Classic Rock videos – Top 10 Guitar Riffs of All Time

These guitar licks really get under your skin, stick in your head and bring out the guitar hero in everyone. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 guitar riffs of all time. Check us out at, and

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Traditional Rock movies – Life Radio Traditional Rock Pageant

Am Sonntag, 20. Juli 2008, gastieren Uriah Heep, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, Whitesnake, sowie Kris Kristofferson beim Life Radio Classic Rock Festival auf der Burg Clam. Life Radio Moderator Josef Alexander Winklmayr stellt die Bands hier näher vor.


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Classic Rock videos – 6 Bandas Recomendadas – Rock Peruano 2016 (Radio Oxigeno) Parte I


Gracias a la autogestión en los últimos años hemos visto una explosión de bandas independientes. Las redes sociales han sido determinantes para que sus canciones y videoclips, sean reconocidos. Aquí tenemos 6 canciones que vienen sonando en todo el Peru.

Pelo Madueño – Mala Sangre
El regreso de Pelo Madueño a los escenarios es una alta muy importante para el rock peruano.

Motteros – Noche en la Ciudad
Motteros; Es una banda Peruana con gran potencia musical, la banda realizo su produccion en la ciudad de Buenos Aires, bajo la producción de Tweety Gonzales, uno de los productores latinoamericanos con mayor trayectoria.

Cocaine Conboys – Leave Me Alone
La banda se caracteriza tambien por su sonido potente quienes vienen surgiendo con mayor presencia en la escena rockera Under.

Caoba – No voy a Volver
Banda de la ciudad de Abancay, que tambien viene sonando en radio BBVA, por radio Oxigeno.

Autobus – Estoy Arruinado
Con un sonido bastante urbano, autobus viene sonando también en radio BBVA por Oxigeno.

Viejha Skina – Japan Blues
Esta canción bajo la mano de Autobus, nos transporta bastante tambien tienes que escucharla, te va relajar.


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Top 50 Rock Songs of 2011

This is a list of my top 50 favorite singles released in 2011. This video was released in mid December, so there could be some singles not on this list. Most of these songs are modern/alternative rock, but not all.
Godsmack-Saints and Sinners
Crossfade-Killing me inside
My darkest days-Move your body
Korn-Get up
Bush-The sound of winter
Rains-Tearing us apart
Evans Blue-Say it
Cold-Wicked World

Staind-Not again
Stone sour-Hesitate
Red-Not alone
Emphatic-Get Paid
Redlight King-Old Man
10 Years-Now is the time
Avenged Sevenfold-So far away
Redlight king-Bullet in my hand
Red-Lie to me

Theory of a deadman-bitch came back
Hollywood Undead-been to hell
Rev Theory-Justice
Art of dying-Get thru this
Awolnation-Not your fault
10 Years-Fix me
Skillet-its not me its you
korn-narcissistic cannibal

Avenged sevenfold-buried alive
Redlight king-city life
Egypt central-kick ass
hollywood undead-comin in hot
three days grace-lost in you
adelitas way-the collapse
theory of a deadman-lowlife
art of dying-die trying

Apocalyptica-not strong enough
red-feed the machine
a day to remember-better off this way
seether-country song
sick puppies-rip tide
escape the fate-gorgeos nightmare
adelitas way-sick
egypt central-white rabbit
Before the curtain-i want it all
Chevelle-Face to the floor


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The 100 Greatest Soul Songs of the 70s | Unforgettable Soul Music Full Playlist

The 100 Greatest Soul Songs of the 70s | Unforgettable Soul Music Full Playlist
The 100 Greatest Soul Songs of the 70s | Unforgettable Soul Music Full Playlist
The 100 Greatest Soul Songs of the 70s | Unforgettable Soul Music Full Playlist


#ClassicRock #Rock #RockMusic #RockVideos #Music #Rocknews


Go behind the scenes with us at the legendary Chicago rock radio station, 93.1 WXRT-FM.

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On this episode of RiO!Backstage, we head to WXRT-FM in Chicago, IL. This rock radio station has been a Chicago institution for over 40 years that started back in 1972. The station was responsible for introducing the city to rock and punk bands like The Clash, The Ramones, and more. Since then, XRT continues to blend classic rock with newer bands ranging from Wilco to Mumford & Sons to Arcade Fire.

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Filmed by:
Sami Jarroush, Pat Levy, Tom Orr

Audio files provided by:
Sound files provided by:

Appearing in the episode:
Lin Brehmer – Morning Show Host
Terri Hemmert – Midday Host
Marty Lennartz – Host of “The Big Beat”
Norm Winer – Program Director of WXRT

Artists mentioned in the video:
The Clash
The Ramones
Arcade Fire
The Black Keys
Bruce Springsteen
The Grateful Dead
Paul McCartney
Bob Marley
The Rolling Stones
Les Paul
Mayor Rahm Emanuel
Love & Rockets
The Flaming Lips
David Gilmour
Tom Waits
Robert Plant
Johnny Marr
The Smashing Pumpkins


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