Best Of Alternative Rock 90’s Hits Volume 4 2017

01. 21 Guns – Greenday
02. So far away – Staind
03. How to save a life – The Fray
04. I wont go home without you – Maroon 5
05. Where are you now – Honor Society
06. She will be love – Maroon 5
07. Everybody changin –
08. Perfect – Simple plan
09. Bad day – Daniel Powter
10. Over my head – The Fray
11. Time of your life – Greenday
12. I’m just a kid – Simple plan
13. Starlight – Muse
13. Is it any wonder – Keanne
14. Welcome to my life – Simple plan
15. But it’s better if you do – Panic at the disco
16. Jenny – The Click five
17. Just the girl – The Click five
18. Swing swing – All american rejects
19. Talk show on mute – Incubus
20. Heel over head – Boys like Girls
21. Catch your wave – The Click five
22. I write sins not tragedy – Panic at the disco
23. Inside of you – Hoobastank
24. When i’m come around – Greenday
25. The taste of ink – The Used
26. Drive – Incubus
27. You don’t belong – Daughtry


90s Music Videos: alternative playlist volume 2: 1992-1994

1990s Music Videos: Youtube is full of compilation and ‘best-of’ videos – but they’re either chart heavy or suspiciously lack authenticity. It’s easy to buy a 90s hits compilation and assume that’s what everyone was listening to, but chart sales tell you little about who really influenced.

These four videos represent an alternative. A summary of what people were listening to in the UK. Either through album sales, in the clubs, at gigs; or groups that influenced others who came later. In other words – the 90s music videos worth remembering!

Dreams – The Cranberries
Rhythm is a dancer – Snap
Motorcycle emptiness – Manic Street Preachers
Don’t you want me? – Felix
Push the feeling on (original edit) – Nightcrawlers

Show me Love – Robin S
Everybody hurts – R.E.M.
What is love? – Haddaway
Mr Vain – Culture Beat
Insane in the membrane – Cypress Hill
Coming on strong – Shamen
Cantaloop (flip fantasia) – Us3
Cowgirl – Underworld

Regulate – Warren G
Another night – MC Sar and the Real McCoy
Black hole sun – Soundgarden
Wandering star – Portishead
No Good – Prodigy
Babies – Pulp
Saturday night (read my lips) – Alex Party
Supersonic – Oasis

1992-1995 – What was happening? Bill Clinton takes over at the White House, The World Trade Center is rocked by a bomb and Monica Seles is stabbed by an obsessive tennis fan. Lorena Bobbit sets to work on her husband’s little friend and Andrew Wiles solves the 300 year old Fermat’s Last Theorum. Britain privatises its railways, the ERM goes into meltdown (sounds familiar?), the Winter Olympics are staged in Lillehammer, Norway. Steve Jobs launches the first Apple Macintosh computer, Kurt Cobain commits suicide and Ayrton Senna dies at the San Marino Grand Prix. The World Cup is held for the first time in the USA and the Channel Tunnel opens in the UK. Fred and Rosemary West are charged with twelve and ten murders each, including members of their own family. Nick Leeson, the rogue trader is apprehended and charged with bringing down Barings Bank (familiar again). The Oklahoma City bomb costs 168 lives and actor Christopher Reeve falls from his horse, suffering near total paralysis.

1993 – You may have been watching…
Films – Jurassic Park, The Piano, The Fugitive
TV shows launched this year – Goodnight Sweetheart, Cracker, Shooting Stars and GMTV.

1994 – You may have been watching…
Films – The Shawshank Redemption, Pulp Fiction, Clerks
TV shows launched this year – The Vicar of Dibley, Time Team, The Fast Show and Ready Steady Cook.

1995 – You may have been watching…
Films – Braveheart, Se7en, The Usual Suspects
TV shows launched this year – They Think It’s All Over, Pride and Prejudice, Father Ted and Hollyoaks.

There is no copyright ownership for these tunes They are intended for educational purposes, to inform, promote and raise interest in these artists and since the clips are around 30 seconds each, they are not presented as a realistic substitute to paid ownership of the full song.


Alt Rock Radio Now – A Weekly Podcast About Alternative Music – Episode 17

Episode Release Date: March 20, 2014

Alt Rock Radio Now is a weekly online show that showcases alternative and indie rock music from around the world. The show is hosted by Vincent Jones, Valaura Vedan, and Mike Pedersen and is recorded at Music City Studio in Kelowna, B.C. We would also like to say a special thank you to Csek Creative for their support of this weekly show.

You can find us on:

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This week’s episode features the following artists and songs:

Fields of Green – “I Think She’s Ready”
(band has broken up:

Khushi – “Magpie”

Skullmonkeys – “I Wanna Say”

The Courtenays – “Lost Boys”

Video Set – “Tiger”
(band has broken up)

White Royal – “Embassy”

Thanks for listening!


80s New Wave / Alternative Songs Mixtape Vol. 18

This is the eighteenth compilation of some of my favorite alternative and new wave 80’s songs that I chose to put

together in a digital version of the old school mixtape. I hope you enjoy!

We are all over the internet:
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Songs included are as follows:

(0:00) The Pet Shop Boys – Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Money)
(3:39) Peter Godwin – Images of Heaven
(8:35) The Smiths – I Started Something I Couldn’t Finish
(12:17) Gene Loves Jezebel – Motion of Love
(16:02) Dead or Alive – Something in My House
(19:36) The Monroes – What Do All The People Know
(22:59) Jon Astley – Put This Love to the Test
(26:44) The Fixx – Sign of Fire
(30:24) The Cure – The Lovecats
(34:00) Bryan Ferry – Let’s Stick Together
(36:54) Billy Idol – (Do Not) Stand in the Shadows
(39:56) Devo – Gates of Steel
(43:21) Japan – Quiet Life
(48:08) Tears for Fears – Pale Shelter
(52:32) Julian Cope – Trampolene
(55:52) The Human League – Love Action
(1:00:43) INXS – Shine Like it Does
(1:03:42) The Cars – Cruiser
(1:08:36) The Police – Canary in a Coal Mine
(1:10:56) Talking Heads – Wild Wild Life
(1:14:34) Spandau Ballet – I’ll Fly for You


The EDGE, ETSU’s Radio Alternative Documentary

This is a documentary of the EDGE, ETSU’s Radio Alternative station located here in Johnson City, TN. The EDGE is an online-only broadcast and is a completely student-run group. We can be heard through in the radio page! Listen in and support our broadcasting Buccaneers!


Eliot Wayne – southern rock – new – alternative – country blues – 2017- original

What if we never change out all is sitting’ on.. Lifted up cleared all around to build another song. Peace or chillin keep your mind on the right line. Before I live do I gotta fill in the lines , maybe a lucky draw. When sorrow climbs let all stand up , Dot out a leaning eye. Fight or willing keep my lies on the flip side. How they always keep out. What I been lookin for. If nothins up but Im spinnin around. Maybe I sang it wrong. Peace or chillin be your, fight or willing see your, Still or Revvin’ be your highs on the good side..

Eliot Wayne. under eliot partridge
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Top 20 Alternative Rock Songs Of The 21st Century

The Best Alternative Rock Songs Of This Decade…

Honorable Mentions:
– Holiday – Green Day
– 21 Guns – Green Day
– Welcome To The Black Parade – My Chemical Romance
– 3 Doors Down – Kryptonite
– Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes
– Time Is Running Out – Muse
– Last Resort – Papa Roach