Billboard Top 30 Adult Alternative Songs (July 22 2017)

The top 30 songs of the triple A chart this week. Portugal. The Man have the #1 song on the AAA chart again, while The National and Arcade Fire enter the top 3. The War on Drugs also enter the top 10 for the first time. There are debuts from Queens of the Stone Age, Cage the Elephant and Billy Raffoul this week.

Color code:
Green – song gains in position or for a song not on the weekly chart
Orange – song drops in position or leaves the chart
Light blue – debut or re-entry
Grey – song remains at its position

Intro music: Of Monsters and Men – Little Talks

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Online Radio in Hyderabad

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Top 15 Alternative Songs From Commercials

My Top 15 Alternative Songs from Commercials. Some of them are fairly recent, but some are from a few years ago. Order is approximate, as I didn’t spent that much time re-arranging them.

I own nothing. all rights go to the respective owners of this music. No copyright infringement intended.

The top 15 are:

#15: 1901 – Phoenix (Cadillac Ad)

#14: A-Punk – Vampire Weekend (HP Ad)

#13: Falling In Love At a Coffee Shop – Landon Pigg (AT&T Ad)

#12: Silly Boy – The Blue Van (Samsung Ad)

#11: Little Garcon – Born Ruffians (American Express Ad)

#10: You Talk Way Too Much – The Strokes (Ford SYNC Ad)

#9: Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap (Diet Coke Ad)

#8: Powerful Stuff – Sean Hayes (Subaru Ad)

#7: Lost In My Mind – The Head and the Heart (American Express Ad)

#6: Second Chance – Peter, Bjorn and John (Bud Light Ad)

#5: Tighten Up – The Black Keys (Subaru Ad)

#4: Elevenses – Neil Halstead (Above the Influence Ad)

#3: Here Comes The Sun Again – M. Ward (Subaru Ad)

#2: Mr. Pitiful – Matt Costa (iPhone Ad)

#1: Daylight – Matt & Kim (Bacardi Ad)

With honorable mentions to:
-Shadowplay – The Killers (Dior Ad)
-Eyes – Rogue Wave (LG Ad)
-Ball and Biscuit – The White Stripes (Captain Morgan Ad)
-Excuses – The Morning Benders (Reese’s Ad)
-Such Great Heights – The Postal Service (UPS Ad)
-Float On – Modest Mouse (OnStar Ad)
-Holiday – Vampire Weekend (Tommy Hilfiger Ad)

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Best Indie Italian Mix 2 Hours Top Hip Hop, Rock Alternative – Canzone Indie Italiana

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Una raccolta di cantautori, hip hop, rock e pop alternativi della scena underground italiana
Best Indie Italian Mix – 2 Hours Top Italian Hip Hop, Pop and Rock Alternative Music
Wooonderful collection extract from the Italian underground scene of hip hop, alternativ rock and pop songwriters

1. Non Giovanni – Ho deciso di restare in Italia 00:00
2. Andrea Piermattei – Meno male 05:22
3. Airway – Tutto bene 08:50
4. Wolther Goes Stranger – Chiodi 12:15
5. Murubutu – I marinai tornano tardi 15:03
6. Cosimo Morleo – Fonteyn [Madame] 19:51
7. Kaufman – Astronauta 24:05
8. Agnese Manganaro – Mille petali 27:36
9. Loop Therapy – Per non dire basta 31:36
10. Danny Losito – Tu [Acoustic Mix] 35:22
11. Maler – Marialavita 39:43
12. Musicanti Di Grema – La mia Itaca 42:46
13. Zerosospiro – Quasi trasparente 46:37
14. Palco Numero Cinque – E mi sollevo 51:17
15. Novalisi – Le attese 56:53
16. May Gray – Tormentata baby 01:00:11
17. Vinsanto – Free Italia 01:04:12
18. Piccoli animali senza espressione – Mission to mars 01:07:24
19. Amarcord – La vita è un’altalena 01:12:29
20. Jolaurlo – Banale 01:16:47
21. Modern Foca – Troppo indecisa 01:20:31
22. Picciotto – La mia casa 01:24:19
23. Roberta Di Mario – Lo stato delle cose 01:27:33
24. Enrico Brizzi, Yuguerra – Rialzati Bologna 01:31:59
25. Mud – Metti che un giorno ti svegli 01:36:35
26. Carpa Koi – Mamma sono io tuo figlio 01:39:26
27. Giuliano Clerico – L’aria 01:42:54
28. BoomBoomBabylon – Non una parola 01:46:27
29. Poor Man Style – Cuore ribelle 01:50:52
30. Davide Tosches – Il campanile 01:54:35
31. Assist – Quello che non hai 01:58:06
32. Rigo – Guardando te 02:03:23
33. Drunken Butterfly – Danza 02:06:45
34. Four Green Bottles – Ora che 02:11:08


80’s to 90’s Greatest Hits – Bossa Nova Cover (Lounge Mix) – Background Music

1 hour compilation of 80’s and 90’s Greatest hits in Bossa Nova Version.

Here you have the best bossa nova covers interpreted by Marcela Mangabeira, a popular brazilian lounge singer.
Relax your body and mind with these selection of popular songs in the style of Bossa!



Brazil Bossa Studio is the perfect YouTube channel for when you want to listen to #soothingmusic. Our compilations are made up of #bossanova #covers of the best #brazilian singers and musicians.
If you’re looking extended videos or #playlists to play you can use this soft #backgroundmusic to sit back and relax at home or at the office when you need to #study, #concentrate, #work or #focus on your tasks more effectively.
This beautiful, #softmusic from #Brazil is perfect for alleviating the stress which builds up throughout the week, for enjoying a drink at a beach bar or for having lunch with friends, either in luxurious and sophisticated restaurants.
We hope you enjoy this #chilloutmusic, featuring serene brazilian vocalists covering your favourite songs in the style of bossa nova.


Alternative J-Rock/Indie/Jazz Compilation

Re-uploaded from my old account that was recently deleted. It’s more appropriate on this page anyway.

After seeing a bunch of these compilation types on nico, I was compelled to do one myself. It’s really thanks to those that I found new music, and it’s really fun to discover new artists this way. I want to do another, since I’ve found even more artists since I first made this video.

At any rate, hope you enjoy this and maybe find something new yourself!

UNCHAIN/Light Your Shadow
the band apart/amplified my sign
Susquatch/Summer Solstice
Puli/Without Fail
he/answer me
the band apart/night light
KEYTALK/I disappear
Susquatch/Waiting for the Dawn
UNCHAIN/Always Shining