Classic Rock videos – 2 Hours of Celtic Music by Adrian von Ziegler – Part 1

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Track list:

0:00 — Prophecy
5:34 — Song of Brotherhood
8:07 — Land of the Free
12:30 — Legend
16:17 — A Celtic Lore
19:36 — Gaelic Earth
21:43 — Cliffs of Moher
24:40 — Fear no Darkness
27:44 — Crann Na Beatha
31:47 — Ode to the Fallen
36:26 — Wolf Blood
39:31 — Myth
41:54 — Breath of the Forest
44:54 — Welcome Home
48:32 — Evocation
51:20 — Kingdom of Bards
55:47 — Circle of Life
59:17 — Fairy Forest
1:01:52 — Where I Belong
1:06:01 — Spirits of the Wild
1:08:36 — Ride
1:12:10 — Beautiful Dreams
1:15:46 — Dance with the Trees
1:19:00 — Rune Magic
1:21:50 — A Celtic Tale
1:25:24 — Child of the Highlands
1:27:38 — For the King
1:31:07 — Wild Flower
1:34:19 — Callirus
1:36:40 — Dreamtide
1:42:12 — Spring Charm

Everyone is free to use my music if credits are given. Exceptions are if you want to use my music in something with commercial purpose because you can get into trouble with GEMA if there is no written permission from me, it already happened several times and people even got sued by GEMA without even my knowledge. So that’s why you MUST request a written permission from me if your project is commercial, for your own safety. But as far as YouTube goes you can use my music for free even if you monetize your videos, just give credits and you can use any song you want. =)

© All music composed by Adrian von Ziegler.

The video artwork was made by Carina aka Aelathen:


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Classic Rock videos – Michael Jackson “Beat It” performed by The Classic Rock Show

The Classic Rock Show performing “Beat It” from the 1983 Michael Jackson album “Thriller”, recorded live at the Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool, England, 21st of February, 2015.

Filmed and Edited by
Steve Pycroft

For The Classic Rock Show Tour Dates and Information please visit:


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Classic Rock videos – Simply The Best Of 70s Vol 1 (Full Album)

Edwin Starr – War
Ike & Tina Turner – Nutbush City Limits
Carl Douglas – Kung Fu Fighting
Andrea True Connection – More More More
Melba Moore – This Is It
Donna Summer – Hot Stuff
Chic – Le Freak
Hues Corporation – Rock The Boat
Shirley & Company – Shame Shame Shame
Boney M – Sunny
Hot Chocolate – You Sexy Thing
Difters – Kissin’ In The Back Row Of The Movies
Dr Hook – When You’re In Love With A Beautiful Woman
Van McCoy – The Hustle
Baccara – Yes Sir, I Can Boogie
Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive


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Classic Rock videos – The Best Of Rock Ballads Vol. 2


01.Def Leppard – Bringin’ On The Heartbreak 00:00:00

02.Steelheart – She’s Gone 00:04:32

03.Wildside – Kiss This Love Goodbye 00:11:05

04.Tesla – Love Song 00:15:12

05.Madison – Pictures Return 00:20:37

06.Harem Scarem – Slowly Slipping Away 00:25:44

07.SouthGang – Aim For The Heart 00:29:30

08.Icon – Frozen Tears 00:34:21

09.Danger Danger – I Still Think About You 00:38:16

10.Dokken – Alone Again 00:42:52

11.Treat – We Are One 00:47:11

12.Autograph – Everytime I Dream 00:53:43

13.Scorpions – Still Loving You 00:58:34

14.Winger – Spell I’m Under 01:03:22

15.Whitesnake – Looking For Love 01:07:18

16.XYZ – What Keeps Me Loving You 01:13:48



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