Guide on Where to Buy Sheet Music

When Buying Sheet Music

When you are looking for places where to buy sheet music, there are online and offline options:

• Check your local music stores. They usually have instructional books that cater to both teachers and students.

• Sheets of various genres are also available at varying proficiency levels.

• You might want to look for those that specialize in band instruments because they typically have piano music sheets for vocal and instrumental solos.

• You may also find sheets of music at your local bookstores.

• The internet is also a good source of piano music sheets.

When Buying Sheet Music Online

How do you know where to buy sheet music online?

• You'll find a lot of online music stores that offer piano music sheets.

• Music retail stores may have more stocks compared to the local offline sellers.

• Prices vary, depending on how old or new the sheets are and their availability.

• You may also find online auction sites that offer hard to find music sheets.

Purchasing online is easier compared to going to the actual stores:

• When you have decided where to buy sheet music, go to the music site and browse for the list of music sheets you intend to buy.

• From the interface, you'll find music grouped according to the musicians, songs titles, genres, and instruments.

• There are sites that require you to download particular software for free so you can easily download the sheet you wish to purchase. This will also allow you to easily print the music sheet you bought.

• There are sites that offer subscription plans good for a year. Most of these sites also have a free trial period offer and then charge you with a minimum amount of monthly subscription fee should you decide to continue on with your subscription. You might get a discount if you purchase a one year subscription plan.

• It is also important that you are aware of the inclusions in the subscription fee.

• Create a shortlist of the sites you intend where to buy sheet music. This will make it easier to compare rates. Choose the one that can give you value for your money: those that can offer you more download options.

• Make sure that you know the site's policies and regulations when it comes to purchasing and downloading.

• Online transactions can be risky so you have to make sure that you are dealing only with reputable sites. Keep in mind that you will have to input personal and bank account information when you register to these sites so utmost care is needed when choosing for the best site.

Source by Lillie J Morell

How To Put Music On PSP – Step By Step Guide

One of the features available in PSP are the ability to play music files namely MP3 format. Certain PSP will also be able to play other types of music files such as Window very own WMA and WMV format, but we will get into that later. However these are restricted to newer version of PSP. This is a rundown on how to put music on PSP.

The steps taken is no different than transferring any files from your PC to PSP memory stick. In order to put music on PSP you will require a USB cable.

This is how you put music on PSP:

1. Connect your PSP with your PC using the USB cable.

2. Use your PSP interface and hit HOME button, and then go into "Settings". Here you will have to use
the directional button to find "USB Connection"

3. Once the connection is made, you will need to check your PCs available drives. You can do this by
going into "My Computer". Your PC should detect your PSP as and additional drive. It is not much
different from using portable drive or thumb drives actually.

4. Click on your assigned PSP drive.

5. Create a new folder call "music" on your PSP drive

6. Select your MP3 music from your PC and drag it into your "music" folder on your PSP. Note that all
This is done in your PC interface.

7. When all the desired MP3 are transferred, get out of the USB connection mode by pressing "O" on
your PSP.

8. Find the music area in your PSP, and select your memory stick. Search for your "music" folder and
you are good to go.

If you have other types of music format in your PC, ie WMV or WMA, you will need a converter to convert those files to MP3 format. Do not fret though, as Sony will also supply PSP user with its very own Image Converter. You can easily convert WMA and WMV files format into MP3 format and just repeat the whole process on how to put music on PSP.

On the other hand if you want to play WMV and WMA files without converting your files to MP3, you can always update your PSP firmware to the latest firmware. However, I would not recommend this (upgrading your PSP firmware) as it will severely limit your PSP experience. Some of the effect of upgrading your PSP firmware is that certain games you have will not work on your PSP with the latest firmware. There are forums dedicated to PSP downgrading as a lot of people want to revert back to their old firmware.

"How to put music on your PSP?" has been asked countless times and using PSP interface it is as easy as transferring files to your USB thumb drives. Hope this articles helps.

Source by Nash Burns

Guide How to Upload Music Files to Your MP3 Player

The people ask me one question frequently: How can I upload music to my brand new mp3 player?

Well, for some of you guys and galls this is easy question. But out there are peoples, for which it is difficult to progress. Here I will try to explain this process – concisely.

Ok, so, if you buy your mp3 players from the store or online and the device is brand new, you must have a box. Where is your new player, of course and some other important things. Those things are:

Installation CD, USB cable, earphones, recharger and maybe one or two more extras.

Installation CD – this is important, because its necessary for connection between MP3 player and Computer. This CD will help your Operating System to recognize the device. If you have Windows 2003 and above, maybe there is no need to install anything, but you still must have a CD in the box – in any case. For Example, Windows XP in 90% of cases will recognize your player automatically, when you have connected it with USB cable. This CD is also known as Driver CD or User Manual CD.

You must turn on your mp3 player and plug the cable with it. Then plug the other jack in to the computer. Now your device is connected to your PC. Now, if Windows recognizes the player automatically, messages will appear, like – "New Hardware Device Found" and "Hardware Installed and Ready to Use". In this case, when your mp3 player is installed, go to My Computer and look for the new icon, called "Removable Storage Device", or the icon may also be named with the name of you player. For Example: SciFlux Mp3 Player Device or something like that.

If windows cant recognize your player, then you must use the Driver CD. Put it in the CD or DVD Drive. Usually this CD`s are with "autorun" feature. Just wait, do nothing and after few seconds the installing application will appear. Look at the possibilities. You must see something like "Install" or "Install Drivers" or something different, but very similar to "Install" or "Drivers". Follow the setup. Usually this process is short and easy, all you have to do is to click "Next" and "Finish" on the end. When you do this … your player is now installed. And again – go to My Computer and look for the new icon – this is your mp3 player.

So, you have installed you mp3 player already. Your Player Storage device will be located in My Computer, like I say before. All you have to do now is to click on it twice. When the digital player is brand new, there will be nothing – empty. So, go to your hard drives, locate your music files. When you choose the music files you like to upload to the mp3 player, just copy them. Select -> Copy. Then go to your mp3 player icon in My Computer (the new icon, remember?), Double click it … and PASTE. Wait the copying process to complete and you are done. Now, switch OFF the USB cable and enjoy your music.

So, its ease, right? I hope this article, will be helpful for some of you guys and galls.

Source by Galio Kyuchukov

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