ONLAP – Out Of My Way [HD]

Sick! The French accent really coming out to play in this one!

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The #best rock Videos- ONLAP – Out Of My Way [HD] #rockmusic #videos on #youtube

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Bob Dylan and Van Morrison – Crazy Love (Athens 1989)

On a summer day in 1989, Van Morrison and Bob Dylan met up in Greece and brought their acoustic guitars to the place in Athens where the ancients believed the muses lived. Philopappos Hill, traditionally known as the Hill of the Muses, rises high above the Athens Basin and has a commanding view of the Acropolis. It was June 29. Dylan had just wrapped up a European tour the night before at Panathinaiko Stadium, and Morrison was traveling with a BBC crew for an Arena documentary that would be broadcast in 1991 as One Irish Rover: Van Morrison in Performances. The two legendary singer-songwriters played several of Morrison’s songs: “Foreign Window” and “One Irish Rover,” above, and “Crazy Love,” below. A fourth song, “And It Stoned Me,” was apparently cut from the film.
(Credits to friskvind for this video and comment too)


The #best rock Videos- Bob Dylan and Van Morrison – Crazy Love (Athens 1989) #rockmusic #videos on #youtube

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Choir! Celebrates 50 Years of The Beatles – All You Need Is Love

Everyone knows it but it’s not as easy as it looks.
All You Need Is Love turned 50 this year + this week we gave it our all with DaBu on lead!
Sing along. All hail The Beatles!


The #best rock Videos- Choir! Celebrates 50 Years of The Beatles – All You Need Is Love #rockmusic #videos on #youtube

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Jackson Browne – In The Shape Of A Heart

One of his best songs. This pure acoustic track is my favorite version of the song he recorded. The song is about his wife Phyllis, and there’s a lot of emotion in the lyrics.


The #best rock Videos- Jackson Browne – In The Shape Of A Heart #rockmusic #videos on #youtube

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Aerosmith – Full Circle

Aerosmith’s official live video for ‘Full Circle’. Click to listen to Aerosmith on Spotify:

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Yeah, yeah
If I could change the world
Like a fairy tale
I would drink the love
From your Holy Grail
I would start with love
Tell ol’ Beelzebub
To get outta town
‘Cause you just lost your job
How did we get so affected (’cause I think)
Love is love reflected

Don’t let it slip away
Raise yo’ drinkin’ glass
Here’s to yesterday
In Time
We’re all gonna trip away
Don’t piss Heaven off
We got Hell to pay
Come full circle


The #best rock Videos- Aerosmith – Full Circle #rockmusic #videos on #youtube

The Byrds – 1973 Byrds (reunion)

Byrds is the 12th album by the American rock band The Byrds and was released in March 1973. It was recorded as the centerpiece of a reunion between the five original members of The Byrds: Roger McGuinn, Gene Clark, David Crosby, ChrisHillman, and Michael Clarke. The last time that all five members had worked together as The Byrds was in 1966, prior to Gene Clark’s departure from the band. During the reunion, the current, latter-day line-up of the band continued tomake live appearances until February 1973, with McGuinn being the only member common to both versions of the group.

00:00 Full Circle (Gene Clark) – 2:43
02:43 Sweet Mary (Roger McGuinn, Jacques Levy) – 2:55
05:39 Changing Heart (Gene Clark) – 2:42
08:22 For Free (Joni Mitchell) – 3:50
12:13 Born to Rock ‘n’ Roll (Roger McGuinn) – 3:12
15:26 Things Will Be Better (Chris Hillman, Dallas Taylor) – 2:13
17:40 Cowgirl in the Sand (Neil Young) – 3:24
21:05 Long Live the King (David Crosby) – 2:17
23:24 Borrowing Time (Chris Hillman, Joe Lala) – 2:00
25:25 Laughing (David Crosby) – 5:38
31:05 (See the Sky) About to Rain (Neil Young) – 3:49

Roger McGuinn – guitar, banjo, Moog synthesizer, vocals
Gene Clark – guitar, harmonica, tambourine, vocals
David Crosby – guitar, vocals
Chris Hillman – electric bass, guitar, mandolin, vocals
Michael Clarke – drums, congas, percussion

Additional Personnel
Wilton Felder – electric bass on “Cowgirl in the Sand”
Johnny Barbata – drums on “Cowgirl in the Sand”
Dallas Taylor – congas, tambourine

Upon its release, Byrds received generally poor reviews, with many critics bemoaning a lack of sonic unity and the absence of The Byrds’ signature jangly guitar sound among the album’s shortcomings. Nonetheless, the album reached #20 on the Billboard Top LPs & Tapes chart and was also moderately successful in the United Kingdom, where it reached #31. In the U.S., Byrds was the band’s highest charting album of new material since 1965’s Turn! Turn! Turn!, which had also been the last Byrds’ album to feature Clark as a full member. Three of the album’s songs, Full Circle, Things Will Be Better, and Cowgirl in the Sand, were released as singles during 1973 but none of these releases became hits. Byrds is notable for being the last studio album to be recorded by the band to date.


The #best rock Videos- The Byrds – 1973 Byrds (reunion) #rockmusic #videos on #youtube