Different Rock Movies – SYML – The place’s My Love (Stay from Report Parlour)

SYML – Where’s My Love (Live from The Record Parlour)
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Production Company: Growl Studios
Director(s): George Danno and Mike Throckmorton
DP: Mike Throckmorton
2nd Camera: Ashley T. Hughes
3rd Camera: George Danno
Editors: George Danno, Mike Throckmorton

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Various Rock Movies – Various Rock 90s Hits Playlist – Greatest Of 90’s Various Rock

Alternative Rock 90s Hits Playlist – Best Of 90’s Alternative Rock
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Alternative Rock Videos – Fireflight – Rise Above (Now Album) New Alternative Rock 2012

Band: Fireflight
Song: Rise Above
Genres: Alternative rock, Alternative metal, Christian rock
Album: Now (2012)
Label: Flicker Records


Too much time we let pass by
Broken dreams and idle lives
Waiting on the way it ought to be
Pushing forward, falling back
Counting scars and losing track
Afraid to crash we never spread our wings
And with every chance we take we find a reason
To give up on the hope that we all need

Maybe today we all will rise
Maybe today we all will rise
Above the mistakes that we’ve made
Sometimes we’ve got to face the fall
Before we rise above it all

Can’t give up on second tries
Leave the pride that blinds our eyes
No one taught us how to say goodbye
Now’s the time for broken hearts
Embrace today a brand new start
Leave the past and let love lead the way
And with every chance we take we find a reason
To give up on the hope that we all need

If we just lived like we mean it
If we loved even when we don’t feel it
We would suffer for a reason
And see there is more to who we are

High Quality (HQ)
Luckymann’s Music
Nuevo Rock cristiano 2012


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Alternative Rock Videos – Top 10 New Rock/Indie/Alternative Bands of 2013

Watch my follow-up video with 10 more bands at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aiW7SsxoTkQ and see my Top 10 albums at http://youtu.be/_jx4bpdlIn0
Here are ten bands that either formed in 2013 or released a debut EP/album this year. The song titles and time links to hear them are below. Don’t forget to subscribe for multiple music videos every week!

0:00 The New Union — ‘Without You’
0:40 These Paper Satellites — ‘Murders’
1:20 Nonaphoenix — ‘Ghosts’
2:00 Moose Blood — ‘Bukowski’
2:40 Their Wedding — ‘Want’
3:20 Woodlock — ‘Lemons’
4:00 The Vantage — ‘On My Way’
4:40 Matthew Mole — ‘Have I Told You’
5:20 Morain — ‘Are We Lost’
6:00 Sink Swim — ‘Tides’

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American Authors – Best Day Of My Life

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Billboard Alternative Songs: Week of 04/02/2016

The top 40 songs on Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart for the issue dated April 2, 2016.

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10 electronic alternative indie ambient songs you need to hear 2012 INDIETRONIC

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