Alternative Rock Videos – Muse – Uprising [Official Video]

Watch the music video for “Uprising” now!

“Uprising” was released as the lead single from Muse’s fifth studio album, The Resistance, on September 7, 2009.

The video won “Best Special Effects” in the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.

Get Muse’s album THE RESISTANCE here:


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Different Rock Movies – Dido – Thank You (Different Kasual Remix)

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Alternative Rock Videos – baul fusion,baul alternative,baul gaan,bangla folk fusion golemale golemale by deb chowdhury

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Alternative Rock Videos – THE BEST Google Play Music Alternative

hi guys and welcome back to another haditforawhile video

andorid has evolved a lot since the samsung galaxy s2,
so when I upgraded to the moto g 2015 edition I
immediatley felt like a fish out of water.

while most of the feature where the same, my brain just refused to accept
the google play music app. after doing some digging I came up with this,
it’s called blackplayer and it is now my favourite app on the planet.

it has a cool dark interface which is similar to my galaxy s2.

also it has a brilliant navigation method, which is really just swiping left
or right.

of course there are the usual things such as genres, custom playlists, lyrics
and album art.
but there is also a brilliant equalizer that actually works, if you swipe
right on the equalizer
you are given a second page with bass boost and volume boost. However when
it says it could
damage external harware when boosting voluyme, listen. I’ve already damaged
two sets of earphones
which is two too many.

the best thing about this app is that it is free, no adds,
no unlocked features. Just free


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Want to make a mini FM Radio Station? Easy! -Raspberry Pi Project

Hey guys! If you want a full tutorial on how to do this, please like, comment, or subscribe! The FM transmitter is actually called a Raspberry Pi, which is a mini computer the size of a credit card! For more info on that, go to:

Here are the codes that you need to type in in the terminal to get this working:


*after its done downloading, type this:*

tar -zxvf Pifm.tar.gz

Once all of that is done, connect the wire to the pin. After that, type in this:

sudo ./pifm sound.wav (type what frequency you want to play on, for example, 102.3)

After that, tune your FM radio to that frequency and you will the Star Wars theme! If you want to broadcast your own music, ill give you a tutorial!

Thanks for watching!