Cage The Elephant – Shake Me Down

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Shake me down,
Not a lot of people left around,
Who knows now,
Softly laying on the ground, ooooh
Not a lot people left around, ooooh. ooooh

In my life, I have seen,
People walk into the sea,
Just to find memories,
Plagued by constant misery,
Their eyes cast down,
Fixed upon the ground,
Their eyes cast down

I’ll keep my eyes fixed on the sun


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Vintage Café Vol 8 – The New 2017 Vintage Music Success – Full Album

Listen right now the next Vintage Café album, first one in 2017.
The new release presents pop hits (accurately selected under sensitive criterions) with their caracteristic good jazz, electrobossa and lounge style.
Vintage Café have collected this time versions of songs from Coldplay, Alan Parsons Project, Beyoncé, Nirvana, Adele, Bruno Mars, Rihanna, and Calvin Harris among many others.
The series that began with the worldwide success Bossa ´n Stones, continued in Vintage Café and reached its explotion with Vintage Reggae Café keeps growing.
Vintage Café went back to studios in the best moment of the project (top sales around the world, breaking records on streaming systems) and registered their best album ever.
Enjoy it and please share.
7 Years – Nikki Ocean – 00:00
Eye in the Sky – James Farrelli – 03:50
Crazy in Love – Scubba – 07:33
Work – Von & Renauld – 10:54
All Apologies – Michelle Simonal – 14:38
Don’t Panic – Bellestar – 18:28
Rumour Has It – Eve St. Jones – 20:52
Firestone (Slow Mix) – Urban Love – 23:55
Hymn for the Weekend – Marvin meets Banda Do Sul – 26:43
Africa – James Farrelli – 30:28
How Deep Is Your Love – Don & Gene – 34:34
Clocks – Jamie Lancaster – 37:07
Hello – Rever Sound – 40:55
Lean On – Rosin Taylor – 44:28
Locked out of Heaven – Eccko – 47:36
Say It Again – Dinah Eastwood – 51:20
Cry Baby Cry – Adrian Deno – 54:20
Levels – Les Crossaders – 58:34
Like I Would – Astrud C. – 01:02:48
Tarzan Boy – James Farrelli – 01:06:32
Soul Me – Adrian Deno – 01:09:44
Sometimes – The Brian J. White Quartet – 01:13:06
Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Groove Waters – 01:17:34
Falling – Sound Behaviour – 01:21:18


Billboard Alternative Songs: Week of 01/02/2016

The top 40 songs on Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart for the issue dated January 2, 2016.

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Leave Out All The Rest (Official Video) – Linkin Park

Linkin Park “Leave Out All The Rest” off of the album MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT. Directed by Joe Hahn. |

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70 Flavors of Hardcore Punk From the 90s

I do not own the rights of those songs,
No copyright infringement intended,
If you like the song, go buy it,
All rights reserved to…
Bla, bla, bla.

Songs are not in order of date, preference, or else.
Just enjoy!

How can we say that a song is hardcore punk?
It is really a tough question… but let’s give it a try!
It can be defined by some of these points:
– with guitars, play it simple (mostly) yet heavy, with down tuning (lower than E standard) and/or distortion, because it’s not pop punk! Soli and melodic sections aren’t required.
– the vocals may vary from basic singing to screaming your rage powerfully. But it’s better if it sounds throaty.
That being said, it is recommended to have your crew to help you out.
– the drum parts can go from a standard rock pattern, a D-Beat, or any other heavy or thrash metal beat.
For the majority of the songs, play it fast!
– there are major parts in a song: at least a sing-along part to play with the audience or a massive breakdown to make the people dance.
But there are many exceptions, of course.
In this video, even if those bands don’t sound alike, they’re hardcore in their own way. At least for me.

00:14 Figure Four – In the Face of Death
02:58 Killing Time – Used to It
04:47 Fury of Five – Come and Get It
08:36 Undertow – Instinct
10:51 Sheer Terror – Jimmy’s High Life
13:55 Blood for Blood – All Fucked up
16:35 Focused – Walk Beside Me
19:28 Ten Yard Fight – Stronger than Before
21:31 No Redeeming Social Value – Vinny’s Song
23:58 25 Ta Life – As One
25:55 Converge – I Abstain
29:10 Straight Faced – Potential Genius
31:30 Zao – Foresight
34:25 Merauder – Life of My Own (Cro Mags Cover)
37:23 Insted – Voice Your Opinion
39:29 Bane – Superhero
42:41 Pro-Pain – Murder 101
45:42 Six Feet Deep – Apathetic
49:12 Verbal Abuse – Red, White & Violent
52:04 One Life Crew – Final Words
54:05 Chokehold – Deaf to Reason
57:25 All Out War – Witness the End
1:00:00 Culture – Not as Mine
1:03:08 Slapshot – Secrets
1:05:14 Walls of Jericho – Playing Soldier Again
1:07:25 Trial – One Step Away
1:10:14 Discharge – Fantasy Overload
1:13:05 Sam Black Church – Sheer Heart Attack (Queen Cover)
1:15:49 Biohazard – Wrong Side of the Tracks
1:19:14 Hoods – Diversity
1:21:43 Kickback – Struggling
1:25:05 Mouthpiece – What Remains
1:27:40 Raised Fist – Reversal
1:29:44 Turning Point – Running in Place
1:31:42 Cold as Life – Cold as Life
1:33:26 Econochrist – Fights That Solve Nothing
1:37:00 xDisciplex AD – Counterfeit
1:39:08 Strife – Blistered
1:41:36 Better than a Thousand – Self Worth
1:43:25 Madball – Demonstrating my Style
1:45:26 Morning Again – Turning Over
1:48:35 Chain of Strength – True ‘Till Death
1:50:59 Floorpunch – No exceptions
1:53:14 Murphy’s Law – Bitter
1:54:54 Refused – The Deadly Rhythm
1:58:30 Snapcase – Priceless
2:01:21 Up Front – Still
2:03:26 Congress – The Other Cheek
2:06:18 Agnostic Front – Gotta go
2:09:56 Indecision – Through the Wasteland Go Searching We
2:12:13 Warzone – Countdown
2:14:15 CIV – Et Tu Brute?
2:17:05 Earth Crisis – Filthy Hands to Famished Mouths
2:20:05 Shutdown – Don’t Look Back
2:22:04 Toe to Toe – Union Joe
2:24:17 One King Down – In the Blood
2:27:58 Maximum Penalty – All Your Boyz
2:30:20 Sportswear – It’s Time to Try
2:32:45 Overcome – Help
2:35:31 Walk Proud – Valuable Life
2:37:44 Drowningman – Clothesline
2:39:28 Subzero – Karmageddon
2:42:19 Skarhead – TCOB
2:44:54 Reach the Sky – Maybe Next Year
2:47:07 Unbroken – End of a Lifetime
2:50:09 No Innocent Victim – Never Face Defeat
2:52:30 Hatebreed – Before Dishonor
2:55:10 Integrity – Systems Overload
2:57:09 Sick of it All – Who Sets the Rules?
2:59:57 Battery – Young ‘Till I Die (7 Seconds Cover)