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Playlist :
1.) The Animals – Sky Pilot
2.) The Byrds – Eve of Destruction
3.) Jimi Hendrix – Purple Haze
4.) The Doors – Riders on The Storm
5.) Ssgt. Barry Sadler – Ballad of the Green Berets
6.) The Beach Boys – Surfin USA
7.) Bob Seger – 2 + 2
8.) The Animals – Paint it Black
9.) Scott McKenzie – San Francisco
10.) Deep Purple – Child in Time
11.) Ohio Express – Yummy Yummy Yummy
12.) Creedence Clearwater Revival – Fortunate Son
13.) The Animals – The House of The Rising Sun
14.) Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs – Wooly Bully
15.) Jimi Hendrix – Hey Joe
16.) The Doors – Unknown Soldier
17.) Bob Dylan – The Times They Are A Changin
18.) The Trashmen – Surfin Bird
19.) Nancy Sinatra – These Boots Are Made For Walkin
20.) Bobby Fuller Four – I Fought The Law


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Top 10 Greatest Keyboard Riffs in Rock

Top 10 Greatest Keyboard Riffs in Rock

The great keyboard riffs of the 60s and 70s make an appearance on this list. Beginning with late 70s music and reaching prominence with 80s music and new wave, keyboards and synthesizers were important for the hits of the 70s and the hits of the 80s when bands such as The Who, Rush, Boston, Joy Division, Van Halen, and Journey used amazing keyboard riffs on their songs Baba O’Riley, Subdivisions, Foreplay/Long Time, Love Will Tear Us Apart, Jump and Separate Ways (Worlds Apart).

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Cities: Skylines OST – The Classics Radio (without talk or commercials)

0:09 Nikolaj Hendehlson – C-Minor Romance
2:31 Haraldur Stefansdóttir – Pandemonium
6:34 Lang Nihonjin – B-Major Allegro
9:00 Lawrence Bernstein – The Coney Island Stroll
12:38 Lawrence Bernstein – Brooklyn Bridge Madness
16:04 Youroba Wolof – Hymns of Utopia Part 2
19:38 Neil Arbitter – Hollywood Walkabout
23:12 Joyce Carol Franzen – Heritage in D Major
27:00 André Dubois – Calming Erawan
30:36 Cloe Schumann – Improvisions Con Moto
34:20 Nikolaj Hendehlson – A-major Sinfonietta
36:44 Youroba Wolof – Hymns of Utopia Part 1
40:23 Cyril Beckett – Piano Concerto in Eb Major with Chamber Orchestra
43:30 Youroba André Dubois – Elation Sonata In A-Minor
47:11 Gabriel Petré – Eb-Major Vivace
50:49 Cloe Schumann – Improvisations in C-Minor
53:42 Neil Arbitter – The Comedians IV
57:08 Piano X – tra
1:00:41 Nikolaj Hendehlson – French Horn Concerto
1:03:08 Florence Dupré – Concerto for Double Flutes and Orchestra in G-Major
1:05:50 Gabriel Petré – Recorder Menuett in G Major


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Top 10 WORST #1 Rock Songs | Rocked

Rocked: Top 10 WORST #1 Rock Songs
Remembering who was #1 shouldn’t feel so embarrassing.
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New York Jazz Lounge – Bar Jazz Classics

Great compilation of relaxing Bar Jazz Classics.
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NEW UPLOAD: Funky Jazz Masterpieces:
01. All of Me (Gerald Marks/Seymor Simons) 00:00
02. The The A-Train (Billy Streyhorn) 04:30
03. Al the Things You Are (Jerome Kern/Oscar Hammerstein) 08:15
04. Satin Doll (Duke Ellington/Billy Strayhorne) 11:49
05. Fly Me to the Moon (Bart Howard) 16:52
06. Autumn Leaves (Jodeph Kosma/Jacqes Prevert) 21:06
07. My Romance (Richard Rogers/Lorenz Hart) 26:20
08. Take Five (Paul Desmonds) 32:05
09. How High the Moon (William Morgan Lewis/Hancy Hamilton) 35:44
10. The More I See You (Harry Warren/Mack Gordon) 39:14
11. Someday My Prince Will Come (Frank Churchill/Larry Morey) 42:58
12. Don’t Mean A Thing (Duke Ellington/Irving Mills) 46:38

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Love Island’s Gabby torn apart by Charlotte Crosby in vicious takedown

LOVE Island 2017 babe Gabby Allen has not got a fan in Charlotte Crosby.
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