Pop Rock Songs: Acoustic and Electric Guitar Covers | Instrumental Music

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Pop Rock Songs: Acoustic and Electric Guitar Covers | Instrumental Music
1. American Boy (Estelle feat. Kanye West) 00:00
2. Volare (Domenico Modugno) 03:58
3. I Migliori Anni (Renato Zero) 07:33
4. Sorry Seems To Be (Elton John) 12:09
5. Feel (Robbie Williams) 15:55
6. Tears in Heaven (Eric Clapton) 20:16
7. Penny Lane (The Beatles) 24:32
8. My Heart Will Go On (Celine Dion) 28:05
9. Yesterday (The Beatles) 32:25
10. Love of My Life (Queen) 35:32
11. Careless Whisper (George Michael) 39:07
12. Roxanne (The Police) 44:52
13. Summertime (George Gershwin) 49:06
14. Here Comes the Sun (The Beatles) 54:37
15. Paradise (Phil Collins) 57:27
16. Con il Nastro Rosa (Lucio Battisti) 01:01:48
17. Come Together (The Beatles) 01:07:10
18. Tu Si Na Cosa Grande (Domenico Modugno) 01:11:15
19. Ancora (Eduardo De Crescenzo) 01:14:54
20. Hey Jude (The Beatles) 01:18:27
21. Let It Be (The Beatles) 01:23:19

All tracks arranged and performed by Kobor Gales
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Adam Ant – Dirk Live At The Apollo

Since this DVD is no longer available, here it is. Adam Ants full performance of Dirk Wears White Sox at The Hammersmith Apollo 19 April 2014.

0:38 Cartrouble Parts 1 & 2
8:14 Digital Tenderness
11:35 Nine Plan Failed
17:30 Day I Met God
20:41 Tabletalk
26:30 Cleopatra
29:38 Catholic Day
32:26 Never Trust A Man (With Egg On His Face)
37:36 Animals And Men
41:36 Family Of Noise
44:20 The Idea
48:40 Whip In My Valise
55:36 Zerox
58:46 Red Scab
1:02:38 Physical (You’re So)


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The Loop FM 98 – Where Chicago Rocks

The Loop FM 98…Where Chicago Rocks

The call letters changed to WLUP in March 1977. The station called itself “The Loop FM98” which is what the main business district in Chicago is nicknamed. The first song on “The Loop” was “Morning Has Broken” by Cat Stevens. WLUP programmed a low-key female-friendly AOR format (similar to today’s classic rock-formatted 97.1 The Drive). Jay Blackburn was Program Director and Tommy O’Toole served as the station’s first morning host and was the first Loop DJ to sign on the air.

The original Loop air staff included O’Toole in mornings, William “Captain Billy” Martin in middays, Les Tracy in afternoon drive, Gregory “Greg” Budell evenings, and Don Davis overnights, alongside was WLUP’s first ever Rock Girl Lorelei “Pow!” Shark as the official spokesperson and as the face of The Loop in 1978.

Hawaiian Congressman Cecil Heftel purchased the radio station in early 1979, kept the call letters, and “Loop” identifier. Lee Abrams was hired as consultant. The rock format was kept in place, but emphasis was put on harder-edged rock. Lee Abrams became the consultant, and Jesse Bullit the program director. Steve Dahl, who had been unemployed since WDAI (94.7) went to a disco format in December 1978 – and who would become the basis for one of the most infamous promotions in sports history, Disco Demolition Night – was hired for mornings in March 1979.

Overnight disc jockey Matthew “Mondo” Meier was teamed with Dahl to do news; he would eventually start to use his real first name, “Garry”. Garry became Steve’s full-time sidekick when Buzz Kilman was hired as the newsman in 1980. Chuck Swirsky provided sports reports.

Russ Albums became the Image Voice (The Don Pardo of WLUP) and later followed Sky Daniels on the air. Chicago rock veteran Mitch Michaels held the afternoon shift known as “Mitch is doing the cruise”. Matt Bisbee became the Production director after Russ Albums was escalated to on-air. Steve and Garry were fired in 1981 for “assaulting community standards”. A series of morning men including Matt Bisbee, Mark McEwen (who later gained national fame as a CBS network TV weatherman), and the team of R.J. Harris and Pat Still tried their hand until Jonathon “Johnny B.” Brandmeier from KZZP was hired in April 1983. Kilman remained as newsman and Bruce Wolf replaced Swirsky when he went to WGN in 1981. Steve and Garry returned in 1986 to host afternoons.

In 1985, Heftel Broadcasting bought AM 1000 WCFL, which was once a powerful CHR (Top 40) station, but then became a Christian music and teaching station. In April 1987, that station became WLUP as well, making the FM station WLUP-FM. The religious format was dropped from 1000 WLUP and the station simulcast WLUP-FM overnights.

During the day, though, WLUP 1000 ran a full service rock format while focusing on talk. By 1990, the AM station would evolve to mostly talk with a few rock songs mixed in per hour. In late 1992, Heftel sold WLUP to Evergreen Media, as Heftel sold all of their English language stations in order to focus on their Spanish language properties.

By this time, WLUP-FM also began mixing more talk into the format by occasionally simulcasting the AM station, and evolved into a Talk/Comedy-heavy Rock format by 1993.[4][5] In October of that year, the AM station became a sports station as WMVP. WLUP-FM became WLUP again, and evolved to a talk format with a few rock songs mixed in per hour.

WLUP was one of the first stations to have the “FM talk” or “hot talk” (comedy/talk) format in the early 1990s. Some of the shows were Steve Dahl and Garry Meier, Danny Bonaduce, Liz Wilde, Kevin Matthews, Jonathon Brandmeier with “News-man/Blues-man” Buzz Kilman, Ed Schwartz and Seka.

In February 1996, sister station WYNY in New York simulcasted WLUP for a day as part of a week-long stunt of simulcasting sister stations nationwide before flipping formats to rhythmic adult contemporary as WKTU. In June 1996, WMVP dropped their sports format and returned to simulcasting WLUP.

WLUP switched to a Modern AC format on September 30, 1996. In 1997, Evergreen and Chancellor merged. Evergreen opted to sell WLUP to Bonneville in July (which already had a Modern AC outlet in WTMX), and then switched WLUP to a classic rock format on July 21 at 5 AM, after stunting with all-Who songs as part of a Who concert that previous weekend (AM 1000 was sold to ABC Radio in 1998 and became the Chicago affiliate for ESPN Radio). (The first song under the relaunched “Loop” was “Rock and Roll” by Led Zeppelin.)

In June 1998, WLUP adopted the slogan, “Classic Rock That Really Rocks”. During this period, full-time on air personalities included Steve Downes, Tim Virgin, Pete McMurray, Seaver, Cara Carriveau, Scott Loftus, Jimmy Novak, Laura Steele, Sari and Mark Zander.


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방탄소년단 BTS[4K 고정직캠]Full@20160907 Rock Music

20160907 2018 평창동계올림픽 성공 기원 콘서트
SAVE ME 세이브미 00:16:07 & 불타오르네 FIRE CC 4:25 & 쩔어 DOPE 9:58
男性偶像团体, 男性アイドルグループ 방탄소년단 BTS 4K FANCAM
After downloading and uploading transformation prohibited.


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