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Classic Rock videos – ProvoActive Radio-Wawancara Radio HardRock fm dengan Atheis Indonesia

Host: Pandji Pragiwaksono
Guest: Sofie (from Indonesian Atheis Community)
Sindu (seorang Agnostic)
Dalam Wawancara Radio ini info anggota Ateis Indonesia sekitar 6000, WOW! untuk lebih jauhnya silahkan listen to ur heart


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Classic Rock videos – 106.7 The Beat in Detroit Changes to Classic Rock “106.7 The D”

On Twitter: @AkiemBailum

Not much of a Beat in the D.

I was already thinking about doing a video on this, but it was a synch on doing one when mojay11 from Motown me a video request.

He asked me about the developments that have recently occurred in Detroit Rhythmic and Rock radio lately. Thanks mojay for your suggestion and you know what to do if you have one!

Clear Channel just changed the format of one of its stations in Detroit. I’ve been very critical of the way Clear Channel has handled the Motown market. Most of its stations seem to overlap.

Here’s the facts–106.7 was WDTW 106.7 The Beat. Prior to that it was 106.7 The Fox, a Country competitor to CBS’s 99.5 WYCD. But, the Beat and Channel 95.5 seemed to have playlists that overlapped with each other.

Not to mention, 100.3 WNIC last year changed formats to a Hot AC called “Fresh 100.3”. That station is so much of a lean to Adult Top 40 that Channel 95.5’s hands were tied even further.

They couldn’t be Rhythmic because of 106.7. They couldn’t be Mainstream/Adult because of 100.3. Channel was in a virtual bind.

Not to mention, any Rhythmic would have some overlap even with their Mainstream Urban at 97.9 FM 98 WJLB.

In fact, things were so bad at Channel that in the last book, The Beat was only .1 behind Channel 6+ in the last PPM book.

That got Clear Channel types worried. Channel 95.5 was a virtual heritage station and it was almost getting outrated (even though not outcumed) by WDTW. Not to mention, Cumulus’ 96.3 WDVD was laughing as they are occupying Motown’s Top 40 penthouse.

The move in my opinion definitely frees up Rhythmic content for Channel 95.5. And if that is stepped up and is still able to stay mindful of WJLB FM 98, then it could be the last gasp for CBS’s 98.7 Amp Radio WDZH. That Rhythmic CHR is @ last place for Detroit’s young CHR/Churban audience. I won’t be surprised if CBS is already thinking of placing All-News station WWJ 950 onto 98.7.

So Clear Channel decided to change the format of The Beat to an 80’s centric Classic Rock station “106.7 The D”. Obviously given the branding they wanted it to have a local connection to the city.

Detroit’s Wheels apparently wasn’t available.

They’re trying to distinguish themselves against 94.7 WCSX and 101.1 The Riff which are both Greater Media rock stations. Also, Detroit has a good amount of Rockers when u consider Alternative 89X and AAA 93.9 the River serve Motown from Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

But this sounds like it is directed at Greater Media’s two rock stations. The thing about that is 94.7 WCSX and 101 WRIF have to be very careful about what they play.

Especially in terms of 80’s “glam metal”, heavy metal, and hair bands. Those bands usually are the bulk of the Classic Rock side of an Active Rock playlist like that of 101 the Riff. That’s why WCSX at first listen may sound a lil softer and The Riff is a lil harder. Many WCSX jocks started out at the Riff.

Another potential target of 106.7 the D is another station who’s name starts with D. Cumulus’ Adult Hits 93.1 Doug FM seems to have a fetish with Classic Rock, especially those from the 70’s and 80’s. Doug is already struggling vs. the heritage CSX/Riff combo.

If the D shows significant market share by this same time next year. Cumulus may figure this one out by firing Doug in favor of a simulcast of WJR-AM 760 on 93.1. Another thing they could do is take 93.1 on a Gen-X “Journey” playing hits from the 80’s and 90’s.

Only time will tell. D-lightful or D-saster. lol 🙂

Your Opinion…?


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Classic Rock videos – Action Background Music / Extreme Sport Rock Trailer / Instrumental Royalty-free – AShamaluevMusic

Free Download Music: Action, extreme, sport, rock trailer. instrumental background music for videos, action and adventure videos, driving videos, extreme sport videos, game and movie trailers, for commercial projects etc.

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Classic Rock videos – The Best Rock Roll And Rockabilly – Greatest Rockabilly Music Playlist

The Best Rock Roll And Rockabilly – Greatest Rockabilly Music Playlist
The Best Rock Roll And Rockabilly – Greatest Rockabilly Music Playlist
The Best Rock Roll And Rockabilly – Greatest Rockabilly Music Playlist
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Classic Rock videos – FM Rock & Pop – Greatest Hits 1985 – 1997

CD que me gané en la radio allá por el 97.


1. Con estos temas Rock & Pop abrió siempre su transmisión
2 .JINGLE Andres Calamaro
4. Promo cornienzo de transmisión 24 hs.
5.Monoblock: Carlos Polimeni – M. Figueras – R. Cortez – S. Herman “Discurso de Alfonsín por conflicto La Tablada”
6.”Nota a Horacio Verbitsky sobre el conflicto de La Tablada”
8. JINGLE La Torre
9. Feedback: Ari Paluch – Mario Pergolini “Nota con Mollo”
10.”Nota con Luca Prodan”
11.”Ultimo Programa”
13.Reporter: Román Lejtman “Noticia”
14,JINGLE Luis Alberto Spinelta
15.Maratón: Ari Paluch “Apertura”
17 JINGLE Beso negro
18. Malas compañías: Mario Pergolini – Eduardo de la Puente “Chiste”
20. Recital de Amnistía Internacional Pe er Gabriel 15/10/88 – Estadio River Plata
21. Stig 15/10/88 – Estadio River Plata SEPARADOR ARTISTICO
22.Radio Bangkok: Lalo Mir – Bobby Flores – Douglas Vinci – Quique Proseo “Lectura de diarios”
23.”Telefónica con Cacho de Castelar”
25. Subí que te llevo: Bobby Flores – Tuqui “Anécdota”
26.JINGLE Loa Guarros JINGLE David Loben
28Buenos Aires una divina comedia: Lalo Mir – Elizabeth Remad “El pibe banana”
32. Heav Rock & Pop: Norberto Varea – Alejandro Nagy
FI,:cital de Amnistía Internacional
34.”Carta de una madre gallega a su hijo”
36.Hora 25: Jorge Lanata “Ultimo programa”
38. Recital Nirvana 30/10/92 Estadio Vélez Sarsfield “Come as you are”
39. Recital Guns’N Ro no 06/11/92 Estadio Rivér Plata “Paradise City”
41.Podría ser peor: Mario Pergolini – Juan Di Natale Conrado Geiger – Leo Fernández – Marcelo Gantman “Novela”
42. JINGLE Los.Twist____. “Coming Up, Guardias ami”
43.Recital Metallica: 08/5/93 Estadio Vélez Sarsfield “Harvester of Sorrow..
44. Guardias a MI: Bobby Flores ” Apertura” SEPARADOR ARTISTICO “Guardias ami”
45. “Entrevista a Keith Richards (participa D. Grinbank)”
46. “Entrevista a B.B. King”
47. “Jingle”
49.Recital Madonna: 30/10/93 Estadio River Plato “Express yourself”
50. Promo recital Paul McCartney
51.Recital Paul McCartney 11/12/93 Estadio Ricen Plata “Drive rny car”
53El Circo Mágico del Doctor Vaporeso: Alfredo Casero Max Urtiz.berea “Sátira”
55.Rompecabezas: Jorge Lanata “Entrevista al Ingeniero Alvaro Alsogaray”
57. Recital Aerosmith 17/1/94 Estadio Vélez Sarsfield “Eat the rich”
58.Recital Kiss: 5/9/94 Estadio Obras Sanitarias “(Jalen Rock City
59. JINGLE L1.11,9 Mana Corallini: Sabernos que estás ahí
60.Los delirios del mariscal: Vicente Romero y Eugenia Galán “Cover de Los Stones y Chascarrillo”.
61.Recital Los Ramones: para 40 personas (concurso exclusivo) 05/10/95 Estadio Obras “Pot Sernatary”
62.Recital Los Ramones: para 40 personas (concurso exclusivo) 05/10/95 Estadio Obras “The Crochet” SEPARADOR ARTISTICO
63.Un invierno en Tierra del Fuego: Daniel Grinbank Tuqul – Bobby Flores “Chiste Judío”
64. “Telefónica con C. Bassedas y D. Manusovich”
65. “Jingle”
66. JINGLE 10 itn)s. Parte del ¿oscilo junto a los mutuo…
67. Promo recital Rolling Stones
68.Recital Rolling Stones: 16/02/95 Estadio River Piale “You gol mo rocking”
69. JINGLE Nos: Navidad y Ano Nuevo.
70 al 98. Entrega da los premios Fierro a los conductores.
99. Bonus track Maradona


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Classic Rock videos – Mankind Live on Radio – 1912 Online Radio Station

We document culture. Mankind talking about his latest Project and the new single “Iso”. The track is about “Iso liwela umfula ugcwele” which means a Zulu proverb that is translated ” The eye crosses the full river” which is a beautiful metaphor that means a desire goes beyond the possible.


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Classic Rock videos – Best of 50s 60s and 70s Music | 50s Rock N Roll | 60s and 70s Rock | 50s Hits | 60s Hits | 70s Hits


Best of 50s , Best of 60s , Best of 70s , Vietnam War Music , 70s Rock , 60s Rock , 50s Rock N Roll , 60s Music , 70s Music , 50s Music , 50s hits , 60s hits , 70s hits


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