Jerry Lee Lewis You Win Again

“You Win Again” is a 1952 song by Hank Williams. In style, the song is a blues ballad and deals with the singer’s despair with his partner. “You Win Again” would peak at number ten on the Most Played in C&W Juke Boxes chart, where it remained for a single week. Late in 1957, Jerry Lee Lewis released the song as the B-side to “Great Balls of Fire”, his version of the song peaked at number four on the country chart.


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‘Easy Keys’ Easy Listening Classic Rock Hits demo mix.

‘Easy Keys”. Easy listening classic rock hits of from the 60’s – 90’s

Jay – Keyboards & Vocals, & Rick – Guitars and Vocals.

This is our first demo.

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How to play acoustic guitar songs classic rock style with new rhythm patterns lesson super easy! – In this video we teach a very easy beginner chord progression in a classic rock style of many bands from that classic rock era. We also teach some new strum patterns broken down into easily digestible pieces. Its easy, fast and fun – with strum patterns and chord close ups.


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Eric Burdon and The Animals – When I Was Young (1967) ♫♥50 YEARS

Eric Burdon & The Animals – When I Was Young (1967). ♫♥50 YEARS

Eric Burdon (vocals)
Barry Jenkins (drums)
John Weider (guitar/violin)
Vic Briggs (guitar)
Danny McCulloch (bass)

♫♥ In loving memory of DANNY McCULLOCH, singer, songwriter and ace of bass, who passed away January 29, 2015. RIP. Love Forever ✿ܓ Please read this moving family tribute to Danny in the NME:

A great bass player: Danny McCulloch’s bass line on ‘Monterey’

Bass Transcription: Danny McCulloch’s Bass Line on The Animals’ “Monterey”



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FM Radio Station in Metro Manila 2015

Here the some stations:

1.Jam 88.3
2.Wave 89.1
3.Magic 89.9
4.90.7 Love Radio
5.91.5 Win Radio
6.92.3 News FM
8.iFM 93.9
9.Mellow 947
9.Pinas FM 95.5
10.96.3 Easy Rock
11.Barangay 97.1 LS
12.97.9 Natural (Home Radio Natural)
13.98.7 DZFE
14.99.5 Play FM
15.100.3 RJ FM
16.101.1 YES FM
17.ABS CBN MOR 101.9
18.STAR FM 102.7
19.K lite 103.5
20.DWBR 104.3
21.Brigada News FM National 104.7
22.105.9 Crossover
23.Retro DCG 105.9
24.106.7 Energy FM
25.Wish 1075

Recorded: January 1,5 and February 25,2015

This is a collection of Station ID’s,jingles and stingers of over 26 RADIO STATIONS incl. Brigada News FM National

All clips and images used are properties of their respective owners.
Created for entertainment purposes only

Recorded and Compilled by Marjan and Norman Jay



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