Shoby Nye – Chachi and The Chinchillas 00:07
Fawna Benna Slo – Ekin 03:50
In my Head – The New Saga 07:15
You’re The one that I Want – The Skodda Rings 10:27
Dobie Boppsie Barm – The Persimmon Confidential 13:50

Main Theme:









Programação Alex Radio (Maio 2017) #Rock #Indie #Alternative #Electro #New Wave

Programação da Rádio Alex, trazendo postagens regulares com o melhor do Rock, Indie, Alternativo, Electro, New wave …
Todos os arquivos postados na Rádio Alex arquivados no Youtube …

00:01 Baby strage – Play Me
02:23 Monico Blonde – Love Is An Only Child
04:44 PUNCH PUNCH KICK – What The Kids Dont Know
07:50 Tennis System – Lackluster
11:18 Paris Youth Foundation – Lost Cause


Billboard Alternative Songs: Week of 04/09/2016

The top 40 songs on Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart for the issue dated April 9, 2016.

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970 The Beat – KBBT – Portland AM Radio Station circa July 1996

Before KNRK, there was 970 the Beat. It was Portland’s first alternative radio station. And it was on AM! It operated from 1991-1997 before switching formats, due to losing competition with alteranative rock FM counterparts.

A short clip of Portland’s first Alternative Radio station – KBBT – Portland’s 970 AM – “970 the Beat!”


LIVE The #RedLINE with Vinny on Columbus’s Talk Alternative NewsTalk614

LIVE The #RedLINE with Vinny on Columbus’s Talk Alternative NewsTalk614

Alternativeon Columbus’s NEW Talk Alternative NewsTalk614

The New Talk Alternative ModernTalk NewsTalk614

NEWSTALK614 Columbus’ NEW Talk Alternative ModernTalk NEWSTALK614
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Columbus’ Talk Alternative ModernTALK NEWSTALK614 Local in Columbus

Live & Local in Columbus, OH with Open Phones: 805-727-3475 Call on Hangouts & Skype:

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Kellermensch – Goliath [FULL ALBUM](2017)[ALTERNATIVE ROCK]

BAND: Kellermensch
ALBUM: Goliath
GENRE: Alternative rock, Experimental rock, Progressive rock
ORIGIN: Denmark
YEAR: 2017

01. Bad Sign 00:00
02. The Pain Of Salvation 03:23
03. Atheist In A Foxhole 08:13
04. Mediocre Man 12:46
05. Remainder 17:38
06. All That I Can Say 21:41
07. Carrying My Name 24:15
08. Lost At Sea 26:56
09. Moth 31:27
10. How To Get By 33:52

This promising and different new band have, with their brutal and personal stories, proved that they have their very own place on the global rock scene. Their songs are dusty and dirty tales of emotional stress and show a remarkable combination of awkward aggression and melancholy. A rough and simple rock instrumentation joins forces with piano, pump-organ, violins and upright bass in songs with great melodies and distinctive moods. On their debut the band excites with an original take on a long songwriting tradition populated by legends like Tom Waits and Nick Cave, but at the same time refer to pounding, progressive artists like Neurosis and Tool.

KELLERMENSCH find inspiration in both music, literature and paintings. The band’s fascination with old, abstract art, e.g. the German expressionistic movement Die Brücke, has played a vital part in defining the bands unique look and sound. Also, the Russian author Fyodor Dostoyevsky and his novel Notes from the Underground (in German, Kellermensch) has been a big inspiration for the band, as hinted by their name. The often harsh and at times sad stories from a frustrating and confusing everyday-life shape the lyrical themes for the band as they do for the great novelist.

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Greatest Hits Of The 90’s – Music 90s Hits

Greatest Hits Of The 90’s – Music 90s Hits
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