NMap 101: Scanning Networks Using Alternative Packets, Haktip 95

This week on HakTip Shannon is using NMap to find open ports that can be accessed on the network.

Welcome to HakTip — the show where we breakdown concepts, tools and techniques for hackers, gurus and IT ninjas. I’m Shannon Morse and today we’re going to go over Discovery Options.
You’ll notice whenever you use NMap that it only outputs the servers that are currently alive and operating. This is because it sends out something called an ICMP (internet control message protocol) echo request to look for any devices that are currently ‘alive’. By doing so, NMap will save time when giving you information, because it’s not going to be scanning anything thats offline. NMap will also scan ports 80 and 443 because, if ICMP is being blocked by a firewall or something similar, these two ports are most commonly used for web platforms. So basically, when you’re scanning your network, you’re only going to get the items that are open. If you want to scan more secure targets, these alternative discovery options might be more useful.
First off is Don’t Ping which is used with the -PN option. Sometimes you’ll run into a target that seems to be offline. NMap will give you an error that says “Host seems down […] try -PN”. -PN will skip that first ping attempt, and go ahead and do a deep scan of the target. You would type nmap -PN
Say you want to just scan the network really quick to see which ones are online – you don’t need to know about the names or open ports. You can do a Ping Only Scan. To do so, type nmap -sP (for simple ping) then your target. So mine would be nmap -sP After the break, we’re going to check out a couple of other alternative discovery options. Stay tuned! We’re back! So we know how to do a regular scan, and a couple of discovery options. But there is more! Say you want to scan an item that is blocking the regular ICMP ping that NMap uses before it does a whole scan. You can use a TCP SYN ping instead. This will make NMap send out a SYN packet instead of ICMP. It would look like this: nmap -PS It usually sends out the packet via port 80, but you can change this by adding the port to your command, like this: nmap -PS22,80,443
Another option if ICMP pings are being blocked would be using TCP ACK packets, which is similar to the last command, and is used for the same reason. Type: nmap -PA This one can also be used on other ports by adding the port numbers directly after the -PA command.
See a pattern here? If one request doesn’t return some kind of data from the target, you can always substitute it with another discovery option. With these above, we also have -PU for a UDP scan, -PY for an SCTP INIT scan (Stream Control Transmission Protocol), -PE which is used for ICMP (and is implied if no other option is given), -PP for an ICMP timestamp ping (which is useful for firewalled targets), -PM for an ICMP Address Mask Ping, which will occasionally be able to get through a firewall.
Each of these additional options uses popular internet protocols to make sure your NMap network scan ends up getting exactly what you expected.
What would you like to see next about NMAP? Send me a comment below or email us at tips@hak5.org. If you like NMap, perhaps you’ll enjoy our new show, Metasploit Minute with Mubix, airing every Monday at hak5.org. And be sure to check out our sister show, Hak5 for more great stuff just like this. I’ll be there, reminding you to trust your technolust.

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Slow Rock Love Songs 80s 90s Playlist – Slow Rock 80s 90s – Rock Love Songs 80s 90s Live Collection

Slow Rock Love Songs 80s 90s Playlist – Slow Rock 80s 90s – Rock Love Songs 80s 90s Live Collection
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Top 20 Pop Rock Alternative Songs Of 2013 (IMO)

Top 20 Pop Rock Alternative Songs Of 2013 New
Top 20 Pop Rock Alternative Songs Of 2013 New
Top 20 Pop Rock Alternative Songs Of 2013 New
Top 20 Pop Rock Alternative Songs Of 2013 New

Top 20 Pop Rock Alternative Songs Of 2013 New
Top 20 Pop Rock Alternative Songs Of 2013 New
Top 20 Pop Rock Alternative Songs Of 2013 New

young volcanos
still into you
the best thing that never happened
you dont owe me anything
last hope
one of those crazy girls
gold trans am
imagine dragons
we are the in crowd
tonight alive
cassadee pope


Top 20 Melodic Alternative Rock Songs 2Q 2012 Edition [HD, HQ]

Published on Jun 23, 2012
Check out my Top 20 Melodic Alternative Rock Songs 2Q 2012 edition (discovery). Music like 3 Doors Down, Adelitas Way, Breaking Benjamin, Daughtry, My Chemical Romance, Shinedown or Red., Playlist in alphabetical order:
1) Breaking Through – Not A Saint
2) Aranda – Satisfied
3) Bridge to Grace – Everything
4) Cavo – California
5) Corroded – Bleed
6) emphatic – Tonight
7) Epidemic – Disconnected
8) Hinder – Everybody’s Wrong
9) In My Coma – Losing Sleep
10) Nine Lashes – Memo
11) October Rage – Silver Line
12) Overscene – Time To Shine – http://youtu.be/8MLKh3FFNIg
13) Richy Nix – What If I
14) Rise Against – Wait For Me
15) Royal Bliss – Crazy
16) Sentenced – You Are The One
17) Since October – My Only – http://youtu.be/5eUSXhRC4LE
18) Splendid Chaos – Staring At The Sun
19) Tupelo Honey – Last Thing
20) Worth Dying For – Consume Me Now

1Q 2012 Part 1: http://youtu.be/5Pdtoc6_rGI
1Q 2012 Part 2: http://youtu.be/VA6eKP6MftA
3Q 2012: http://youtu.be/nnjvqGniBj4
4Q 2012: http://youtu.be/oR590ZCM634

Visit my last.fm profile with further new amazing/best tracks: http://www.last.fm/user/mffm
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Wrenn – Insight (EBY Remix) [Alternative I Free Download]

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Top 70 – Best Rock / Alternative Songs – September 2014

#1 Flyleaf – Set Me On Fire ↑
#2 Sound of Eternity – Broken Heart *
#3 Ravenscry – Missing Words *
#4 Daida Laida – Nobody knows ~覚醒~ ↑
#5 Delain – Stardust *
#6 Sixx:A.M. – Gotta Get It Right *
#7 Eluveitie – The Call Of The Mountains ↓
#8 DUO – The Simple Cradle *
#9 Kopecky Family Band – Are You Listening ↓
#10 Placebo – A Million Little Pieces ↓
#11 Alanis Morissette – Big Sur ↓
#12 Rival Sons – Open My Eyes *
#13 The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – The Right Direction ↓
#14 Tonight Alive – The Edge *
#15 Devin Williams – I Will Overcome *
#16 Temperance – Breathe ↑
#17 Rhapsody of Fire – Dark Wings Of Steel *
#18 Noveria – Downfall ↑
#19 Rise Against – I Don’t Want to Be Here Anymore ↑
#20 Paramore – Last Hope (Live) *
#21 Tarja – Neverlight *
#22 Lords of Aesir – Black Oasis ↓
#23 Sonata Arctica – Love *
#24 Anette Olzon – Lies *
#25 Sills & Smith – Space Junk *
#26 Vance Joy – Riptide *
#27 Heaven’s Basement – Can’t Let Go ↓
#28 Fire Tiger – Green Light ↓
#29 Arkells – Come to Light ↓
#30 Lorde – Tennis Court ↓
#31 Amy Lee – Lockdown (feat. Dave Eggar) *
#32 Veridia – Disconnected ↓
#33 Love & The Outcome – King Of My Heart ↑
#34 Lights & Motion – The March *
#35 ILIA – As Winter Stays *
#36 Hladno Pivo – Messi ↓
#37 Disciple – Radical ↓
#38 Avenged Sevenfold – This Means War ↓
#39 Linkin Park – Final Masquerade ↑
#40 Gerard Way – No Shows *
#41 FrnkIero And The Cellabration – Weighted *
#42 KXM – Rescue Me *
#43 Neal Morse – Heaven Smiled *
#44 Melody Pool – Somebody You’ve Never Met Before *
#45 Codigo Eterno – Canten La Tierra y El Cielo ↓
#46 You Me At Six – Cold Night ↓
#47 Kaiser Chiefs – Meanwhile Up In Heaven ↓
#48 Nightwish – Last Of The Wilds * (Live) *
#49 Interpol – All The Rage Back Home ↓
#50 The Winery Dogs – I’m No Angel *
#51 We Are The Catalyst – Fight For Air *
#52 The Last Internationale – We Will Reign (Acoustic) *
#53 Godsmack – 1000hp *
#54 Stratovarius – If The Story Is Over *
#55 Asking Alexandria – Moving On *
#56 Hammerfall – Hector’s Hymn *
#57 Epica – Unchain Utopia ↓
#58 Sound Of Contact – Pale Blue Dot *
#59 The Spins – Inertia *
#60 Weezer – Back to the Shack ↓
#61 Tim Bowness – Smiler At 52 *
#62 Lonely The Brave – Victory Line ↓
#63 Red – Run And Escape ↓
#64 AwakenTheGiant – Make Believe *
#65 Silver Eyes – I Could *
#66 A Day To Remember – End Of Me
#67 Marmozets – Captivate You *
#68 The Holidays – Tongue Talk *
#69 HAIM – My Song 5 ft. A$AP Ferg *
#70 Blondie – I Want To Drag You Around *

* = debut

RSN1 – ALL TYPES OF ROCK SONGS! (Todos os tipos de Rock)

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Fan Made Radio Station For BullWorth.

i have made a lot of radio stations in the past but not many people had liked them. i was about to give up in to something hit me i know bull worth needs a pop station. this here is only part one i am still working on this. if danny from gta ug find this to sound good or all right please contact me in order to discuss more about this. this station has a meaning so please don’t hate it.


Morphine “Buena” ‌‌ – Bohemia Afterdark

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