Alternative Rock Videos – Weesp – Unstable Matter (The Void Album 2015), New Alternative Rock

“Unstable Matter” track from alternative album “The Void” by Weesp rock band.
2015 all rights reserved.

The Void album is a mix of alternative rock and electronic and it turned out to be very personal and powerful. We hope you liked it and found something that speaks to you in one of the songs!

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Keep your sentiments don’t bother me
I’m not that cold, It’s not that I’m severe
But you’d better keep them for
those who still believe

She looks sad, It’s like aches, but
You know nothing about the ache
And you don’t know how steel was forged –
On our friends bones.


‘Are you gonna break it down
breaking things is always just fun
come over here my silly
I will show you how it’s done
Are you gonna burn it down
Watching things burning is fun
come over here my silly
I will show you how it’s done’

It will always be a part of me
I’m not glad, Can’t figure our why
As there’s no smoke without a fire –
no betrayal without a liar

We Changed theme, exchanged names. Tell me,
straight or on the rocks?
While death is laughing behind our backs,
Wiping our snots.


And we love it change
Can’t recall my name
yes we love it change
there’s blood on our hands
on my hands

In the dark, blindfolded and drunk, we’re throwing the dice
This is a story with bitter end. But we can’t act otherwise

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Weesp are:
Alexey ‘Lex’ Falco – Vocals, piano
Dmitry ‘Mi’ Budko – Bass Guitar
Stanislav “Stak” Budko – Sampler, keys, electronics, DJ
Michail ‘Mike’ Zalucki – Guitar
Alexei ‘Gul’ Galesnik – Drums


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Alternative Rock Videos – Fireflight – Rise Above (Now Album) New Alternative Rock 2012

Band: Fireflight
Song: Rise Above
Genres: Alternative rock, Alternative metal, Christian rock
Album: Now (2012)
Label: Flicker Records


Too much time we let pass by
Broken dreams and idle lives
Waiting on the way it ought to be
Pushing forward, falling back
Counting scars and losing track
Afraid to crash we never spread our wings
And with every chance we take we find a reason
To give up on the hope that we all need

Maybe today we all will rise
Maybe today we all will rise
Above the mistakes that we’ve made
Sometimes we’ve got to face the fall
Before we rise above it all

Can’t give up on second tries
Leave the pride that blinds our eyes
No one taught us how to say goodbye
Now’s the time for broken hearts
Embrace today a brand new start
Leave the past and let love lead the way
And with every chance we take we find a reason
To give up on the hope that we all need

If we just lived like we mean it
If we loved even when we don’t feel it
We would suffer for a reason
And see there is more to who we are

High Quality (HQ)
Luckymann’s Music
Nuevo Rock cristiano 2012


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