses now? As he says, he could have the life of rock star, but who is the true star of Rock here? “.
Composer Liam Gallagher “Nothing” would like more than a meeting of Oasis, the British rock band he led with his older brother Noel. “I would love to talk about Oasis music instead of a Liam solo album or a Noel solo album,” Gallagher said during an interview in Santa Monica this week to promote his new work, As You Were, the first in lonely Park West Chicago IL USA.

Oasis, formed in Manchester in 1991, had its heyday during the 1990s with hits like Don’t Look Back In Anger and Wonderwall. However, the famous fights of the brothers forced a separation in 2009 after Noel left the band after a discussion in the festival Rock in Seine in Paris.

“He thinks he’s the leader and I think I’m the leader, do you understand what I mean?” Commented Liam Gallagher. However, the musician gave hope to the followers about a reconciliation saying: “Maybe someday when we become brothers … the natural thing would be to make music.” “I want him, no doubt. He’s my brother.”
It is not the first time Liam says he wants to be reconciled with his brother, but then again insults in the press or social networks. Last year, the singer stated that he wanted to regain his relationship with Noel for his mother’s sake. “Obviously, our mother would like us to talk and sit together at the table for Christmas,” she said in an interview.

Since the separation of Oasis, his followers have dreamed of a reunion that has not occurred. A few months ago, hope grew with the release of the documentary authorized by the brothers, Supersonic, about their years as a group. But nothing happened.

A little more than a month ago was the perfect occasion to reunite the brothers: the charity concert in his native Manchester after the attack in a performance of Ariana Grande. Live on the Howard Stern Show Wonderwall Summer Sonic Osaka 2017 Liam Gallagher was the surprise of the night, interpreted songs of his new disc and also of Oasis. But only him, since Noel was out of the country, which earned him a new series of insults on Twitter from his brother.

“My business was all the cliché: sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll. I lived it. I was. And that’s why Oasis worked. We could not have been both damn bored and we could not have been two ringleaders like me. And I know how much that bothered him (to Noel), “Liam said.
While acknowledging that Noel was the author of the songs and who carried the burden corresponding to the composition of the songs, he emphasizes his own role as a formula for success: “He did the work while I went out and undo it. But Oasis would not have worked with two Liam or two Noel. The Rolling Stones would not have worked if they were nuns, would they? Listen, I’m sorry he’s stuck with the role of writing songs for Tokyo Japan, but who’s got eight houses now? As he says, maybe he had the life of rockstar, but who is the real rockstar here? “.

About his new projects, Liam does not fail to mention his former bandmates. He says he must fear his return to music, since after “two failed bands” he will return even “stronger”: “I am fucking happy to return, because I know they are sitting there – and you can say they can be happy – but Are sitting thinking: ‘Fuck me. Comes again for Seoul South Korea. Two divorces, illegitimate children, two failed gangs, three bad haircuts and yet she’s back! ‘ I’m going to come back even better, you know what I mean? Because that’s . It’s who I am. That’s what I do. I’m not going to sit back and let them win. So they should be fucking scared. They should be scared. Without a doubt. This is my third comeback, “said Liam Gallagher.