RockBogrács 12 – Rádió Rock FM 95.8

Nagy Feró megkavarta a RockBográcsot és egymással még nem játszó zenészeket ültetett össze, hogy halljon tőlük egy közös produkciót. 🙂

RockBogrács minden hétfőn Nagy Feróval a Rádió Rock FM95,8-on!

Ének: Kalapács József (Kalapács, ex-Pokolgép, ex-Omen, Hard, Kard,…),
Gitár: Pacsó Pál (Viki és a Flört, Carat),
Basszgitár: Megyaszay István (Griff, Takáts Tamás BB),
Dob: Kisvári Bence (Pedrofon, Talán Attila)

Eredeti dal: Illés – Miért hagytuk, hogy így legyen


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Jeff Beck Classic Rock Roll of Honour London UK Live (09.11.2011)

01. Bad Romance
02. Big Block
03. I Put a Spell On You (with Joss Stone)
04. I’ll Stand By You (with Chrissie Hynde)
Jeff Beck – настоящая рок-легенда. На протяжении всей сольной карьеры, его уникальный стиль игры на гитаре и постоянное стремление к поиску новых областей и звучаний навсегда завоевали ему восхищение его почитателей и обожание огромного количества поклонников.


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Best Classic Rock Songs | Top 33 Greatest Classic Rock Songs ♥ (3 Hours!)

1. Dire Straits — Brothers In Arms [00:00] 2. Pink Floyd — Another Brick In the Wall [06:31] 3. Deep Purple — Child In Time [15:03] 4. Archive — Again [25:19] 5. Pink Floyd — Wish U Were Here [30:46] 6. U2 — One [36:10] 7. Pink Floyd — High Hopes [40:45] 8. The Doors — Love Street [48:41] 9. Omega — Gyongyhaju Lany [51:35] 10. Pink Floyd — Shine On You Crazy Diamond [57:21] 11. Pink Floyd — Comfortably Numb [1:10:46] 12. The Doors — Riders On the Storm [1:17:36] 13. Pink Floyd — Hey You [1:24:46] 14. Marillion – Jigsaw [1:29:30] 15. Guns N’roses — November Rain [1:36:14] 16. Metallica — One [1:45:04] 17. Metallica — The Unforgiven [1:52:29] 18. Marillion — Kayleight [1:58:54] 19. Rolling Stones — Angie [2:02:29] 20. Pink Floyd — Time [2:07:00] 21. The Animals — House of the Rising Sun [2:13:50] 22. Emerson Lake Palmer – For You [2:18:18] 23. Dire Straits — Sultans Of Swing [2:22:46] 24. The Police — Every Breath You Take [2:28:34] 25. The Cure — Lullaby [2:32:46] 26. Pink Floyd — Money [2:36:56] 27. The Police — Roxanne 2:43:24] 28. Deep Purple — Smoke On the Water [2:46:33] 29. Dire Straits & Sting — Money For Nothing [2:56:33] 30. AC DC — Highway To Hell [3:04:57] 31. Janis Joplin — Summertime [3:08:28] 32. Deep Purple – Lalena (BBC Session) [3:12:27]

Photographs made by Adam. PIX/ME



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MESA/Boogie Triple Crown TC-50 – Classic Rock

The MESA Triple Crown TC50 covers a wide variety of musical styles and tones from it’s three channels and versatile tone controls & features. One of the genres where it excels is classic rock and this video showcases the smooth, warm and full potential of the TC-50 for clean, rhythm & solo sounds while also highlighting how it drives in a mix with cut and attack.

The Middle, Treble and Presence settings were lower in Ch. 2 to create smoother, creamy and more vintage midrange and high frequencies with both single coil and humbucking pickups. Coupling the lower settings with 6V6s power tubes accentuates the warmer tones possible from the Triple Crown with their lower overall wattage (around 25 watts) and their classic vintage voice and output.

Solo sounds in Ch. 3 are responsive, detailed and singing, reflecting a unique blend of classic rock circuits with the sustain and hallmarks of Mesa’s Mark series tones.

Played through a “Custom Saucy” Strat-style, Gene Baker B3 Double Cutaway and a Gibson SG into the Triple Crown TC-50 with a Traditional Rectifier 4×12 Slant cab with Celestion Vintage 30s. Recorded with a Shure SM57, Royer 121, the TC-50 CabClone (set to Open-Back) and a Sennheiser stereo room mic. Mixed approximately 35% SM57, 30% Royer 121, 20% CabClone and 15% Room mic.

Original music and performance by Tal Morris. Our sincere thanks to Tal for the great track, tones and performance!

Recorded at Ice House Studios in San Rafael, CA:

For more info on the Triple Crown TC-50:


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The Bands Most Virtuous Of Classic Rock (Top 5)

Hello guys, today is leaving another video for the Top 5 list !!!

In this video we will know the five most virtuous bands of classic rock !!!!

The criteria for this list are :

Creativity , originality and virtuosity behind each song !!

We do not take into account the technical skills of the members of each band as a main criterion , but all together they form each of the songs.

I hope you like it !!

Short and sign up !!
Olá galera, hoje esta saindo mais um video para a lista Top 5!!!

Nesse video conheceremos as cinco bandas mais virtuosas do rock classico!!!!

Os critérios desta lista são:

A criatividade, originalidade e o virtuosismo por trás de cada musica!!

Não levamos em consideração as habilidades técnicas dos membros de cada banda como um critério principal, mas sim o conjunto todo que forma cada uma das musicas.

Espero que gostem!!

Curta e se inscreva!!


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