Rock and Metal News – Tony Iommi talks Black Sabbath’s future with Chris Jericho and collab with Brian May..

Tony Iommi talks Black Sabbath’s future with Chris Jericho and possible collaboration with Queen’s Brian May and Sabbath “one off shows” …

BLACK SABBATH guitarist Tony Iommi had a recnet with Chris Jericho .. they talk about the farewell tour, which ends in February 2017, and due to Tony not being physically capable of doing it any longer, this will be their last tour. FOZZY vocalist Chris Jericho had him on his “Talk Is Jericho” podcast and Iommi stated”I don’t wanna stop playing. Just for me, it’s the touring now. There’s gotta be a day when you’ve gotta go, ‘Look, we’ve done it for fifty years now’ — it’s almost fifty years — it’s time to re-look at it again now.”

Tony is collaborating with Queen’s Brian May and may do the “one off show” with Sabbath … There was talk a while back as well as maybe getting together with former Black Sabbath vocalist Tony Martin… lets see what the future holds.. listen below!

Tony Iommi talks Black Sabbath’s future with chris Jericho and collab with Brian May..


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Rock and Metal News – Freddie Mercury Hologram at ‘We Will Rock You’ in London, UK – Monday May 14th 2012!

Queen who were due to play at Sonisphere 2012 with singer Adam Lambert before the festival was cancelled — have confirmed that a Freddie Mercury hologram will be making an appearance at a special Queen performance to mark ten years of Queen musical ‘We Will Rock You’.

“It’s a little unfortunate they did that thing with Tupac as we’ve been trying to make Freddie appear on the stage for quite a while,” guitarist Brian May told the BBC, before adding that Mercury’s hologram will not employ the same technology used to bring late rapper Tupac Shakur to life at Coachella in America last month.

May wouldn’t elaborate, but called the “effect” being used “an optical illusion of sorts.”

Meanwhile, we’ve also heard that the team behind the 2Pac hologram are interested in bringing a Kurt Cobain hologram to the stage.

Source: metalhammer


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Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody | Music Hot Hits Radio

(Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen) Queen were an English rock band originally consisting of four members: vocalist Freddie Mercury, guitarist Brian May, bass guitarist John Deacon, and drummer Roger Taylor.

The band formed in London in 1970 after May and Taylors former band Smile spl… Music Hot Hits – Stream free music – with our Massive Music Search Engine – Playlists for everybody – Download your favorite artists and bands today or listen to your favorite online radio stations