INSTANT RADIO STATION – Create Your Own Shout Jingles Complete royalty-free radio imaging package that enables you to create customized CALL LETTER JINGLE SHOUTS, customized jingles, I.D.s. Complete with concept jingles, music beds, music logos, music effects, news beds, news sounders, news logos, traffic beds, traffic sounders, traffic logos, Year Shouts 1950 – 2014, format shouts. 1213 individual pieces, which can be digitally combined to produce to literally thousands of usable individual radio promo and imaging elements. From L.A. Air Force!

Imagine having your own complete radio imaging package…one that enables you to create your own customized call letter jingle shouts.

Your call letters, your format, your choice of musical intensity and impact….

Combine them any way you want to make your radio station sound as good as the biggest of the big boys (who have imaging budgets that may be greater than your station’s entire operating budget).

Welcome to Ben Freedman’s Instant Radio Station.

The Instant Radio Station (IRS) is the radio promo library that levels the playing field between you and radio stations with unlimited imaging budgets.

Your Instant Radio Station comes to you as a single DVD containing the equivalent of 10 CDs’ worth of imaging tools designed to make you sound great and keep your listeners listening:

…1,213 individual pieces, which can be digitally combined to produce to literally thousands of usable individual radio promo an imaging elements.

With IRS you can construct hundreds of customized jingles — on ear-catching music beds for all formats — using our exclusive, specially designed “shout drop” letters of the alphabet jingle bed components.

The IRS call letter shout library works for all K, W and C (for Canadian) station combinations, giving you an inexpensive, versatile way to simulate expensive jingle packages.

These ingenious shout combinations are the product of a unique design which provide a “feel” similar to playing a typical singing jingle.

Mix your creativity and imagination with some basic digital editing, and you can combine these elements with your in-house station announcers and outside liner guys to form thousands of radio production possibilities.

The Instant Radio Station’s shout jingle assembly system is just the beginning.

Take our carefully pitched call letter shouts and rhythmically assemble them with any of the tons of music beds, effects and stagers that are included in your Instant Radio Station package.

With The Instant Radio Station, you’ll have hundreds of top-of-the-line ID beds, news intros, sports beds, weather beds, and promo beds.

Don’t confuse your Instant Radio Station with one of those cheapo, synthesized libraries with crappy sounding music and singers. The Instant Radio Station is for real, from start to finish.

Your IRS package includes:

• Your complete Call Letter Shout Assembly System: 326 Call Letter Shout pieces capable of producing hundreds of distinctive caller letter styles

159 Feature Shouts, Format Shouts, Holiday Shouts, Imaging Shouts and Specialty Program Shouts

49 a capella Jingles (Holiday, Feature, Format, Morning Show, Novelty, Imaging, Positioning)

319 Contemporary, retro and novelty music beds of various lengths for stagers, show openers, transitions, show closers and even commercial spot use

51 Music Logos & Music Effects

14 News/Traffic Beds, Logos and Sounders

65 Year Shouts (1950 – 2014)

32 Ear-catching Sonovox drop-ins

198 zaps, stagers stingers,shotguns, space effects, drum tracks, brass stabs, thumps, screams, urban themes, gliss effects, guitar slams and every kind of weird and crazy noise you can imagine.

Formats include News/Talk, ’50s-’60s-’70s-’80s Oldies, Contemporary Country, Classic Country, CHR, Hot AC, AC, Jazz, AOR, Classic Rock, Adult Standard, Lite AC, and Christian.

Concept Jingles: 10 in a row, 20 in a row, top 9 at 9, song 3 of 20 (etc.), The At Work Network, Today’s Hot New Country, Continuous Hit Music, All Hit, Good Time Oldies, The Best Oldies, The Best Talk Radio, etc.

Brand new station? Call letter change? Avoid the purchase of costly customized jingles or supplement your own imaging liners with 10 CDs’ worth of customizable imaging pieces.

Your Instant Radio Station comes to you as a single DVD containing the equivalent of 10 CDs’ worth of imaging tools …

…1,213 individual pieces, which can be digitally combined to produce to literally thousands of usable individual radio promo and imaging elements.

The IRS is available as a one-time, royalty-free buyout. Your Instant Radio Station comes with a 47-page, detailed guide (PDF) of all your tracks, making it so easy to find what you want, when you want it. Every station or personality DJ presentation should have the Instant Radio Station at the forefront of its radio imaging arsenal.


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How to play acoustic guitar songs classic rock style with new rhythm patterns lesson super easy! – In this video we teach a very easy beginner chord progression in a classic rock style of many bands from that classic rock era. We also teach some new strum patterns broken down into easily digestible pieces. Its easy, fast and fun – with strum patterns and chord close ups.


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The voice behind NY’s classic rock radio! | Ep. 013 – Ken Dashow, TriBeCa, NYC

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You probably know Ken’s voice even if you’ve never seen him before. You’ve been listening to him on your radio for decades.

Ken Dashow is the afternoon (and Sunday morning) DJ at Q104.3, NY’s #1 classic rock radio station. When you push that button on your car radio on the way home from school or work, he’s that reliable friend that helps you de-stress for a bit.

We overheard Ken ordering a salad behind us at the TriBeCa Deli and it was like meeting an old friend. He’s got the same effect on millions of New Yorkers. Awesomely enough, Ken invited us upstairs to the iHeartRadio HQ to see where NYC’s radio magic goes down.
It was like walking into Wonka’s factory. All of our car radio presets came alive.

In the changing face of media, Ken is still doing what he loves and what his dedicated listeners depend on – sharing good vibes and his lifelong passion for classic rock to millions of New Yorkers. And his audience seems to only keep growing, taking hold with a new generation that still feels the timeless power of classic rock.

Come meet the voice behind the radio!

Special thanks to Ken Dashow, Rick (“any crazy thing you hear on the station, like God talking to Eric Clapton, is Rick”), and Eric (the guy who counts every vote for the top 1,043 classic rock song list each year) – a bunch of classic rock junkies who have turned their Q104.3 workplace into an extension of their college radio days. What a blast.

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Watch all Do They Know It Eps!
Watch all REACT channel videos from this week!

The College Kids listen to popular 80’s music, but do they know the songs?

This episode features the following reactors:

Ethan James

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Do They Know It #42 – DO COLLEGE KIDS KNOW 80s MUSIC? #2 (REACT: Do They Know It?)


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U100 (WYOO) – featuring Rob Sherwood – 70’s Radio from the Twin Cities.

Recorded Summer of 1976.

WYOO was the set of call letters that resided on a pair of radio station licensed to Richfield, Minnesota and serving the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Studios were located in Eagan, Minnesota. The station was known as “U100” from August 26, 1974 until September 15, 1976.

Fore more on U100 including photos and air checks:


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Top 50 Greatest Songs of All Time

I know it’s Eminem!!!!!!

These are the 50 most influential, powerful and brilliant songs ever made in the music’s modern history. Hope you enjoy it.

Edit: I try to read all the comments, but it’s hard to reply all of them…

Se você conseguer entender isso, leia meu blog (fala de tudo, principalmente música)

“There’s NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED, this video is just for fun”


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