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Segundo Line-Up RIFF, o programa que analisa as seleções musicais dos melhores festivais mundo a fora.

E nesse programa, tudo sobre a 1ª edição do festival Rock Station, no dia 1º de Setembro de 2016.

Pagina oficial:
Gostou? Clique em ‘Gostei’ e ajude a divulgar o vídeo. Também se inscreva no Canal RIFF para receber maiores novidades.


Apresentação: Guilherme Schneider (@Jedyte) e Gustavo Chagas (@GustavoChagas)

Montagem e Edição: Andrew Souza e Oliveira Carlos


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Logitech SqueezeBox Internet Radio

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River City Radio – Demo (90’s/Classic Rock)

River City Radio is a cover band from Sacramento CA. They perform 45min-3hr sets of live music consisting of Dance, 90’s Alternative, Classic Rock, and Country. For promotional use only.
Booking Info:
Contact us on Facebook:

River City Radio is:
Matt Emard – Vocals/Guitar
Luke Martin – Lead Guitar
Nicholas Brown – Bass
Jarret Aitkens – Drums


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► Gaming Music Radio 24/7 Live Stream | Dubstep, Trap, EDM, Electro House

Welcome to my Gaming Music Radio 24/7 stream!

► Nightcore:
► Nightcore Rock:
► Gaming Music:
► Streamer Radio (Ch1):
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We sell Steam Keys for Stream Coins on our Discord Server, don’t let those coins go to waste, new game keys are restocked on a regular basis.

►1x Dedicated Intel Dual CPU Xeon Server with 24 Cores, 64GB Ram, 1GB Network Port with Unlimited Bandwith, 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed with redundancy in case we do hit that 0.1%.
►1x Intel Core I7, with 8 Cores, 16 GB Ram 200MB Network Port as backup site.
►6x 4 Virtual Cores with 1GB Ram VPS dedicated to running the bots only.

► English only
► No spam
► No insults
► No racism
► No advertising
► No self promoting
► No Drama
► Respect everyone.
► No sexting.
► No links to external websites
► No RP

!Coins check your amount of coins.
!getcoins; shows how to get coins on this channel.
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!bankheist [amount] to rob me blind. [5 Minute Cooldown] !flipcoin [amount] to try and gamble some coins! [1 Minute Cooldown] [100 Coins Maximum]

LEFT & RIGHT PAWS [2/2] ──────────────────────────
Orvix Vaxis

SENIOR MODERATORS [3/3] ──────────────────────────
Jayde Elizabeth
Tenryuu LC NO. 28
Erika Anime

MODERATORS [09/12] ──────────────────────────
Celestia Ludenberg
Kanato Sakamaki
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Emily Nightcore Lover
Kai Shoma
Sonic Souls
The Bishop of the Almighty Cassandra
Cassandra Aguilar

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►Fair Use : If you are an artist who doesn’t want your music or art on my channel, please contact me through my email provided and I will remove your content from the stream ASAP, If you have any problem with copyright issues, please CONTACT me before doing anything else, i will remove it within 24 hours.


Gaming Music Radio plays 24/7 unless the live stream ends due to an unforseen incident, we play Dubstep, Trap, EDM, Electro House here.

Video Tracking Information
Video tracking –


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Radio Genesis 97.7 FM – Fue la Primera Classic Rock en Santiago

(Grabación año 1980)
Foto: Radio marca Saba, en ella en aquellos años fui auditor de la Radio Emisora Genesis , los primeros con una programación 100% Rock Clásico ,Rock Progresivo y Hard Rock.
Miguel Sanchez C: (Radiocontrolador & Programador musical Radio La Ciudad, Radio Concierto, Radio Rock & Pop & Horizonte, década 80, 90 & 2000)
Agradecimientos: Carlos Duran & Pablo Lopez
Santiago de Chile


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