Alternative Rock Videos – Fireflight – Keeping Me Alive (Now Album) New Alternative Rock 2012

Band: Fireflight
Song: Keeping Me Alive
Genres: Alternative rock, Alternative metal, Christian rock
Album: Now (2012)
Label: Flicker Records


I don’t trust you to save me
At least I never wanted to
So I dare you to love me
When I can’t even love myself
‘Cause I don’t want to feel you
Try to break through to me

Oh, I know I’ve done it to myself
I see that you’re the only one left
Who wants to stay by my side
Your love is keeping me alive

This is brand new to let go
The fear that I’ve rehearsed so long
And how’d you undo, tear down
The home I’ve made of my disease
And now I need to feel you, hear you
Break through to me

Need to feel you break through to me

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Nuevo Rock cristiano 2012


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Alternative Rock Videos – Bloodhound Gang – The Bad Touch

Playlist Best of Bloodhound Gang:
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Bloodhound Gang – One Fierce Beer Coaster
Bloodhound Gang – Hooray For Boobies
Bloodhound Gang – Hefty Fine

Music video by Bloodhound Gang performing The Bad Touch. (C) 1999 Interscope Records


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Alternative Rock Videos – Coldplay – The Hardest Part

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Alternative Rock Videos – Billboard Top 40 Alternative Songs (April 16 2016)

Most of those who follow the alternative charts on YouTube will know that the regular poster that posted the charts hasn’t posted anything in a while. I’m planning to catch-up on the missing charts over the coming weeks/days for you guys if you missed anything. There will however, be no flashback #1 track or weekly recommendation for these catch-up videos.

Color code:
Green – song gains in position or for a song not on the weekly chart
Orange – song drops in position or leaves the chart
Light blue – debut or re-entry
Grey – song remains at its position

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Alternative Rock Videos – Fall 2017 Mix | Indie Pop/Folk/Alternative Music

Watch the leaves fall with a mixture of soothing, uplifting and peaceful Indie Rock ,Folk & Alternative Music to get you pleasantly through the colder autumnal weather.
– Tracks by filous, Bunt,… well the Tracklist is below… – 🙂
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? Tracklist :

01. KYKO – Animals [0:00] 02. Sebastian Forslund – One Day [3:37] 03. Daniel Caesar – We Find Love [7:33] 04. Sebastian Forslund – In Our Hands [11:48] 05. MEADOWS – The Only Boy Awake [14:50] 06. Viola Beach – Swings and Waterslide [17:20] 07. filous – Let It Snow [20:49] 08. Fink – Looking Too Closely [24:03] 09. Lord Huron – The Night We Met [28:42] 10. TOLEDO – Sparrow In The Wood [31:46}
11. Declan J Donovan – Better [34:04] 12. Craig Cardiff – Dirty old Town [37:10] 13. Old Sea Brigade – Love Brought Weight [41:02] 14. Zack Buchanan – Little River [43:21] 15. Ben Bateman – Make Believe [46:36] 16. Jonathan Jeremiah – Wild Fire [49:21] 17. Ian Randall Thompson – See You Through [52:20] 18. BUNT. ft. Leah Haywood – On My Way [56:41] 19. Beck – Dreams [59:53] 20. filous feat. James Hersey – How Hard I Try [01:05:02]

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Alternative Rock Videos – Blue Dog Pict — The Cost of Admission – AlbumVer [Alternative Rock] (1996)

Continuing our series of Blue Dog Pict’s songs from Spindly Light und Wax Rocketines, Constant Change Music proudly presents the full length album version of “The Cost of Admission” – available for the first time ever online!

The official video, made popular back in 1996, and directed by Bradley Walsh (who also shot Len’s famous “Steal My Sunshine” video) uses a radio edit version of the song, about 1.5 minutes shorter than the original album release!

The black and white photo of the Sky Pirates – behind the scenes that appears in the video and thumbnail was taken by Mary Juric

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Alternative Rock Videos – Free Microsoft Windows alternative Ubuntu Linux Mint and Elementary OS

Looking to revive an older computer or maybe you want to use windows in another computer and want to install something else on the old one, you can also upgrade a computer’s OS with one of these Linux Distros for free


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