Alternative Rock Videos – Jeff Rense January 04 2018 – THE FINAL COUNTDOWN – Jordan Maxwell 2018

Jeff Rense January 04 2018 – THE FINAL COUNTDOWN – Jordan Maxwell 2018
Jeffry Shearer Rense is an American radio talk-show host calling himself “an American treasure”. His show, the Jeff Rense Program, publishes various conspiracy theories, and was formerly broadcast via satellite radio, which remains archived online.
Rense’s radio program and website promote views such as 9/11 conspiracy theories, UFO reporting, paranormal phenomena, creation of diseases, chemtrails, evidence of advanced ancient technology, emergent energy technologies, and alternative medicine.
Rense’s writings and website have been deemed anti-semitic by the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center.


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Various Rock Movies – Various Rock 90s Hits Playlist – Greatest Of 90’s Various Rock

Alternative Rock 90s Hits Playlist – Best Of 90’s Alternative Rock
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Different Rock Movies – EVnR Different Yoga Radio speak Annapurna FM 94

It was a wonderful opportunity to be a part of ” All about beauty” episode on ‪#‎AnnapurnaFM94‬ Radio host Shee Lu, a day to reckon with for ‪#‎EVnR‬” Extreme Vibration and Resistance Exercise” for the freshness of mind and body… ” Come and join us in Kathmandu to tone up your body and mind with ‪#‎EVnRGuru‬ Debesh Raj Bhattarai… Cheers..! … If you would to know more about EVnR follow us at

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Alternative Rock Videos – How to Paint Digitally: Warhammer 40,000 Necron Overlord: Speed Paint (alternative music)

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My previous video had issues with the music, so here is a version with full music.

Hey everyone,

Here is a new painting set in the Warhammer 40,000 Universe (surprise!).

This image features a Necron Overlord and his endless war host as they mercilessly overrun some Ultramarines.

The painting took approximately 16 hours to do and has been compressed here for your viewing pleasure.

If you’ve enjoyed this video, please feel free to check out my other videos and my blog,, for more updates on my work.

Thanks for watching!


Artist: Nicholas Kay
Programs Used: Adobe Photoshop CS4, Camtasia Studio, Windows 7 64bit
Equipment Used: Wacom 21 UX Cintiq

I have the world wide commercial distribution rights to this video.
I created all the still images used for the introduction and credit sequences.
I created these images myself using Adobe Photoshop on my personal computer.
I created the digital painting featured in this video myself using Adobe Photoshop
on my personal computer.
I created the recording of my digital painting process (mentioned above) myself
using Camtasia Studio on my personal computer.
The voice actor in the video is me.
I have express commercial use permission from Kevin Mac Leod to use the
background music in my video.

Tracks Used:
Intro Music by Kevin Mac Leod, “Theme for Harold var 3”
ISRC: USUAN1200010

The licensing terms for this music can be found here:
These licenses operate under the Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0.

All other music is royalty free and has been purchased from
The royalty free licenses for these songs can be found here:

From the Album “Hip Hop Orchestral”

“Evasive Action”
“Razor Blade’
‘Urban Army”

There are no filmed performances.
There are no movie or TV visuals present.
There are no video game visuals.
The software used was Adobe Photoshop and Camtasia Studio.
These were both operated on my personal computer by me.


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Alternative Rock Videos – Billboard Top 40 Alternative Songs (April 16 2016)

Most of those who follow the alternative charts on YouTube will know that the regular poster that posted the charts hasn’t posted anything in a while. I’m planning to catch-up on the missing charts over the coming weeks/days for you guys if you missed anything. There will however, be no flashback #1 track or weekly recommendation for these catch-up videos.

Color code:
Green – song gains in position or for a song not on the weekly chart
Orange – song drops in position or leaves the chart
Light blue – debut or re-entry
Grey – song remains at its position

All content is copyrighted and owned by the artists or/and labels. No copyright infringement is intended in any way under DMCA, under the terms of NON-COMMERCIAL fair use for commentary. I do not claim to own any of the featured content.


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Alternative Rock Videos – baul fusion,baul alternative,baul gaan,bangla folk fusion golemale golemale by deb chowdhury

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Alternative Rock Videos – 90’s-00’s / Alternative Hits – Citrus Mixes Vol. 1

We set out to create new content very often and one way of doing so is by trying out different KINDS of content. We present a video holding some 90’s and Alternative Hits that you may recognize, as well as other songs you wish you’ve known. Enjoy! A song list will be added soon.

We do not own any of the music used in this video. All songs were uploaded in 320kbps rate for maximum quality.


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