Behind The Fallen – We Travel Alone [HD]

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The Who – My Generation [Live at Woodstock 1969]

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This is a tribute to this remarkable band, because today is its 50th birthday.
This is one of the most memorable versions of this song, played in Woodstock Festival in August 17th, 1969.

No copyright infringement intended. The rights of the songs belongs to its original owners.

Enjoy 😀


The #best rock Videos- The Who – My Generation [Live at Woodstock 1969] #rockmusic #videos on #youtube

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The Monkees – Randy Scouse Git

My next favorite Monkees song. The only other copy of this I could find here was sped up, so probably from a UK print. Excellent, and brilliantly written song written by Micky Dolenz.

Some additional info cobbled together from various sources: In his book Micky explains the lyrics as a kind of free-association song about his experience of visiting England for the first time. The Beatles are “The Four Kings of E.M.I.” who threw a welcoming party for The Monkees. “Wonderful lady” is his first wife, Samantha Juste. The “girl in yellow dress” is a reference to ‘Mama’ Cass Elliot who was also there. After that heavy night of fun Mickey woke the next day to someone shouting “Randy, Scouse, Git” on the television and thought it would be a cool name. Randy Scouse Git was the term used by Alf Garnet about his Liverpudlian son-in-law in the sitcom “To Death Do Us Part”. Prior to it’s U.K. release the record company informed Mickey of the meaning behind the title and suggested he give them an ‘alternate title’ – hence the U.K. release name of the title.

Again, no copyright infringement intended, I just wanted to put this video of this great song up to personally enjoy, and figured that I would keep it public as an upgrade to the version already here.

“Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.”


The #best rock Videos- The Monkees – Randy Scouse Git #rockmusic #videos on #youtube

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Simon & Garfunkel – I Am A Rock

“Don’t talk of love,
Well i’ve herad the word before.
It’s sleeping in my mermory;
And I won’t disturb the slumber
Of feelings that I’ve died.
if i never loved, I never would ahve cried.
I am a rock. I am an island.”


The #best rock Videos- Simon & Garfunkel – I Am A Rock #rockmusic #videos on #youtube

The Animals – Around & Around (1964) HD/widescreen ♫♥50 YEARS

Great clip of The Animals performing ‘Around & Around’ from an American motion picture. This clip is available in high definition playback. ☺ ☺ ☺ ♪♫

Eric Burdon – vocals
Alan Price – keyboards
Hilton Valentine – guitar
Chas Chandler – bass
John Steel – drums

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The #best rock Videos- The Animals – Around & Around (1964) HD/widescreen ♫♥50 YEARS #rockmusic #videos on #youtube

The Beach Boys – Don’t Worry Baby (HQ Stereo)

“Don’t Worry Baby” was released on May 11, 1964 as the “B” side to what was to be The Beach Boys first #1 single, “I Get Around”, spent ten weeks on the charts and managed to make it to the #24 spot on Billboard’s Hot Top 100 all on its own.

Written by Brian Wilson and Roger Christian and produced by Wilson, “Don’t Worry Baby” was conceived by Wilson as a follow-up to the Ronettes’ #2 smash, “Be My Baby” and a tribute to Veronica Bennett of the Ronettes.

Brian Wilson told Goldmine in 2011 regarding this track: “I wrote that with Roger Christian and it took me two days to write it. I started out with the verse idea and then wrote the chorus. It was a very simple and beautiful song. It’s a really heart and soul song, I really did feel that in my heart. Some say it’s about a car and others say it’s about a girl, who’s right? It’s both. It’s about a car and a woman.”

Rolling Stone Magazine ranked the song at #178 on its list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.


The #best rock Videos- The Beach Boys – Don’t Worry Baby (HQ Stereo) #rockmusic #videos on #youtube