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The Weeknd – False Alarm

False Alarm (Official Video)
Taken from the new album Starboy

Connect with The Weeknd:

Directed by Ilya Naishuller
Produced by Clarissa Troop
For Mirror Films / Great Guns

Music video by The Weeknd performing False Alarm. © 2016 The Weeknd XO, Inc., Manufactured and Marketed by Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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9 Hour The Best Indie/Pop/Folk Compilation – Indie Alternative Rock Songs

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Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound!


GTA Online – Time Trial Special “Power Station” Shortcut – Alternative Route (2017)

GTA V (PC) ★ Ingame-Video created with Nvidia Share

You like to do time trials in GTA Online and seeking for an alternative route or a nice shortcut?
This is my “Shortcut Special” for the time trial:

GTA Online – Time Trial Special “Power Station” Shortcut – Alternative Route (2017)

Timelimit: 1:26.600
Par time beaten: 1:20.062
Bike: Shitzu Hakuchou Drag

Produced 2017 by PotecDE

► Music:
Battle Tapes – Feel the Same
(GTA 5 Radio Station “Mirror Park”)

GTA 5 Ingame Music (Arranged by PoTecDE)

► Recording – Software:
Nvidia GeForce Experience – Share
Video Source Quality: 1920x1080p60 @ 30 Mbps

► Post-Processing – Software:
Grass Valley Edius 8.5 Pro 64bit
Pegasys TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works 6.2 64bit

► PC – System:
Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1231 v3 @ 3.40 GHz
32 GB Kingston HyperX Beast XMP DDR3-1600
Samsung SSD 840 EVO 250GB Basic SATA-6G
Samsung SATA M.2 SSD 2280 250GB 850 Evo
2x Western Digital HDD 2000 GB SATA III
Windows 7 Professional SP1 64 Bit


Outright Lies, Constant Tweets & “Alternative Facts”: Inside Trump’s Orwellian War with the Media – We turn now to look at President Trump, the media and what the new administration calls “alternative facts.” On Saturday, in his first full day in office, Trump visited CIA headquarters. Speaking in front of the CIA Memorial Wall, he told the agency he had a running war with the media. Hours later, Trump then ordered his new press secretary, Sean Spicer, to hold an emergency press briefing to claim, “This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period, both in person and around the globe.” Then, on Sunday, Trump’s adviser, Kellyanne Conway, defended Spicer’s demonstrably false statement by saying he “gave alternative facts.” We speak to filmmaker Brian Knappenberger, director of “Nobody Speak: Trials of the Free Press,” and Mark Hertsgaard, investigative editor at The Nation magazine and author of seven books, including “On Bended Knee: The Press and the Reagan Presidency.”

Democracy Now! is an independent global news hour that airs weekdays on nearly 1,400 TV and radio stations Monday through Friday. Watch our livestream 8-9AM ET:

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Internet Radio stations say they will help local artists

This is the video I made as part of a larger Journalism assignment. You can read the full article below.

Local bands have a reputation of being on the short end of the stick when dealing with record companies. Currently Internet radio companies are pushing for lower royalty fees. If this happens, lesser-known artists may see that short stick shrink further.
Internet radio has been a growing medium over the last decade, but some say it has also been a failing business. Under current royalty licensing this popular media format may not stay available to regular listeners.
MTV, Yahoo and AOL have all tried to enter the Internet radio business and all have quit. Pandora Radio, leading the campaign for the Internet Radio Fairness Act a proposal that would lower royalty rates Internet radio pays to the rate terrestrial radio pays, says the problem is the percentage they have to pay in royalty fees to artists.
In a news release in September Pandora said it follows its “own, very discriminatory standard,” for royalty fees. Pandora claims that these royalty fees provide an unfair advantage to other radio companies. Terrestrial stations pay about 15 percent in royalties. Satellite stations, like Sirius XM, pay about 7.5 percent. Internet stations like Pandora must pay 25 percent of their gross revenue for royalties.
According to Pandora, the company pays over 50 percent of its revenue in royalty fees but according to public records, Pandora has total costs just over 50 percent of its revenue. Pandora made $137.76 million in 2011.
“Internet companies say that there is so much money in radio but there really isn’t,” said Morgan Grammer, chief engineer for Great Plains Media. “They act like we have these deep pockets but the truth is we have higher costs then they do.”
Grammer says that every few years someone else wants the rules changed. “There is only so much money to go around and everyone wants a bigger piece of the pie.”
Pandora says that changing current laws will enable musicians to be better paid. According to Pandora, if Internet radio companies do not pay as much money in royalties they will be able to better provide air-time for musicians. More air-time means more money.
Local musician and manager of music department at Kief’s, Steve Wilson said “digital payouts are 19/1000 of a cent per play.” For larger musicians, this format works but lesser-known bands currently have a hard time collecting money.
Wilson said, that “without a wall of managers and accountants to do business for you bands’ earnings often fall through the cracks.”
Ted Kalo, executive director of record company musicFirst, said in a September interview, “there’s nothing fair about pampering Pandora… at the expense of music creators.”
If the Internet Radio Fairness Act passed it would reduce the royalty rates Internet radio has to pay to the level of terrestrial radio. This means Internet radio stations would go from paying a minimum 25 percent of revenue to paying 10 to 15 percent.
Lesser-known local bands might feel the change of royalty fees more than others.
Wilson says that many musicians used to create an album to expose their band. Now bands produce singles to test the market.
Local artists use the Internet to test music before they produce a whole album. If royalty earnings increase, musicians may have more incentive to go through Internet radio.
While Pandora says they have the lesser-known artists in mind many musicians use Internet radio only as a means of getting out their name out.
“When it comes to smaller bands, Internet radio is a great thing,” said Morgan Grammer. “We have one channel with one show, once a week that caters to local artists because they don’t have as large an appeal to the masses.” In comparison, Internet radio listeners can have several stations dedicated to local groups.
“[Regular terrestrial radio] can lose listeners just because they don’t like a particular song,” Grammer said. “We don’t have a ‘thumbs down’ button people can hit.”
Terrestrial radio is unable to accommodate smaller bands as much as Internet radio may be able to but alternative means are used primarily for selling an image.
“What you have is college radio, community radio and Internet radio,” said Wilson. “All three, to one degree or another expand your opportunity to reach an audience. The amount you are paid is minuscule.”
Currently the bill is stalled in Congress


Top 25 Alternative Rock I 2017 Jan.-Feb. [HD, HQ]

Check out my favorite Melodic Alternative Rock music compilation, best of January, February 2017 (discovery).
Genres: Alternative Rock, Modern Rock, Post-Grunge, Alternative Metal, Christian Rock, Vocal Rock, Rock Ballad
Music like 3 Doors Down, Adelitas Way, Breaking Benjamin, Daughtry, My Chemical Romance, Shinedown or Red – let’s make some awesome, new, hot, underrated bands more popular!

Comes with full length playlist:

Compilation charts in alphabetical order:
1) 00:00 A Day To Remember – Forgive and Forget
2) 00:25 As It Is – No Way Out
3) 00:50 As Lions – Bury My Dead
4) 01:15 Coded – Moments Of Madness
5) 01:40 Dreamshade – Don’t Wanna Go
6) 02:05 Extreme Music (Raphael Lake, Daniel Murphy & Thomas Collins) – Burning Red
7) 02:30 Falling In Reverse – Coming Home
8) 02:55 Mallory Knox – Better Off Without You
9) 03:20 Man The Mighty – Friend or Foe
10) 03:45 Merge – Soaring
11) 04:10 Message from Sylvia – Right Here and Now
12) 04:35 News Out – Madness
13) 05:00 Noise from Nowhere – The Right Chance
14) 05:25 ONE OK ROCK – I Was King
15) 05:50 Pain – Coming Home
16) 06:15 Plan Three – Welcome to the Edge
17) 06:40 Sixlight – Burning Out
18) 07:05 Skillet – Stars
19) 07:30 Smash Into Pieces – Save It for the Living
20) 07:55 Straight Curve – Can Anyone Tell
21) 08:20 Sylar – Dark Daze
22) 08:45 The Banshee Pilot – Modern Romance
23) 09:10 The Comfort – Your Heart
24) 09:35 Dreamshade – Another Me, Another You
25) 10:00 Falling In Reverse – Loser
Bonus) 10:25 Skillet – Stars (The Shack Version)

Top Melodic Alternative Rock 2012-2017:

mffm Spotify profile:


Billboard Projected Top Alternative Songs of 2017 so far (September update)

All of these are done by adding the spins from BDS Radio’s website from the weekly charts.

Spotify Playlist:

Color code:
Green: Single from 2017 chart year
Yellow: Single from 2016 chart year, but peaked in the 2017 chart year
Orange: 2016 chart year peak

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