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Artist: Silencyde
Song: Shroud
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Cities: Skylines OST – The Classics Radio (without talk or commercials)

0:09 Nikolaj Hendehlson – C-Minor Romance
2:31 Haraldur Stefansdóttir – Pandemonium
6:34 Lang Nihonjin – B-Major Allegro
9:00 Lawrence Bernstein – The Coney Island Stroll
12:38 Lawrence Bernstein – Brooklyn Bridge Madness
16:04 Youroba Wolof – Hymns of Utopia Part 2
19:38 Neil Arbitter – Hollywood Walkabout
23:12 Joyce Carol Franzen – Heritage in D Major
27:00 André Dubois – Calming Erawan
30:36 Cloe Schumann – Improvisions Con Moto
34:20 Nikolaj Hendehlson – A-major Sinfonietta
36:44 Youroba Wolof – Hymns of Utopia Part 1
40:23 Cyril Beckett – Piano Concerto in Eb Major with Chamber Orchestra
43:30 Youroba André Dubois – Elation Sonata In A-Minor
47:11 Gabriel Petré – Eb-Major Vivace
50:49 Cloe Schumann – Improvisations in C-Minor
53:42 Neil Arbitter – The Comedians IV
57:08 Piano X – tra
1:00:41 Nikolaj Hendehlson – French Horn Concerto
1:03:08 Florence Dupré – Concerto for Double Flutes and Orchestra in G-Major
1:05:50 Gabriel Petré – Recorder Menuett in G Major


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Top 50 Rock Songs of 2013

OK, here it is, the year’s Top 50 Mainstream Rock Chart for 2013
Chart was compiled by Mediabase based on its weekly survey.
Enjoy and Merry Christmas to you all.
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Deaf Radio – Alarm (2017) (New Full Album)

Straight from Athens, Deaf Radio just lends a missile on the desert rock scene. ‘Alarm‘, their first album, melts perfectly a raw rock music, with some desert rock influences, some smooth moments and a lot of catchy riffs/rhythms. It results in one of the most enjoyable albums of this new year. Released in early January, Dimitris Sakellariou (guitar/vocals), Panos Gklinos (guitar/vocals), Antonis Mantakas (bass/backing vocals), George Diathesopoulos (drums/backing vocals) put real energy in this record, you can feel it. Two years after the publication of a single, they’re back, with a 9-tracks record of impressive rock sounds.

Opening with a catchy riff, ‘Aggravation‘ closes the gates between you and the outdoor world. Letting us dive into their post-rock world, Deaf Radio sink us slowly in an ocean of melodic rhythms, led by awesome vocals. ‘Backseats‘ and ‘Vultures & Killers‘ will drive you on a desert highway, surrounded by cactus, hyena, and coyotes. Pushed by some skilled guitar works and fuzzed bass lines, the sound blasts your head back. I absolutely dig the drum rhythm too, giving a fantastic groove to the whole. ‘Anytime‘ is a more relaxed track, swinging between some nifty vocals and some sweet bass/drums patterns. ‘Flowerhead‘ follow this example, sounding heavier than the other ones. The percussions hit hard, as the guitars send fuzzed out vibes in the air. The lyrics are really catchy and the vocals, sometimes powerful and sometimes high-pitched leave a sensational feeling.

Totally mind-killer, ‘Revolving Doors‘ and ‘Trapped‘ show us a different side of the band. And it’s a great thing ! All the influences they put in their sound give a fresh and new vibe. It’s pretty difficult, nowadays, to sound original and to release something that people didn’t already hear. But they totally dig it, because of a great songwriting in the tracks and by letting us the opportunity to listen to some new grooves and riffs. ‘Oceanic Feeling‘ and ‘…And We Just Pressed the Alarm Button‘ ends up this awesome road trip. They go deeper, playing with their sound and create an outstanding atmosphere. The last track is fantastic, mixing the fuzzed riffs of the first tracks and the atmosphere of the lasts, bringing here a beautiful way to close their record.

‘Alarm’ from Deaf Radio is a truly great experience, that I recommend. As a trip you want to never end, a drive you want to never stop or a memory you want to revive again and again, this record will leave an unforgettable mark in your brain. Deaf Radio succeed in the art of melting influences, giving us a sensation of a constant new trip.

Review by Mr. Crow

Music and Lyrics by Deaf Radio
Produced by Deaf Radio, Nikos Triantafillou and Marios Naris
Engineered by Iraklis Vlachakis, Nikos Triantafillou
Mixed by Iraklis Vlachakis
Mastered at Calyx Studios, Berlin (DE)
Recorded at Sonic Playground and Dudu Loft Studios in 2016.

1. Aggravation – 0:00
2. Backseats – 3:24
3. Vultures & Killers – 8:29
4. Anytime – 12:38
5. Flowerhead – 17:39
6. Revolving Doors – 22:08
7. Trapped – 26:38
8. Oceanic Feeling – 29:39
9. …And We Just Pressed The Alarm Button – 34:01

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