Best Alternative Rock/ Indie Rock Song of 2012

Best of Alternative Rock/ Indie Rock Songs of 2012
Youtube Voted Best New Artist 2012 by Youtubers
Demitri and his No.1 U.S hit “Beyond the Skies”
Demitri (Jim Kapsalis) and his band Z Many Life
Demitri-Vocals, guitars, piano, Fender Rhodes
Andrew Bush -Bass guitar and backing vocals
Khalil Hebert – Drums , Percussion
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Billboard Alternative Songs: Week of 01/16/2016

The top 40 songs on Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart for the issue dated January 16, 2016.

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Dougystyle’s Favorite Alternative Rock Album Cuts: 100-91

This is a countdown of my 100 favorite albums cuts from alternative rock in the 90s and 00s. These songs I felt were too obscure to include on my favorite song lists for each year of the 90s and 00s. So I decided instead to lump them all together in a huge countdown. Like the rest of my videos, this list is just my personal opinion and is not meant to be the definitive look at this genre and its music. I hope you enjoy them and discover some great music, most of which you will never hear on your local rock stations.