Music for Playing LOL 🎸Classic Rock 🎸 Playlist to play League of Legends

💥 Who needed some old good rock and roll?

Music for Playing LOL 🎸 Rock & Roll 🎸 Playlist to play League of Legends

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We have created a mix using classic rock tunes from the 60’s,70’s and 80’s; you will definitely know most of these songs, but you may not know some of these amazing performances!. Hope you like this mix and use it to play LOL every time!


🎵 ▁▂▃▅▆▇ —— 🎵 TRACKLIST 🎵 —— ▇▆▅▃▂▁ 🎵

●1. 00:00 Wild Thing – Jimi Hendrix
●2. 04:03 Jailbreak – Thin Lizzy
●3. 07:13 Rock and roll – Led Zeppelin (Live Cover by Foo Fighters)
●4. 09:13 Dream On – Aerosmith(Live with Southern California Children’s Chorus)
●5. 14:09 Little Wing – Jimi Hendrix(Live Cover by The Brew)
●6. 20:45 Piece of my Heart – Janis Joplin(Live Cover by Steven Tyler)
●7. 24:42 Civil War – Guns and Roses (Acoustic version by Slash and Myles Kennedy)
●8. 32:41 Voodoo Chile – Jimi Hendrix(Live Cover by The Brew)
●9. 41:54 Highway Star – Deep Purple(Live Cover by Alter Bridge)
●10. 45:47 Layla – Eric Clapton (Live)
●11. 52:01 Paradise City – Guns N’ Roses (Live in Tokyo 92)
●12. 59:03 The Boys Are Back in Town – Thin Lizzy

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▶Game Summary

Join forces with your closest allies as you unite to defeat your foes in deadly multiplayer battle arenas.
League of Legends combines elements from both strategy and role playing games to bring you a unique and dynamic player experience.
As a Summoner, you will have your own distinct, customizable avatar that grows in power as you move through the game. In each battle you will select and call forth one of dozens of Champions to control and engage in head-to-head combat against teams of highly trained warriors.
Choose your allies wisely, for the stakes are high. In the League, every battle means more than life or death as the balance of power shifts with each victory or defeat.

[Riot Games]

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System Of A Down – Radio/Video live【Rock In Rio 2011 | 60fpsᴴᴰ】



Concert Setlist:

01 Prison Song
02 Soldier Side – Intro
03 B.Y.O.B.
04 Revenga
05 Needles
06 Deer Dance
07 Radio/Video
08 Hypnotize
09 Question!
10 Suggestions
11 Psycho
12 Chop Suey!
13 Lonely Day
14 Bounce
15 Lost in Hollywood
16 Kill Rock ‘n Roll
17 Forest
18 Science
19 Mind
20 Innervision
21 Holy Mountains
22 Aerials
23 Vicinity of Obscenity
24 Tentative
25 Cigaro
26 Suite-Pee
27 War?
28 Toxicity
29 Sugar


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R.E.M. & Neil Young – Country Feedback – 10/18/98 – Shoreline Amphitheatre (OFFICIAL)

R.E.M. – Country Feedback
Recorded Live: 10/18/1998 – Shoreline Amphitheatre (Mountain View, CA)

More R.E.M. at Music Vault:
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Michael Stipe – lead vocals
Peter Buck – guitar, mandolin
Mike Mills – bass, vocals
Ken Stringfellow – guitar
Scott McCaughey – guitar, keyboards
Joey Woranker – drums, percussion
Neil Young – lead guitar on “Country Feedback”

This is excellent quality and although I wouldn’t call it a great performance, it has some great moments and is an interesting set for several reasons. This was shortly after Bill Berry’s departure and the release of their first post-Berry album Up. They didn’t tour this album so their headliner appearances at these Bridge School benefits was a big deal at the time. Several songs get their live debut here and the core trio is augmented by several notable guest musicians, including Neil Young playing lead guitar on “Country Feedback.”

This flower is scorched, this film is on
On a maddening loop, these clothes
These clothes don’t fit us right
I’m to blame
It’s all the same
It’s all the same

You come to me with a bone in your hand
You come to me with your hair curled tight
You come to me with positions

You come to me with excuses
Ducked out in a row
You wear me out
You wear me out

We’ve been through fake-a-breakdown
Self-hurt, plastics, collections
Self-help, self-pain
EST, psychics, fuck all

I was central, I had control
I lost my head
I need this, I need this

A paperweight, junk garage
Wedding ring, a honey pot
Crazy, all the lovers have been tagged

A hotline, a wanted ad
It’s crazy what you could’ve had

It’s crazy what you could’ve had
It’s crazy what you could’ve had
I need this, I need this

It’s crazy what you could’ve had
Crazy what you could’ve had
I need it, I need this

It’s crazy what you could’ve had
It’s crazy what you could’ve had
I need this, I, I need this

It’s crazy what you could’ve had
I need this, I need this

It’s crazy what you could’ve had
Crazy what you could’ve had
I need this, I need this

Crazy what you could’ve had
Crazy what you could’ve had


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Rock Classics an der Göltzschtalbrücke erneut Publikumsmagnet

Klassische Musik und Rockmusik am Fuße der Göltzschtalbrücke im Vogtland, diese Mischung ist seit Jahren ein Garant für dicht gefüllte Ränge. Am Wochenende ging eine weitere Auflage über die Bühne – diesmal mit dem neuen Namen “Rock Classics“. Gleich geblieben ist hingegen das musikalische Konzept und auch der größte Protagonist: die VogtlandPhilharmonie Greiz-Reichenbach.

TV Westsachsen – Nah dran an den Menschen.
TV Westsachsen ist der Fernsehsender für den Landkreis Zwickau und den Vogtlandkreis. Zu empfangen über das digitale Überallfernsehen DVB-T per Antenne und in vielen Kabelnetzen.
Seit 2004 sendet TV Westsachsen täglich ein aktuelles Abendmagazin. Nah dran an den Menschen zu sein – das ist unser Ziel.


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Rock Nostalgia (1980s & 1990s) – A two hour long compilation

Picture by: onkami (
If you like this compilation just might also like this rock compilation:
0:00:00 – AC/DC – Givin The Dog A Bone
0:03:32 – Y&T – Masters And Slaves
0:07:29 – Guns N’ Roses – Rocket Queen
0:13:42 – Dio – Dream Evil
0:17:56 – Mötley Crüe – Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)
0:22:35 – Tygers Of Pan Tang – Silver And Gold
0:26:08 – Tesla – Hang Tough
0:30:30 – Hardline – Life’s A Bitch
0:34:44 – Black Sabbath – Heaven And Hell
0:40:57 – Tangier – On The Line
0:45:32 – Saigon Kick – Hostile Youth
0:48:49 – Scorpions – Searching For The Rainbow
0:52:45 – Triumph – Fight The Good Fight
0:59:03 – Sammy Hagar – There’s Only One Way To Rock
1:03:17 – Alice In Chains – Sunshine
1:08:02 – Iron Maiden – Killers
1:13:01 – Great White – Rock Me
1:20:15 – Pearl Jam – Deep
1:24:34 – Queen – The Hitman
1:29:19 – Mötley Crüe – Raise Your Hands To Rock
1:32:06 – Aerosmith – Jig Is Up
1:35:16 – Van Halen – Mean Street
1:40:02 – Blue Öyster Cult – Burnin’ For You
1:44:32 – W.A.S.P. – Blind In Texas
1:48:53 – Journey – Escape
1:54:09 – Ugly Kid Joe – Don’t Go
1:58:38 – Steve Stevens – Atomic Playboys
2:04:24 – Slaughter – The Wild Life
2:07:48 – Winger – Easy Come Easy Go
2:11:42 – Guns N’ Roses – Nightrain
2:16:04 – Scorpions – Running For The Plane
2:20:12 – Green River – Swallow My Pride
2:23:12 – AC/DC – Have A Drink On Me
2:27:10 – Live – Pain Lies On The Riverside
2:32:20 – Tygers Of Pan Tang – Hellbound


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its back to the 1970s for my latest megamix of reworked dance classics enjoy like and sub thanks
Look for a new hands up mix coming next my friends
Jackson 5 blame it on the boogie (dance remix)
Jackson 5 can you feel it ( power workout remix)
bee gees you should be dancing (spencer remix)
Detroit spinners working my way back to you (dj ozyboy remix)
leo sayer you make me feel like dancing (plaza remix)
emotions best of my love (funkhameleon remix)
tramps disco inferno (bootleg club mix)
kc sunshine band boogie shoes (original sinners remix)
earth wind and fire boogie wonderland (discosound dj paolo monti remix)


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School Of Rock -Zach’s Song [HD] “OFFICIAL VIDEO”

Guys, I’m Sure You Will Enjoy This Video!!!
School of Rock is a 2003 American comedy film directed by Richard Linklater, written by Mike White, and starring Jack Black. School of Rock received highly positive reviews from critics and went on to gross over $131 million worldwide, making it the highest grossing musical comedy of all time, until it was overtaken in 2015 by Pitch Perfect 2.A stage musical adaptation opened on Broadway in December 2015, and a television adaptation for Nickelodeon premiered on March 12, 2016. © Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved.


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SF-UR all tracks Full Radio Station – GTA San Andreas High Quality

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Full Radio Stations

San Fierro Underground Radio, or SF-UR, is a house music station hosted by Hans Oberlander.
He frequently talks about Europe and being neglected and treated like an “old car in Cuba”.
As its name suggests, SF-UR is broadcast from a secret location in San Fierro.
SF-UR is the station which the San Fierro Triads listen to.

This is the only radio station that doesn’t have any station ID’s, and the only radio station that doesn’t have any renditions of the songs without the DJ commentary.

Playlist running order:-

Frankie Knuckles Feat. Jamie Principle – Your Love (1986)

The 28th Street Crew – I Need A Rhythm (1989)

CeCe Rogers – Someday (1987)

Marshall Jefferson – Move Your Body (1986)

Jomanda – Make My Body Rock (Feel It) (1988)

Fallout – The Morning After (Sunrise Mix) (1987)

A Guy Called Gerald – Voodoo Ray (1988)

Cultural Vibe – Ma Foom Bey (1986)

Nightwriters – Let The Music Use You (1987)

The Todd Terry Project – Weekend (1988)

Mr. Fingers – Can You Feel It? (1988)

Joe Smooth Feat. Anthony Thomas – Promised Land (1988)

Raze – Break 4 Love (1988)

Robert Owens – I’ll Be Your Friend (1991)

Maurice – This Is Acid (A New Dance Craze) (K & T Mix) (1989)

808 State – Pacific (1989)

I do not own the © to this material, nor seek to gain financially from it.
Produced by a fan for the fans, all credits to Rockstar Games and the owners of this music.


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