Top 10 Greatest Keyboard Riffs in Rock

Top 10 Greatest Keyboard Riffs in Rock

The great keyboard riffs of the 60s and 70s make an appearance on this list. Beginning with late 70s music and reaching prominence with 80s music and new wave, keyboards and synthesizers were important for the hits of the 70s and the hits of the 80s when bands such as The Who, Rush, Boston, Joy Division, Van Halen, and Journey used amazing keyboard riffs on their songs Baba O’Riley, Subdivisions, Foreplay/Long Time, Love Will Tear Us Apart, Jump and Separate Ways (Worlds Apart).

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Top 10 Greatest Debut Rock Albums

Top 10 Debut Rock Albums of All Time

Rock and roll was never the same after these acts released their first albums. When it comes to critical and commercial success, its impact on the band or its influence on future artists, they all made their mark and set the tone for all of the rock music to come. In this video, counts down down our picks for the top 10 rock debut albums in history

List Entries and Rank:
#10. Boston Boston (1976)
#9. Arcade Fire Funeral (2004)
#8. The Strokes Is This It (2001)
#7. Oasis Definitely Maybe (1994)
#6. The Stone Roses The Stone Roses (1989)
#5. Elvis Costello My Aim is True (1977)
#4. Pearl Jam Ten (1991)
#3. ?


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RADIO ROCK LIVE (08.05.2017)

Poprzednio było tak:
Polecam PREY, jak się nudzicie:
Dzisiaj w tle The Order 1886
Pogadamy w poniedziałek o 19.00. O życiu, nie o grach. Materiały o grach robię na co dzień, w Radiu Rock wolę z Wami pogadać.


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Mashup Rock and roll – Suspicius Minds/ Proud Mary/ Born to be Wild – COVER

Versão Mashup de alguns Clássicos do Rock Internacional – Suspicius Minds/ Proud Mary/ Born to be Wild/ Secret Agent man /Good Golly Miss Molly (COVER – RELEITURA) – Se curtir, deixe um CERTINHO e compartilhe com os amigos, Ah, INSCREVA-SE AQUI no NOSSO CANAL e Fique a vontade para comentar! Abraço. CONTATO pelo facebook da banda


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Psychedelic & Stoner Rock Compilation

0:00 — Wet Cactus – Damned Rope

6:13 — Trip Hazard – Rat Race

25:18 — Asteroid – Karma

30:52 — 1000mods – Groundhog Day

38:07 — Pearly Goats – Sweeper

45:26 — Muñoz – Run

52:20 — The Shelter People – Goin’ Back Home

1:00:40 — Sunface – Observatory

1:08:12 — Kadavar – Last Living Dinosaur

1:12:18 — Hackberry – Desert Orchid (Act I-IV)

1:25:49 — Buddha Sentenza – Blood Rust

1:33:51 — Heavy Moon – The Manic Blues of Madame Z

1:42:38 — Graveyard – Hisingen Blues

1:46:49 — Dot Legacy – Dakota

1:52:09 — Harsh Toke – Light Up and Live

Tune in to our station for more:


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