Ben Carson’s began his first full week as secretary of Housing and Urban Development describing African slaves as “immigrants”. The remark, which came as part of a 40-minute address on the theme of America as “a land of dreams and opportunity,” was met with swift outrage online.

Mr. Carson turned his attention to slavery after describing photographs of poor immigrants displayed at the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration. These new arrivals worked long hours, six or seven days a week, with little pay, he said. And before them, there were slaves. Tim Black turns up the heat on the dumb Doc.

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WFYR 103.5 – “Chicago’s Warmest Rock” (Commercial, 1984)

Here’s another commercial for the radio station WFYR 103.5 FM.

“Chicago’s Warmest Rock” (Not hot, just warm apparently)

This aired on local Chicago TV on Sunday, May 27th 1984.

http://www.FuzzyMemories.TV –
The Museum of Classic Chicago Television – for more fun!


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Eddie Cochran – Live Performance 1957-60 (Full Album 2008)

1. Eddie Cochran – (Studio Party TV Show 1957) Introduced By Herb Sheldon (0:05) 2. Eddie Cochran – 02. Sittin’ In The Balcony (2:00) 3. Eddie Cochran …


The #best rock Videos- Eddie Cochran – Live Performance 1957-60 (Full Album 2008) #rockmusic #videos on #youtube

Anthrax – Welcome Home (Sanitarium) – Metallica Cover

Everyone Loves the oringinal but i find it ridiculus that we had to listen to these covers from “Limp Bizket”,”Bullets for my Valentine”, and reasonably “Dream Theater” that dont express the feelings in the original very well.not that they are that horrible but not once did anyone stop and think of the best cover version from the great “Anthrax” and you cant even find the song if i type it in on utube. so here i brought you the best metallica cover ever. Anthrax – Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

feel free to comment and debates are encouratged

various anthrax affiliates played in this song with the lineup consisting of Whitfield Crane- Ugly kid joe, singer, John Marshall- Metallica backup, rhythem, Scott Ian- Anthrax, lead guitar, Tony Levin- Bass guitar, Mickey Dee- Motorhead, drums
All editting done by Anthrax’s editing team and owns all credit and copyrights for the song.
sorry for any real confusion but anthrax has official credit for this song but with altered lineup. and for all of you who are mad about me giving the song the anthrax name than give up cause im not going to rename it “Anthrax and Friends”. just enjoy the music, i mean anyone affiliated with anthrax are known for their great metallica covers…


The #best rock Videos- Anthrax – Welcome Home (Sanitarium) – Metallica Cover #rockmusic #videos on #youtube

Top 50 Russian Classic Rock Albums

Russian rock

Rock and roll became known in the Soviet Union in the 1960s and quickly broke free from its western roots. According to many music critics, its “golden age” years were the 1980s (especially the era of perestroika), when the Soviet underground rock bands could release their records officially. The great majority of the bands perform in the Russian language.

In the 1980s an underground scene of rock artists emerged that based their style on a mix of Western rock music (particularly those from the 1960s and 70s but also, increasingly, those that emerged from the Western punk rock and New Wave) and the Russian bard tradition. Such bands as Alisa, Agata Kristi, Autograph, Kino, Mashina Vremeni, Nautilus Pompilius, Aquarium, Krematorij, Grazhdanskaya Oborona, Voskreseniye, Secret, Piknik, and DDT were influential in the development of the genre, with the consequent artists influenced by their style.


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Top 10 Modern Metal and Hard Rock Bands

They brought metal to the modern day masses. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten modern metal and hard rock bands. Check us out at, and

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Tom Petty 2017 05 05 West Palm Beach, Florida – Perfect Vodka Amphitheater

Tom Petty 2017 05 05 West Palm Beach, Florida – Perfect Vodka Amphitheater

00:00:00 Mary Jane’s Last Dance
00:07:21 You Got Lucky
00:12:53 Free Fallin’
00:17:53 Don’t Come Around Here No More
00:24:10 Learning To Fly
00:28:50 Refugee
00:33:28 Runnin’ Down A Dream
00:38:31 You Wreck Me
00:44:40 American Girl

Tom Petty – Lead Singer & Guitar
Mike Campbell – Lead Guitar
Steve Ferrone – Drums
Benmont Tench – Keys
Ron Blair – Bass
Scott Thurston – Keys – Bass
Hattie Webb – Back Up Singer
Charlie Webb – Back Up Singer


The #best rock Videos- Tom Petty 2017 05 05 West Palm Beach, Florida – Perfect Vodka Amphitheater #rockmusic #videos on #youtube