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El Salvador Classic Soft Rock – Bootleg – The Lovers (Original CD)

El Salvador Classic Rock (Bootleg) Spanish title “Licor De Contrabando”

In 1969, The Lovers from San Salvador released “Bootleg” LP record in which was heard and accepted by salvadoran music lovers – rock and roll fans back in the 60’s.

Band: The Lovers from San Salvador City
Song: Bootleg (Original CD)
Voice Leader: Juan Ramón Crespo
Released Date: August 23, 1969.
Music Language: English

“BOOTLEG” (4:10)
(Licor De Contrabando)
Comp: John C. Fogerty


Bootleg bootleg bootleg howler

Take you a glass of water
Make it against the law
See how cool the water tastes
Can’t have any ’cause

Findin’ a natural woman
Is like honey to the bee
But you don’t buzz the flower
‘Til you know the honey’s free

Susan little give us some cherry pie
Love and ain’t fun
Better you grab it when she ain’t lookin’
‘Cause you know you’d rather have it on the run
San Salvador, EL SALVADOR, C.A.
(Information Only – Updated: Tuesday, March 28, 2017)

Antologia Musical – The Lovers:
(The Lovers Anthology)

1.Like You Baby
2.I’m a Lover
3.Hold on I’m Coming
4.New Orleans
5.Martha Griffin
6.Show Me
7.I’m All Right
8.I’m so Glad
10.Nezz (“Lovers I” – LP Record/PICARO)
11.Te Quiero Yo (Spanglish)
12.Es mi Dolor
13.Es Interesante
14.Mira como Es
15.Camino de Hormigas
And more beautiful “Lovers” music.

“El Salvador’s New Wave”
(Around 50 Bands with talented young musicians)
(Alrededor de 50 grupos musicales con jóvenes talentosos)

Please enjoy your music!

Pictures were taken by: Marlon Flores.

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Post Feed:
“La Nueva Ola De El Salvador” event is now playing on Salvadoran Theaters!
El Salvador is now celebrating our good times/buenas epocas salvadoran musicians.

El Salvador Time Events:

(Documentary film – english subtitle)

“President Theater” (Teatro Presidente) in San Salvador
Saturday, July 7, 2012 19:00 – (Sábado 07/07/2012 19:00)
Sunday, July 8, 2012 17:00 – (Domingo 08/07/2012 17:00)

Please enjoy our salvadoran musicians!
We will always remeber you, El Salvador!!!
(Updated: Sunday, June 17, 2012)


Salvadoran Classic Soft Rock – Original english song “Martha Griffin” from our salvadoran artists “The Lovers”. They sang a new rhythm music which turned over in Rock & Roll history in musical style.

Other Bands:

Los Apaches Band from Usulutan – Song (“I Love You”)

Los Lobos Band from San Salvador – Song (“Tell Mama”)

Los Lobos Band from San Salvador – Song (“I Saw Her Standing There”)

La Creacion Band from San Salvador – Song (“Together”)

Other female artist in Musical Style (“Evangelina Sol”) from El Salvador
– Song (“I’m A Singer”)

“Los Grandes Hits Vol. 1” (LPW / S-311) LP Record

On face 2, we started by remembering one of the groups that reached great popularity thanks to the energy put in all their performances: LOVERS. Carrying the baton Juan Ramón Crespo, the group went from being a set of brats to one of respect, especially with its version for the english success “I’m alright”, that they used like subject of presentation in the youth festival of television of 1968. All action of LOVERS was enveloped by their contagious enthusiasm and in “Estoy Bien”, this enthusiasm feels in the whole duration of the cut, Notice the loud voice in the background, It’s Neto Maids, the rhythmic source of the group and, in those days, the youngest drummer of the environment.

En la Cara 2, comenzamos recordando a uno de los grupos que alcanzó gran popularidad gracías a la energía puesto en todas sus actuaciones: LOVERS. Llevando la batuta Juan Ramón Crespo, el grupo pasó de ser un conjunto de mocosos a uno de respeto, especialmente con su versión para el éxito inglés “I’m alright”, que emplearon como tema de presentación en el festival juvenil de televisión de 1968. Toda actuación de LOVERS se veía adornada por su contagioso entusiasmo y en “Estoy Bien”, este entusiasmo se siente en toda la duración del corte, Noten la voz alta al fondo, Es Neto Maids, la fuente rítmica del grupo y, por esos días, el batería más joven del ambiente.

“Snoopy” Sánches,
YSRF, San Salvador.
UPDATED: July 2, 2017


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Rock ‘n’ Roll 60s Mix

Rock ‘n’ Roll 60s Mix. The greatest rock and roll hits from the 60s.

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Weekend Classic Radio Show | Gulzar Special | गुलज़ार स्पेशल | HD Songs | Rj Ruchi

Enjoy songs like “Tere Bina Zindagi Se”, “Tujhse Naraz Nahin Zindagi”, “Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Naa”, “Tum Aa Gaye Ho Noor Aa Gaya” and more along with some interesting stories from Gulzar’s life in this episode of Weekend Classic Radio Show along with RJ Ruchi.

Songs Played In This Episode:

Click On The Timing Mentioned Below To Listen To The Particular Song In The Above Video
0:01:26 Is Mod Se Jate Hain
0:04:25 Tere Bina Zindagi Se
0:07:49 Naam Goom Jayega
0:12:22 Pehle Se Kya Likha Thha
0:14:48 Tujhse Naraz Nahin Zindagi
0:18:18 Tum Aa Gaye Ho Noor Aa Gaya
0:21:52 Aap Ki Ankhon Mein Kuch
0:27:11 Rooh Dekhi Hai Kabhi
0:28:46 Aanewala Pal Janewala Hai
0:32:45 Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Naa
0:35:19 Maine Tere Liye
0:40:16 Yaad Hai Ek Din
0:40:57 Woh Sham Kuchh Ajeeb Thi
0:43:48 Yara Seeli Seeli
0:47:32 Huzur Is Kadar
0:52:27 Aaj Phir Chaand Ki Peshaani Se Uthtaa Hai Dhuaan

Label :: Saregama India Ltd.

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Picking Up Girls Using Classic Rock Song Titles!

For extras & uncut:


Rock Songs Used:

Thunderstruck – ACDC
Rock you like a hurricane — The Scorpions
Black Dog — Led Zeppelin
You Shook Me — Led Zeppelin
Foxy Lady — Jimi Hendrix
Hear my train a comin’ — Jimi Hendrix
All along the watchtower — Bob Dylan / Jimi Hendrix
Fire — Jimi Hendrix
Whole lotta love — Led Zeppelin
Over the hills and far away — Led Zeppelin
Ohio — Neil Young
Taking care of business — Bachman-Turner Overdrive
Some kind of wonderful — Grand Funk Railroad
Walk on the wild side — Lou Reed
Pretty woman — Roy Orbinson
Bad to the bone — George Thorogood
Purple haze — Jimi Hendrix
Good day sunshine — The Beatles
Here comes the sun — The Beatles
Blackbird — The Beatles
Rocky Raccoon — The Beatles
Wish you were here — Pink Floyd
Do you want to know a secret — The Beatles
Revolution — The Beatles
With a little help from my friends — The Beatles
Real love — The Beatles
All you need is love — The Beatles
Happiness is a warm gun — The Beatles
Yesterday — The Beatles
American woman — The Guess Who
Michelle — The Beatles
Let it be — The Beatles
When the levee breaks — Led Zeppelin
One bourbon, one scotch, one beer — John Lee Hooker
Crazy little thing called love – Queen
I still haven’t found what I’m looking for — U2
In the air tonight — Phil Collins
Life in the fast lane — The Eagles
Born to be wild — Steppenwolf
Let’s spend the night together — The Rolling Stones
Back in the USSR — The Beatles
Pour some sugar on me — Def Leppard
Good vibrations — The Beach Boys
Comfortably numb — Pink Floyd
Smoke on the water — Deep Purple
Imagine — John Lennon

Music by: Kevin MacLeod


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WILCO STREAMING NEW ALBUM + Indie Rock Music Headlines

On today’s Rock it Out! Blog episode, we focus on the biggest indie rock music news headlines of the past week and promote three unsigned bands. Down below are the links to check out The Stone Fixes, Escape Directors and Chromatic Black.

Then I talk about Wilco streaming their new album, Bjork pushing her album’s release date back two weeks, James Blake releasing a new EP, The Vaccines cancel their North American tour, stream new albums from The Drums and Wild Flag, Wavves releasing a new album and Toro Y Moi releasing a new EP and going on tour.


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The Stone Foxes
Escape Directors
Chromatic Black

Wilco streaming new album for 24 hours


Bjork pushes back album release date
Björk’s Biophilia delayed two weeks
James Blake releasing new EP
James Blake announces Enough Thunder
The Vaccines cancel North American tour
The Vaccines cancel fall tour
Stream The Drums – Portamento
Stream: The Drums – Portamento
Stream debut album from Wild Flag
Wavves – “I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl”
Check Out: Wavves – “I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl”
Toro Y Moi EP/tour dates
Check Out: Toro Y Moi – “All Alone”


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