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Dr. Tony Evans, Th.D, is a Christian pastor, speaker, author, and a widely-syndicated radio and television broadcaster in the United States. He was the first African American to earn a doctorate in Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary.[1] He taught evangelism, homiletics and black church studies at DTS, and serves on its Board of Incorporate Members.[2]

Dr. Evans serves as Senior Pastor to the over 9,500 member Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas, which was founded in 1976 with 10 members meeting at his home.[1] He is also founder and president of The Urban Alternative, a national organization dedicated to the proclamation and application of the Word of God. The Urban Alternative radio broadcast, “The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans” can be heard over 1,000 outlets daily throughout the U.S. and in over 100 countries worldwide. The broadcast can also be viewed on several television stations, as well as online at

Dr. Evans’ goal is to advance God’s kingdom agenda on earth. The kingdom agenda is the visible demonstration of the comprehensive rule of God over every area of life.

Dr. Evans has served as chaplain for the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys and is currently the longest serving NBA chaplain which he has done by serving the Dallas Mavericks for over 30 years?


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Alternative Rock Videos – Billboard Top 40 Alternative Songs (April 16 2016)

Most of those who follow the alternative charts on YouTube will know that the regular poster that posted the charts hasn’t posted anything in a while. I’m planning to catch-up on the missing charts over the coming weeks/days for you guys if you missed anything. There will however, be no flashback #1 track or weekly recommendation for these catch-up videos.

Color code:
Green – song gains in position or for a song not on the weekly chart
Orange – song drops in position or leaves the chart
Light blue – debut or re-entry
Grey – song remains at its position

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Alternative Rock Videos – Fall 2017 Mix | Indie Pop/Folk/Alternative Music

Watch the leaves fall with a mixture of soothing, uplifting and peaceful Indie Rock ,Folk & Alternative Music to get you pleasantly through the colder autumnal weather.
– Tracks by filous, Bunt,… well the Tracklist is below… – 🙂
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? Tracklist :

01. KYKO – Animals [0:00] 02. Sebastian Forslund – One Day [3:37] 03. Daniel Caesar – We Find Love [7:33] 04. Sebastian Forslund – In Our Hands [11:48] 05. MEADOWS – The Only Boy Awake [14:50] 06. Viola Beach – Swings and Waterslide [17:20] 07. filous – Let It Snow [20:49] 08. Fink – Looking Too Closely [24:03] 09. Lord Huron – The Night We Met [28:42] 10. TOLEDO – Sparrow In The Wood [31:46}
11. Declan J Donovan – Better [34:04] 12. Craig Cardiff – Dirty old Town [37:10] 13. Old Sea Brigade – Love Brought Weight [41:02] 14. Zack Buchanan – Little River [43:21] 15. Ben Bateman – Make Believe [46:36] 16. Jonathan Jeremiah – Wild Fire [49:21] 17. Ian Randall Thompson – See You Through [52:20] 18. BUNT. ft. Leah Haywood – On My Way [56:41] 19. Beck – Dreams [59:53] 20. filous feat. James Hersey – How Hard I Try [01:05:02]

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Alternative Rock Videos – ? Vibe & Mix ? Steam | Best New Chill Alternative Indie Electronic Music for Mixing

Vibe and Mix…. Music for Mixers? Whut?

Jam out while you mix up that recipe you’re working on. This is an experimental series here on the channel that will hopefully bring some joy and solace to your mixing experience. If you like the series and would like to see it continue smack that like button and let me know if you have any requests.

These tracks do NOT belong to me and this video is NOT monetized. The music contained in this video are shared out of appreciation and admiration for the artists. If you like the track, Please support the artist by paying a visit to their link below here in the description.

We will be covering a wide array of music ranging from hip hop, chill hop, EDM, Electronic Indie to any other suggestions people may have. I’m personally a rubix cube when it comes to music taste, I’m literally into everything. If you have a request feel free to drop it in the comments.

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Penguin Prison – Don’t Fuck with My Money

French Montana ft. Swae Lee (Beave X LTGTR Remix) -Unforgettable

Two Feet – Love is a Bitch

Tim Legend ft Colin Diedend – Quicksand

Two Feet – Had Some Drinks

The Truth about the FDA and Their Dirty Secrets | This is Who is Trying to Kill Vaping ”



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Alternative Rock Videos – Daughtry – Start of Something Good

Daughtry’s official music video for ‘Start of Something Good’. Click to listen to Daughtry on Spotify:

As featured on Break The Spell. Click to buy the track or album via
Google Play:

More From Daughtry
Over You:
It’s Not Over:

More great 00’s videos here:

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You never know when you’re gonna meet someone
And your whole wide world in a moment comes undone
You’re just walking around and suddenly
Everything that you thought that you knew about love is gone

You find out it’s all been wrong
And all my scars don’t seem to matter anymore
Cause they led me here to you

I know that it’s gonna take some time
I’ve got to admit that the thought has crossed my mind
This might end up like it should
And I’m gonna say what I need to say
And hope to god that it don’t scare you away
Don’t wanna be misunderstood
But I’m starting to believe that this could be the start of something good


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Alternative Rock Videos – Nickelodeon 90s || Rock Medley by Ro Panuganti feat. DonutDrums

Nickelodeon, from the 90s, done rock style!

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Check the comments for a full description! And if you have NOT, you absolutely music check out my bud and multi-instrumentalist DonutDrums, who saved the day with bongos and drums on this cover! Thanks also to Insaneintherainmusic for helping me with video borders which saved a LOT of time, AND all you insane people that got my cartoon medleys to over 150K collectively!

Oh yeah, and I already have WAY too many comments like “You forgot (your favorite cartoon)! dum downv0te”, so please.. just don’t. I put in my favorite cartoons, from 1990-1999.

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Keyboard: Alesis V49 MIDI Keyboard
DAW: Cockos’ Reaper
Mastered in Izotope Ozone 5 with FabFilter VST
Composed by Mark Mothersbaugh, Denis M. Hannigan, Bob Mothersbaugh, Rusty Andrews, Die Screaming Leiderhosens, The B-52s, Jim Lang, Fred Newman, Patrick Pinney
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